Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rules changed

Well, we finally drawn the conclusions: The Isle of Tidra is closed for Nekos and other non-human Avatars.

That's the consequence after half a year giving them a chance. I think that's a more then fair time. But we had to recognize, that nekos prolly are too busy with dancing and shopping to stay in a consequent Gorean RP.

So, we are too tired to defend the non-human rule against other Gorean SIMs for AVs who don't cherish it anyways. Other Goreans were coming, reading the rules and leaving. The nekos from the savage tribe weren't even coming anymore although they all said at the last meeting, they want the RP. Well, the visitor-counter says something else. Only 2 or 3 of them were sneaking in at all since the meeting 2 months ago.

Of course the jungle-theme will remain. And there's still room for a savage tribe. At the moment our status is neutral. Not outlaws, not citizens. Everybody is welcome, runaway-slaves will find shelter. What else to come will be seen in the new year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time for an update

Long time I haven't written here. Well, long time nothing happened on our island. We were busy decorating our earth-home for the holiday-season and to spend a quiet relaxed time in SL. Apart from that after the season we will change the rules. We have to accept, that kittehs are not made for Gorean RP. It's not a part-time-job you can do quickly between shopping and danceclub. So after the holidays the rules will be changed.

However,  shortly before earth-christmas the Isle of Tidra got to new life. We had the first raiders who successfully found the server and stolen two bags of salt. Congratulations! It's a challenge and an adventure if you do it valid. I think it's been Vikings ((OOC they sent the notecard with the RP like it should be, but IC of course we don't know, who it was)).

And a villain settled down somewhere on the island. A wild and dangerous guy. Called himself Tyragon and already captured my companion Kenshi and held him a while in our own dungeon, where my boy Wolf finally found him. He stole a bag of salt and Kenshi's boots. Nothing else (yet), but we are not sure, if he still is on the island. We are all on the alert!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The meeting

On Saturday the 14th of November we had our first meeting to talk about the future of the Isle of Tidra and the question, if we furthermore allow non-human AVs on the island, as there seems to be a lack of interest in RP especially of the non-human savages.

The meeting was a bit of a mess but well, it was our first one, so next time it will get better.

Present were: Franziskus Ninetails, Sieg Refenoir, Jaap Sands, Lutz Melody, Mickael Pevensey, Kenshiro Pevensey; Chaz Toxx, Freki McGillivary, Sora Bluebird, Paddington Blackheart, Xaxat Sabretooth, (Icarus Cvercko), Marin Urdaneta, Conny Osterham, (Walker Brune)

Many problems were broached, so I try a little summary of the main points + my personal view:

1. Traffic

The main complaint & problem was and is, that there never would be someone on the island. - Well, I have to say: I know who is when for how long on the island. If everyone who complains, would stay a bit longer then 1 minute, then there would be enough life on the island. And I also have to add: Neither me, nor Kenshi, Freki or Mick are responsible for your entertainment. It's you yourself! We gave you the opportunity to play, so make the best of it!

But there were some good suggestions made. Here are a few:

a) Use the group-chat for a call for RP. You can even RP it, which would be prefered. For instance there are drums in the tribal-cave. Use them, emote it and send the call to the group-chat. Something like: "/me looks around the island, feeling a bit lonely. He walks to the cave and sits down to the drums. Their sound soon filling the cave... echoing all over the island to call for his savage brothers"

b) of course the group-chat can also be used for a call for help if you have the possibility to RP it. When you are already down and bound, you won't be able to call for help. But otherwise you can use other possibilities in emoting, like blowing a horn or using a special tribal battle call. IC the savages would be somewhere on the island, even if they are OOC somewhere in the rest of SL

c) a meeting spot. Well, actually this exists, as the upper cave is meant for the savages and their "social life" (drums, plants to care of, campfire, a totem to dance around, beds, kennels etc.)

d) special events on a fixed schedule. - Which is a very good idea to get to know each other and to have fun. Sora offered to DJ from time to time. So for instance how about a IC-thanksgiving party? Think of the origin of american thanksgiving and you get the idea!´Or a full-moons (yes, there are 3 on Gor) festival. The colonist unpacking a mysteiour crate that has washed to shore, like Xaxat suggested.... - Ideas are welcome!

e) the election of a "chief". - This was a suggestion of Almasy who couldn't take part at the meeting; what do the savages think about it? Although I personally liked more a community of equal brothers, maybe it would be good to have one to lead the others and take some administration burdon off my shoulders. You decide!

f) Bring your friends in!

g) Explore! The island might look like a maze, but it all make sense. Get used to the paths. Get to know where the traps are. All group-members have access to (almost) every door. The better you get to know the island, the better you will be able to defend yourself and the island. (Eventually I'm making a plan of the island for you soon, but please understand, that I'm very busy)

2. The "nature" of the tribe

There were complaints, that the tribe would be peaceful and they don't want "Gorean RP". - things were said like: "You give us the gorean RP Franzi, it is nice, but i don't want to do that in my RP". - Well, this is a bit strange, as the Isle of Tidra IS a Gorean RP SIM. Don't confuse Gorean RP with Gorean society. Even if the savages have no idea of the Gorean society on the mainland, it is a Gorean SIM after all.

As Freki already mentioned: "Using the term "Gorean RP" first line means to follow the general rules in how to RP not about laws and such things." - The island is on the planet Gor. There are Goreans coming from the mainland. It is a bit difficult, as many other Gorean SIMs don't accept non-human AVs in Gorean RP. But some come. Thieves come to steal from the server. Slavers come to capture "Barbarians "for the slavemarket. Others will shipwreck. There's also the dangerous shadow of the Dark Lord hovering over the island (hopefully!)... So, yes! There might be attacks and you better know how to defend yourself. Actually we HOPE there are, even if we don't want to have GorCraft, but sometimes it's necessary to fight.

~*~ Gorean RP lives and dies with interaction between Gorean SIMs. ~*~

To demand to be "all by ourselves" is not a Gorean RP and if you tell me you don't want Gorean RP, then sorry, but there are enough other non-Gorean SIM for RP with elves, dragons and whatever. But that's not what we - the builders - want, that's not what we worked for and that's not what we pay for. We wanted a Gorean SIM that allows non-human AVs.

About the needing to transform into a human form if leaving the island to the mainland, either if forced (catpurr... uhm... I mean capture) or for rescue-missions, raids or whatever... we might talk in the next meeting.

Read the rules and get informed about the planet Gor. {"What is Gor"} It was hard enough to figure out a reasonable storyline to allow non-human AVs on the island. To demand now, that we should NOT care at all about the other Gorean SIMs is ridiculuous. Better to think about how to integrate, not how to seperate.

According to the storyline so far, the Priest Kings (= the race that brought the humans thousands of years ago from Earth to Gor in a kind of biological experiment) have forgotten the island as it is so small and unimportant. That's how the DNA for transformation, that sleeps in the humans but is surpressed by the technology of the PKs on the mainland, could enhance on the Isle of Tidra. Another idea was, that hundreds of years ago the PKs ran biological experiments on the DNA of humans on the island which created the "exotic creatures", but then for some reasons left the island and the results of the experiment alone. That would explain the temple of the "anchestors" as the "creatures" might have worshipped their creators as gods. But that's just an idea yet and gives enough room for exploring the storyline, the "history" of Tidra.

About the tribe being "peaceful" and unarmed as some of you mentioned... That was never planned. Such a tribe might exist in Utopia, but neither on Earth nor on Gor. Look at the tribes in Africa and South-America, at the American Indians or the Australian Aboriginees! They have arrows, spears, blowpipes, boomerangs... They hunt and they fight.
Of course "our" tribe didn't know much about the threat from the mainland, but it is there. And it will be necessary to defend themselves or they at least have to learn how to hide effectively. Of course some will be more peaceful, others might be more hunters. That gives the opportunity for more RP - some caring for plants (if you haven't recognized: There are plants to care for), keeping the campfire burning (it's there), collecting berries and stuff, others hunting deer and sleen (yes, they are there) and bring meat to the tribe; shamans collecting herbs and brew potions in the cattle (it's there) etc etc etc. There's more to do then playing the poke-poke game all day long... :-)

3. The conflict settlers vs. savages and other storylines

Well, some said, it wouldn't have been clear, that the settlers keeping their slaves and living their lives "in a Gorean way". That's not exactly true, if you look at the chat-logs (you can read them in the blog). It was never a secret and we never hided the master-slave-relationship.

But okay, we can play on that after the short convergance we had, now the tribe is going to be suspicious about the Goreans keeping slaves and making prisoners. They might not understand, that the settlers see themselves as guardians and protectors of the island and the tribe, which is "the heritage of the anchestors".

There also was talking of "more place for the tribe". Hm, this was a bit strange. If it is not clear: The upper cave is meant for the tribe to live in there, even if it might be occupied by the settlers at the moment. But the settlers are moving step by step to the lower cave, to give back the tribe it's room to live.

So, we have four main storylines going on:

1. The settlers with their Gorean lifestyle
2. The tribe with their wild lifestyle
3. The relationship between settlers and tribes
4. Influence from the mainland

A short remark about the babbler: It was fun in the beginning to use the babbler and play the communication-problems. But now we experience some problems with it: 1. The babbler is very laggy. 2. The babbler isn't available to purchase anymore. 3. It complicates a fluent RP between tribe and settlers. So we abandonned it and try more to communicate in "broken English".

I hope I got all the main points of the meeting. If I forgot something, please feel free to tell me.

Freki has stored some RPs in a bookcase in his cave. Feel free to get copies of it. If wished, I could place an object with a notecard-giver like the bookcase in the upper cave. Like a "story-teller"

Feel free to send me or Mick notecards with RPs (summary and/or chatlog), if you want to have it posted here.

So, we will see (and we hope) how and if the life on the Isle of Tidra develops in the next weeks. Just one personal note: We are aware, that all of you have your RL or don't want to stay every minute of your SL-online time on the island or in Gor; neither do we. But you also have to accept and realize, that Gorean RP is nothing you just sneak in for some minutes and to sneak out again, if nothing happens in these minutes. It's a permanent and fluent progress. If you can accept this, then you will have the fun and exitement in RP that the Isle of Tidra is meant for.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Franziskus Ninetails walks down to their little cozy room, they had built in the lost temple. He lights a candle at his desk and sits down. For a few moment he enjoys the silence around him, before he takes a deep breath, reaches for the feather, dips it into the ink and starts to fill the blank pergament with artfull drawn letters:

"A lot if things happened in the last weeks since the big earthquake and the floods....

The savages - if not died in the floods, they hide in the bushes and won't come out. Sometimes we see a shadow disappearing behind the rocks and plants, but that's all the contact we have.

The boy Beowulf was freed by his Master, but the boy commited suicide. In the strange ways of the Priest Kings or whoever, his body was washed up the shores of Tidra, where he resurrected after a few days. He had lost his memory of course, and we didn't tell him about his past. We made him believe, that he's a member of the tribe and we called him 'Happy', as he was grinning a lot. But one day he vanished and we don't know, what happened to him.

Freki is doing well. We consider him as guardian and protector of Tidra and as a good friend. I made him protector of Wolf, which makes both pretty proud, I guess. A few days ago a person came to Tidra, called "Sieg". I'm not sure, what was going on... there is a secret around him, but he befriended Freki and stays with him in their cave. So we welcomed him as another guardian of Tidra.

And another one was washed up the shores these days: Lutz. We haven't found out yet what's behind his story; it's full of contradictions... so we first thought, he's a runaway and force-collared him for some days. But now I'm convinced, that he was abducted from Earth and could escape the slavers who tried to bring him to Gor. So he finds shelter on the Isle of Tidra and is welcomed as one of us.

Jaap, another cast away, feels the power of the Island and is going through strange transformations. He's haunted by confusing dreams and we are a bit concerned. We hope, he soon finds his destination.

My companion and me visited Scimitar a while ago and discovered a slave-academy there. We started to sign in all our boys. Wolf was the first and already passed two tests. Busy lil devil he is and always so eager to please his Master!"

Franziskus Ninetails looks up from the paper and smiles at the thought of his lovely boys, before he continues writing:

"Fox followed him and passed the first test also. Yesterday I tried to sign in my boy Tesa, but we found the school empty, so we will have to try another day.

We are just a little alarmed about Voldemort the Dark Lord these days.  Two days ago he was in Tabor the same time my boy Wolf was there. Pouring boiling oil over the city, my boy was injured heavily. Thank to the help of a kajirus named Ash who dragged his body quickly to the infirmery where he got treated quickly by a healer, safed my boy's life. But the next day the Dark Lord came back to finish what he started. Gladly I was on my way to look after my boy right that moment when I saw little poisonuous spiders crawling all over Wolf's body, poured over him by the Dark Lord. It came to a fight between him and me, but too much in panic for the health of my boy I been defeated and humiliated by that villain. However my boy could escape on my command and trudge to Scimitar, where he got treated against the spider-bites by their physician.
How could we ever consider, to join the Dark Lord on his ways on the Dark Paths?!? We think it's time for a destroying strike against this plague!"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Freki and Beowulf

Freki McGillivary stranded a while ago on the shores of Tidra. The Tiger and Dragon Chain welcomed him and offered him a new home in one of the caves.

A few days ago he met and captured a boy, who was supposed to be a runaway-slave. We held him on the island  for some days, while Freki and the Chain tried to figure out, whom the boy belongs, as the boy  contradicted himself all the time.
But after Franzi and Kenshi had brought him from the dungeon to a cage in the upper cave to generously grant him some more comfort, they found the cage broken the next day and the boy escaped. You shouldn't rely on a slaveboy's word!
We are all a bit nervous, as we don't know, whom the boy will tell about the island and we fear for the peace and safety of the savages. We are considering adopting measures to prevent danger...

((OOC-note about the rescuer: TP'ing several times on the island and quickly TP'ing out, each time he sees someone on it, then finally taking the chance, when there's noone else on the isle. And then RPing, that he "coincidently" flew with his tarn over the island which was lost and forgotten for 100s of years and then "coincidently" finding his lost boy there, not even taking the challenge to PICKLOCK a door but just "cutting the knots of the cage with his sword"... That's not the best of RPs, I guess. *sighs*  But the RP with Freki and Beowulf was good and nice. Thanks, guys!))

After the flood...

Many things happened in the last weeks... After the flood and the earth-quake there had to be cleaned and repaired a lot on the island. But finally last week Franzi could stand on the top of the cave, look over the island and nod satisfied. The birds started to sing again, the few tajuks that survived the  catastrophe are running in the woods again. And the savage boys crawl out from their hidaways.

Franziskus frowned a bit as he saw, that all their trading goods in their stocks were victim of the flood. Worthless. With a resigned sigh he considers to become a thief or other possibilities to get their values back. On the other side... who needs tarsks on a natural island like this?

Monday, October 12, 2009

re-opening soon

The rebuilding is progressing. We're not only repairing the terraforming but also had some new ideas, so the Isle of Tidra is becoming even prettier then before. We hope, that it will be re-opened this week!

A special

to two very generous donators who donated 10.000 L$ each. It's not (only) about the money, it's also a prove to us, that they like the beauty of the Isle and that our work is appreciated.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Without chat-logs just a summary of other news:

- Kenshi and Franziskus sailed to the mainland in search of a bosk-cow. The closest haven is Port of Schendi, the gate to the jungle of Gor. They met Misha, an old friend and now first boy of Schendi, who showed them his Master's bosk-cow and to look at the bosk's branding in order to find out the merchant, which is Sa'ng Fori. So Kenshi went on the long journey to Sa'ng Fori to buy one. For some extra coins they delivered the bosk in the next days. Now they will have to see, if the boys are able to milk that cow. Misha said, if they can milk their Master, they will also be able to milk the bosk. Wolf being  told this, he answered he would prefer to milk his Master. And Franziskus is not sure, if the boy deserves a punishment for this answer or not...

- Wolf was brought by his Master to the healer to have his old branding removed. But the healer refused more or less, saying it would have never been heard of removing a slave-branding. Well, if your cattle wears the branding of another owner, wouldn't you want it to wear your own? But as they were just guests in Schendi, Franzi didn't want to bother the green any further. Shots were not necessary, the physician said after a quick exam of the boy's blood. The lil devil was examed after that and his Master is very happy, that the boy is strong and healthy.

- Well, at least he was healthy that day. But it rained a lot on the Isle of Tidra these days and the island is submerged. A lot of animals died in the floods and deseases are spreading from the cadavers all over. Kenshi and Wolf are already ill, and Franzi sent the other boys to the mainland for their own safety,  while he stays on the island to care for his beloved ones.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One wrong click...

... and the work of weeks was gone! It took me weeks of terraforming, working on sqm after sqm to get the landscape of the Isle of Tidra as nice as it was at the end. And today... just a moment of being inattentive and I accidently flattened the whole SIM instead of just a few squaremeters. I'm devastated! There was still so much to do anyways and my mind was full of all those things still left to do, and now THIS!

However, although I'm almost at the end of energy, I'll roll up my sleeves and start all over again...

Too bad that exactly 5 minutes after the disaster happened, some of my most favorite thieves arrived on the island.

So, RP stopped for a while... some days, weeks, months, YEARS!? I don't know... And it was so much fun. Grrr.....

The transformation

What happened after making friendship with more tribesmen was very, very ungorean. The hardcore-Goreans will call it perversion of Gor. - But, oh well... let them their boring and stiff RP, while we have FUN. And yes, we had fun, trying to play the first transformation:

Franzi showed his boy Wolf his secret: As origin from earth he showed him his secret powers... the ability to transform like the tribe does. Suddenly he understands their language, the language of the anchestors. And explaining to his boy that it is in his blood also, Wolf transformed the first time into his exotic neko-form. A very scaring and exiting experience for the boy....

Meeting Juz and Chaz

Another (successful!) try to make friends with the savage boys. - After the head-slaver of Red Rocks had left, Mick and his Master went on search for the savage boy Xaxat... and found him. And they also found his brothers Juz and Chaz.
Juz surprisingly looked exotic... And here it became slowly un-Gorean, but much fun.

Poor Juz has been captured and abused by pirates, but he could escape. At the end they all became friends in the language the tribe seems to understand without words....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Visit of the Head-Slaver

These days we had a visit of the Head-Slaver of the rebuilt Oasis of Red Rock, on the hunt for new boys. We hope he won't come and try to capture some boys of the wild tribe. We were friendly, but of course cautious. Though he's a friend, it seemed he fought the urge, to take the boy Wolf together with his Master right with him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

boy meets boy

One day after his Masters and his brother had captured some savages from the tribe, Teso, known as Fox, was left alone on the island. He was exhausted from the hard days work, caring for the plantattion, picking beans for the black wine, roasting them and grind them to powder, cleaning the cave, keeping the fire burning...
As he finally finished all his chores, he was tired, but couldn't sleep. Worrying about the fate of his Master and his brother Wolf. So he decided to go to the beach in the north-east corner of the isle and collect some shells to make a silk out of it like his brother had made one with bones.
But he met one of the savage boys. Carefully they came closer and though they didn't understand each other, they became kind of friends. That's how Fox met Xaxat....


Second capture

After their first contact with the savages, Franzi and Wolf took a nap.  Franzi woke up after a  while, his boy still sleeping. As he left the safety of the Kennel, he had to recognize, that their captive Xaxat could escape.

But soon he saw another savage boy and captured him with his companion Kenshi. After binding him to a post and interrogating him about the tribe, and after a short... uhm... demonstration of their power... they relieved him to go back to his tribe, telling them, that the Goreans who occupied their cave, don't mean any harm and want to be friend to the tribe and live together in peace. Also to protect them from Gorean slavers visiting the island from time to time - as they got to know that now - and help them to learn how to protect themselves.

Kenshi and Franzi watching the boy running away into the jungle, not sure, if the shy tribe will accept their offer. Finally they return into the safety of the kennel to get ready for the night...


First Contact


I'm Franziskus, former Magistrate of Silver Tree, Free Companion to Kenshiro Pevensey, Master to Mick called "Wolf", Tesa and Brian, and to my companions boy Teso, called "Fox". After leaving the Silver Tree of Tabor we found shelter on a lost island. At least we thought it was lost, but we soon discovered signs of human beings.... a cave, a plantation... Soon we also saw them hiding behind bushes and rocks: Strange savages... a tribe... But they avoided any contact and disappeared, when we stepped closer.

Finally me and my boy Wolf managed to capture one, though the communication was a bit difficult. We hope, others of this tribe speak our language.As far as we found out, his name is Xaxat. He only new two words of our language and these were "Fuck you". He was like a wild animal, scratching, spitting and biting, and smooth and gentle at the same time. We had to tame him a bit and hoped after a night in a cage he would be more cooperative and we could befriend the tribe, but his tribesbrothers must have freed him, while we were sleeping in the safety of the kennel we had built witin the cave.

He also must have stolen Wolf's rock-pouch over night as I stood up to travel to the maninland  and left the door open...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How it all began


My name is Testimo, but my Master calls me "Fox". I'm the chain-brother to Mick - called "Wolf" -, Tesa and Brian. My Master is Kenshiro Pevensey, former Head-Slaver of Silver Tree; Free Companion to my twin Franziskus, who followed me from Earth to Gor to protect me and get me back to Earth, but he fell in love with my Master and so he stayed here on this planet.

It was me who discovered the island a while ago, in a sleepless night, when silly me (yes, guess why my Master calls me after an animal known for it's cleverness...) took a boat and rowed to the open Thassa-sea, to become tired. As usual I lost my orientation and after hours I shored at that beautiful island. I didn't tell anybody about my adventure, but my Master followed me that night...

Some weeks ago my Masters got in an arguement with the Lord of Silver Tree. I don't know what happened, I just know, that they took all their possessions and woke me up in the middle of the night to leave Silver Tree. In the search of a new home I told them about the island and so we found a new home.

First we thought, the island is empty. My Masters claimed it as theirs and called it Isle of Tidra. The jungle here is as beautiful as dangerous. But I miss the comfort of the civilized word, and without a homestone and caste my Masters seem to be outlaws now.

Well, and that's how our adventure began...

The rules (version 2.0)

Welcome to the Isle of Tidra!

The ISLE OF TIDRA is placed in the middle of the Thassa ocean, near the equator, with rainforest vegetation and clima. It is so small and unimportant, that the Priest Kings forgot about it and don't influence the evolution. Some mystical things will happen here which are impossible in other Gorean territories..

Though there don't exist city-laws, here are some rules:


This island is a gay Gorean roleplay (RP) sim. If you do not agree to RP one of those matters, please leave. By entering the island you acknoledge, that you read and agree to the rules on this sim. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you break the rules you are liable to punishment including ejection or banning: Smaller violations lead to 1 day ban. Bigger or repeated violations to one week or permanent ban.

2.0 GOR

2.1 The Isle of Tidra is a Gorean SIM. Therefore the neweset version of the GM is required. You find it on the docks.

2.2 Observer:

* When you are not Gorean or just for an OOC visit, wear the Observer-tag.

* Do not involve in running RP.

* You're not allowed to pick doors. If you do so, you will be seen as griefer and therefore ejected and banned.


This is an adult sim, and as such, you may encounter nudity, sexual acts, violence, rape, death or language such as is not suitable for minors. You must be over age 18 to RP in this sim.


Violation of these 3 rules will lead to immediate and permanent ban and report to Linden


The inhabitants of the Isle of Tidra are a wild, savage tribe. Their true nature is not surpressed by the influence of the PKs. So they could survive as nekos, furries, satyrs, centaurs and other forms as well as humans or some as animals. If you have a problem with that, you better not involve in RP with us. However you are free to visit us OOC or as observer. Fully animal-AVs have to behave as such (don't talk!).

* Transformation into and from non-human forms requires 5 minutes and 5 lines of RP (no transformation in combat)


There are no Safe Zones on the island. Only 10 minutes on the docks for rezzing and reading the rules. The non-existance of SZ doesn't mean that you have to fight all the time. Though a savage tribe we prefer a good RP more then senseless combat


6.1 The Language is English

If you don't speak Engish fluently, use a translator.
Griefing behaviour justified with non-understanding the rules is not tolerated.

6.2 Tag-reading & RP-limits

Tags and profiles are OOC-information and not to be used in RP. However, RP-limits are to be respected as far as they are reasonable. In doubt, the moderators will decide.

6.3 Chat and IMs

Any and all open chat or IMs affecting the RP may be recorded, copied, notecarded or transmitted to anyone.

6.4 Appearance

Your appearance and clothes should fit the Gorean theme, even if you only come to visit. So, no modern clothes, no particle-effects, no blinking attachments etc.

You don't have to be "Gorean", if you just want to look around and enjoy the beauty of the island, but please show respect to the spirit of the theme.

6.5 Misc

* Flying is not allowed (exception: Flying animals)

* Swimmer is required (SLwim)

* No use of "magical powers"


7.1 We're not gonna bore you with a list of weapons which are allowed. Weapons must be enabled for GM and for "Gorean Style". That means: No modern weapons, no scripted shields etc.

If you are new to Gor, you will find some simple but effective weapons in some places on the island. Have fun searching for them.

7.2 For slaves

As we are a savage tribe, slavery is unknown to the tribe. Therefore slaves are allowed to wear whatever Gorean weapon they want and can find as long as their Masters agree with it.


* No Huds and AO's that expand your normal capacities of running, jumping etc.

* Aiding: 3 lines

* Binding: 3 lines

* self-unbinding: 5 lines + 10 minutes RP

* special arrows such as fire, grapple, rope etc.: 3 lines

* kill: only when agreed to in IM. 30 minutes of RP. Report sent to moderators

* no transformation while in a combat

* no fighting while swimming

* TP in and out the island from the docks ONLY

* no fighting while dragging a captive

* Tarns are allowed as long as they are metered

* 60 minutes waiting for rescue or trade

* Doves for help etc. must be RPed and reasonable. Remember that the isle is on no map and hard to find. We don't accept a sudden, not justified invasion of 1000s of helpers.

* Make sure, your rescuers agree with the rules (especially the non-human part)

* 30 minutes of no RP and you can escape. The escape has to be RPed and send as notecard to a moderator.

* Be aware that if you capture one of the savage tribe, that it's not sure, if the "exotic creature" transforms into human, when you drag it from the island... Most of them will, when they get into the influence of the Priest King's powers and technology, but maybe not all of them...

* No trade for Lindens.


The server is not easy to be found. Stealing from it must be RPed as well as the PICKING OF DOORS. A notecard with the RP should be send to one of the moderators. No Picking, no stealing with OOC tag or outside of RP. This will be seen as griefing and leads to eject and ban.

The most important rule:

10. NO DRAMA!!!

We're all here to have fun and good RP.

Try to keep OOC-comments to a minimum. Those are supposed to be in double brackets ((...)) or IMs

In doubt of the validity of a RP, don't discuss for hours; ask a moderator.

All decisions of the RP moderators and administrators of this sim are final.

**** And we definitely don't discuss, how "Gorean" this island is or not.***

Call it "Disney-Gor" or whatever you want, but Disney is fun and we are here to have fun. If you don't like fun and prefer stiff RP, permanent battles and no storyline, quoting "the books" like a bible all the time, then just leave us alone. Thank you. [and John Normans volume 32 "Nekos of Gor" will come!]

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