Friday, September 3, 2010

A growing tribe, a cozy cave, the Beast of Tidra and a new picture

Things are happening on Tidra! And the tribe is growing. We got another tribes-member, who hasn't an animal-name yet (are we becoming a Gorean Zoo?). He was washed ashore Tidra without any memory. So the tribe will take care of him.

The other night the tribe went out to get one of the bosk-cows from the warrior's fort. They decided, that the warriors don't need so much milk. Snake wanted to take the biggest cow, assuming the bigger the cow, the more milk, but Giani and Kaiila objected... because that was a bull.
But the cow smells! Giani was forced to bath by Franzi the other day (afterwards rolled around in dirt to get rid of that smell of flowers) and got a piece of soap, so they decided it's his task to bath the bosk the other day.

 After Franzi heard, who devastated the kitchen, attacked Scorpion and tried to steal food, he painted this poster after Scorpions description and pinned it to the docks:

The creature seems to still run around the island! So beware!

OOC: He's a new member and will be known as "Beast of Tidra" as permanent threat to all visitors. We're planning to make a beast-hunt with a price soon! I've made his place quite cozy with spiderwebs, vines and skulls and bones... :)

Last but not least: Giani made a wonderful new picture for Tidra. Love it! Such a good work now in the group and in the land-profile:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Some things happen on Tidra. So, here are some news in short:

After Snake was captured, could free himself, got help by a Woman from the Green Caste and finally returned happily back to Tidra, he was so thankful, that he painted the story on a fur as present for the Green. It's a mix of native-kindergarden-haring-picasso, I think. Scorpion and Franziskus sailed to Tabor and from there took a passage on a ship up to the far north to the city of Ostia to deliver the screen to the woman. She was very happy about it and after our return we told Snake, who was immensly proud of his naive work.

It seems the tribe is finally growing. After Giani joined the tribe another brother arrived. And twin-brothers are on their way also. And since yesterday there's another savage, called Aak Keh'ra, which means "Dragonfly" (actually only the words "Dragon" & "Fly", as we didn't know the word for "Dragonfly" in Gorean).

Apart from these happenings Franzi was busy with continuing building on the fort. Yesterday the baths got finished and I think they look good:

I like the lightning effects of it at midnight! - We have also a toilet in it. Toilets were never mentioned in the books!!! So the book-fundamentalists might complain, that toilets are not Gorean. *hehehe*

It seems, we now have also another resident on Tidra, hiding in the caves. We are not so sure, if we are so happy about it. He first attacked Scorpion in the fort and claimed the island as his, being now the ruler of Tidra. (Okay, he climbed down the high mountains, which is forbidden by the rules. He somehow entered the fort without lockpicking a door. He also uses a feral AO which I think enhances his speed - not sure about that. - But for now we accepted it.) Later he attacked Snake, but after a long battle, Snake captured him. He just didn't know what to do with him, cause the creature continued claiming to be the new ruler of Tidra (of course in the savage vocabulary the word "Ruler" is missing, so Snake thought it's the name of the beast: Rula), even after he threatened him to throw him to the man-eating fish or feed him to the sleen.

The problem is this:

Yes, he looks like Smeagol from Middle-Earth and that's also his name. (Sorry for the strange picture, but the bindings in combination with his AO somehow kept him underground all the time, so had to take the picture from beneath him.) So, the question is: Would a creature like that exist on Gor?
On the other side take Hup from Ar for instance:

Hup was indeed an ugly thing, for he was small, and yet thick, almost bulbous, and under the dirty tunic, perhaps that of the potters, there bulged the hump of some grotesque growth. One of his legs was shorter than the other; his head was too large for his body, and swollen to the left; one eye was larger than the other. His tiny feet thrashed about, kicking at the man who held him.
(Assassins of Gor)

After two hours with no progress where Snake tried to find out what strange creature that is, but the stubborn beast continued claiming to be the new Master of Tidra and trying to command the savage around, even in bindings and after being kicked several times and threatened to be thrown to the sleen. Snake got tired of the ugly thing, the warriors of the fort refused to take it, so he just released it into the jungle, sure that it would soon be eaten by the sleen without a bow to his defence.

We are not sure, what to do with him. Somehow the role itself is interesting and could be an enrichment to Tidra as a permanent threat to visitors. On the other side we are not so sure, if he wouldn't even scare the few visitors away instead of attracting some. - But the claiming of being the new ruler of Tidra after two hours became a bit boring. It's just not realistic, that the threat of being killed didn't impress him at all. In a "real" world, it surely would impress him, but in a pixel-world, where he knows, that he will arise from the dead the next day and continue his "RP", that's just annoying. So, we don't know, if we should invite him to the group or ban him. We are few people yet and it's already hard to defend Tidra and it's residents against raiders from outside - like when Snake was surprised by the attack and nobody was there to help. So, a premanent dangerous threat from inside, even after he would be killed and arise again and killed and arise and killed... that could be just a bit too much!

Well, that's it for today. Still no word of the travellers, so Franzi starts to assume, that his FC and his two boys were killed or enslaved somewhere in a far, far away city. And the ground on Tidra keeps on shaking...