Thursday, November 4, 2010

The New Fort

The Rebuilding of the Fort of Tidra is almost finished. Just some details to be changed or added here and there.

Living in a cave in the beginning, then moving to a house surrounded by a wall, now we almost have a little city: Beautiful big baths, a wonderful taverne, big slave-kennels, warrior-quarters, a small infirmary, some small houses for rent and the main-house guarding over all of it. It was a lot of work, but worth it, I think!

Some new people joined us. There's Dead, the taverne-keeper, brother to Teleny, called "the Scorpion", guardian of Tidra. And Sey, coming from the North, now the Master of Baths. We soon will have to find a healer too...

There was also a small thalarion sighted in the bushes, not seen now for a while, but it must still be there. How should a thalarion leave the island anyways?

We are looking forward to welcome soon new guests, visitors, new citizens and of course some slaves ready to serve in the baths and/or in the paga-taverne.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A growing tribe, a cozy cave, the Beast of Tidra and a new picture

Things are happening on Tidra! And the tribe is growing. We got another tribes-member, who hasn't an animal-name yet (are we becoming a Gorean Zoo?). He was washed ashore Tidra without any memory. So the tribe will take care of him.

The other night the tribe went out to get one of the bosk-cows from the warrior's fort. They decided, that the warriors don't need so much milk. Snake wanted to take the biggest cow, assuming the bigger the cow, the more milk, but Giani and Kaiila objected... because that was a bull.
But the cow smells! Giani was forced to bath by Franzi the other day (afterwards rolled around in dirt to get rid of that smell of flowers) and got a piece of soap, so they decided it's his task to bath the bosk the other day.

 After Franzi heard, who devastated the kitchen, attacked Scorpion and tried to steal food, he painted this poster after Scorpions description and pinned it to the docks:

The creature seems to still run around the island! So beware!

OOC: He's a new member and will be known as "Beast of Tidra" as permanent threat to all visitors. We're planning to make a beast-hunt with a price soon! I've made his place quite cozy with spiderwebs, vines and skulls and bones... :)

Last but not least: Giani made a wonderful new picture for Tidra. Love it! Such a good work now in the group and in the land-profile:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Some things happen on Tidra. So, here are some news in short:

After Snake was captured, could free himself, got help by a Woman from the Green Caste and finally returned happily back to Tidra, he was so thankful, that he painted the story on a fur as present for the Green. It's a mix of native-kindergarden-haring-picasso, I think. Scorpion and Franziskus sailed to Tabor and from there took a passage on a ship up to the far north to the city of Ostia to deliver the screen to the woman. She was very happy about it and after our return we told Snake, who was immensly proud of his naive work.

It seems the tribe is finally growing. After Giani joined the tribe another brother arrived. And twin-brothers are on their way also. And since yesterday there's another savage, called Aak Keh'ra, which means "Dragonfly" (actually only the words "Dragon" & "Fly", as we didn't know the word for "Dragonfly" in Gorean).

Apart from these happenings Franzi was busy with continuing building on the fort. Yesterday the baths got finished and I think they look good:

I like the lightning effects of it at midnight! - We have also a toilet in it. Toilets were never mentioned in the books!!! So the book-fundamentalists might complain, that toilets are not Gorean. *hehehe*

It seems, we now have also another resident on Tidra, hiding in the caves. We are not so sure, if we are so happy about it. He first attacked Scorpion in the fort and claimed the island as his, being now the ruler of Tidra. (Okay, he climbed down the high mountains, which is forbidden by the rules. He somehow entered the fort without lockpicking a door. He also uses a feral AO which I think enhances his speed - not sure about that. - But for now we accepted it.) Later he attacked Snake, but after a long battle, Snake captured him. He just didn't know what to do with him, cause the creature continued claiming to be the new ruler of Tidra (of course in the savage vocabulary the word "Ruler" is missing, so Snake thought it's the name of the beast: Rula), even after he threatened him to throw him to the man-eating fish or feed him to the sleen.

The problem is this:

Yes, he looks like Smeagol from Middle-Earth and that's also his name. (Sorry for the strange picture, but the bindings in combination with his AO somehow kept him underground all the time, so had to take the picture from beneath him.) So, the question is: Would a creature like that exist on Gor?
On the other side take Hup from Ar for instance:

Hup was indeed an ugly thing, for he was small, and yet thick, almost bulbous, and under the dirty tunic, perhaps that of the potters, there bulged the hump of some grotesque growth. One of his legs was shorter than the other; his head was too large for his body, and swollen to the left; one eye was larger than the other. His tiny feet thrashed about, kicking at the man who held him.
(Assassins of Gor)

After two hours with no progress where Snake tried to find out what strange creature that is, but the stubborn beast continued claiming to be the new Master of Tidra and trying to command the savage around, even in bindings and after being kicked several times and threatened to be thrown to the sleen. Snake got tired of the ugly thing, the warriors of the fort refused to take it, so he just released it into the jungle, sure that it would soon be eaten by the sleen without a bow to his defence.

We are not sure, what to do with him. Somehow the role itself is interesting and could be an enrichment to Tidra as a permanent threat to visitors. On the other side we are not so sure, if he wouldn't even scare the few visitors away instead of attracting some. - But the claiming of being the new ruler of Tidra after two hours became a bit boring. It's just not realistic, that the threat of being killed didn't impress him at all. In a "real" world, it surely would impress him, but in a pixel-world, where he knows, that he will arise from the dead the next day and continue his "RP", that's just annoying. So, we don't know, if we should invite him to the group or ban him. We are few people yet and it's already hard to defend Tidra and it's residents against raiders from outside - like when Snake was surprised by the attack and nobody was there to help. So, a premanent dangerous threat from inside, even after he would be killed and arise again and killed and arise and killed... that could be just a bit too much!

Well, that's it for today. Still no word of the travellers, so Franzi starts to assume, that his FC and his two boys were killed or enslaved somewhere in a far, far away city. And the ground on Tidra keeps on shaking...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snake's capture

Bad things first:

- Snake was trying the imprudence viewer. What he didn't recognize was, that it didn't keep record of the open chat. So a lot of the RP is lost.

- The capture itself would have been invalid, breaking so many of our own AND (as seen later) even similar rules of their own SIM:
* One of the two raiders rezzed right next to the camp without arriving at the docks as they should have.
* He broke with a single emote through a bolted door, which is not possible (using those very invalid functions at the weapon-HUD)
* Without any further RP they brandished their swords and attacked Snake (sure... you break in and attack directly someone behind the door which you haven't seen before? You not even know, that he's there? Yeeeeeah!)
* bound and de-armed with one emote each (using prefabbed gestures) instead of each 3 good lines
* After capturing Snake, they ran around, jumped over walls, their weapons still drawn, jumped from bridges of 40 meter height into the water, swam with him (poor savage almost drowned).... all not very well RPed. But they might have been desperate, because they didn't find the way to the docks? *grins*
* after they finally found the docks, they wanted to leave with a tarn (but there Snake really had to complain and remind them, that tarns don't cross open water, no matter what)

- Later they collared snake and used without any emote/RP the collar commands to put him into kneeling position. So Snake played around it that he would have been kicked in the hollows of his knees etc.

And now for the good things:

Snake was curious what would happen, so he didn't complain, just made a remark, but accepted the capture as valid. And it was fun RP afterwards. So, here's the story:

After Snake was captured, the two raiders sailed with him a long way north. Snake was unconcious most of the time, his body weak from the many punches, kicks and attack with the blade.
Finally they arrived in a city he had never seen before. They cut off all his clothes and forced him to take a bath. After a lot of struggling and splashing with the water the savage finally found some pleasure in the well perfumed water, the smell reminding him of the flowers in the jungle of Tidra.

 As he was fresh and clean they put a collar around his neck. Snake struggled and kicked at the warriors, but they knocked him down several times. Finally they brought him to a woman... as far as the confused savage understood, it was the future FC of one of the warriors and he - Snake - should have been a present for her and serve her as fighting and guarding slave. Of course our brave and proud savage refused to do so and repeated again and again, that they should bring him back to his island.

Finally Snake was left alone with the woman. Though with a collar around his neck, leashed to the woman's hand, he could have easily put up resistance and escape her... if his body wasn't already that weakened from the punches and kicks as well as from the tormenting hunger and thirst.

She wanted to give him a new name and be nice to him, offering him a good life and candy and sleeping in soft furs, but our stubborn savage refused defiantly, repeating again and again, that his name is Snake and he wants to go back to his tribe-brothers.

The woman got angry and lured the boy to a man-sized chest in a corner of the room. She promised Snake candy at the bottom of the chest and as he leaned over to take a closer look, his one healthy eye searching for the candy, she suddenly pushed his body into the chest and slammed the cover shut. Snake was trapped in the wodden box!

For a while he knocked against the wood from inside, demanding to let be gone back to his tribe. But after a while he dropped with exhaustion. His shouts lowering to a mumble as he curled up in the chest and finally fell into a nervous sleep.

((At this point the woman had to get some sleep RL and Snake had to go to dinner. Story continues two hours later. At his return  he informed the woman, who was online again also, but busy.))

As Snake woke up, he was surprised by the bright light. He needed a while to recognize, where he is. To his surprise the top of the chest was opened and he could get out. He rised from the chest, stretched and flexed his sore muscles.. ((Brent Clavenham, a slaveboy had opened the chest while Snake was sleeping - online, but afk - in the chest. He didn't close the chest again, so it was left open)) But still he was chained to the chest, as the woman had locked the chain of the collar to it while the savage was locked into the tight prison. He set there for a while on the chest and considered how to escape his fate as a boy on knees....

((The upwaking etc. needed about 15 minutes. Snake sat there for another 10 minutes or more, waiting for a continuation of the RP, but nobody appeared. At that point he recognized, that chatlogs were not saved to the harddisc, so he changed the settings and relogged. From now on the chat-log:))

[11:11] Snake after escaped from the chest by some stranger's help, but still chained to the heavy crate sits down on the wood and considers what to do
[11:24] Snake after considering a long time, looking around him to find anything to break the chain scratches his head. His fingers sliding over the metal ornament he got as a present many, many moons ago

[11:25] Snake suddenly beams getting an idea
[11:26] Snake's finger wander from the face grab to the collar. The fingertips sliding along the rim of the ring of metal until they find the spot where the warrior snapped it in
[11:27] Snake detaches the face grap from his ear. And starts to poke with the one needle-like 'leg' of the spider in the lock of the collar
[11:29] Snake pokes around in the lock. He knows that he seen the warriors on Tidra opening locks like this. Desperately he's poking and poking.. nervously in the beginning without success
[11:30] Snake takes a deep breath and tries to calm down.

[waiting again]

[11:38] Snake after several ehns of trying suddenly hears a silent 'klick'. To his own surprise the collar snaps open
[11:39] Snake rubs his now bare neck. He places the collar on the crate and looks around in the room
[11:48] Snake climbs on the table to grab one of the swords fixed to the wall. It weighs heavy in his hand and seems to be not too sharp, but it might be helpful if he has to fight his way back to his island
[11:48] Atiya Bruun hears a dull thump, looking up she frowns "did you hear something dear?"

[voices in the background]

[11:51] Snake sneaks out of the house, looking around and finds the streets empty
[11:53] Atiya Bruun: well perhaps when you finally...oh my goodness!!
[11:53] Jahlayah Jumanya: a naked man!
[11:53] Jahlayah Jumanya: look...
[11:53] Jahlayah Jumanya points to the naked man..
[11:53] Atiya Bruun staggers back and clutches at her chest
[11:53] Atiya Bruun has left chat range.
[11:53] Jahlayah Jumanya has left chat range.
[11:53] Jahlayah Jumanya shouts: Sir, you forgot clothes
[11:54] Snake finds the baths easily and remembers his hair ornaments. He quickly enters the tipi of stone to grab his ornaments and leaves
[11:54] Snake as he leaves the baths gets surprised by two chuckling women and quickly runs away
[11:54] Jahlayah Jumanya has entered chat range.
[11:54] Jahlayah Jumanya has entered chat range.
[11:55] Atiya Bruun: be careful JJ
[11:55] Atiya Bruun: he was aremed
[11:55] Jahlayah Jumanya: he must have jumped into the water..
[11:55] Jahlayah Jumanya: why on gor was he naked?
[11:55] Snake hides in a corner and catches breath
[11:55] Atiya Bruun peers over the edge and looks down at the docks
[11:55] Atiya Bruun: how strange
[11:55] Jahlayah Jumanya: yes, maybe he was robbed..
[11:56] Atiya Bruun: i wonder what he was doing running around all naked like that!
[11:56] Atiya Bruun: has he no pride?!
[11:56] Jahlayah Jumanya: well.. he was not after my boots..
[11:56] Jahlayah Jumanya: he could not run on highheels.. it takes years of practice..
[11:56] Atiya Bruun giggles nervously
[11:56] Atiya Bruun: well those heels would certainly come in handy if he were to attack
[11:56] Atiya Bruun: come lets go see
[11:56] Jahlayah Jumanya: I would stand on his little toe...
[11:56] Atiya Bruun: he may be hurt
[11:56] Jahlayah Jumanya: yes.. lets take the stairs..
[11:57] Jahlayah Jumanya has left chat range.
[11:57] Atiya Bruun has left chat range.
[11:57] Snake pricks his ears as he hears steps coming closer. He holds the unfamiliar weapon tight in his hand
[11:59] Jahlayah Jumanya has entered chat range.
[11:59] Atiya Bruun has entered chat range.
[11:59] Atiya Bruun stays back
[11:59] Jahlayah Jumanya: you are hurt?
[11:59] Snake frowns as the steps get closer
[11:59] Atiya Bruun places a hand on JJ
[11:59] Jahlayah Jumanya: my friend here is a green...
[11:59] Jahlayah Jumanya pushes atiya in front of her..
[12:00] Snake holds the unfamiliar weapon in his shivering hand "You not come closer!"
[12:00] Jahlayah Jumanya: we wont...
[12:00] Snake desperate "Snake only want back to his tribe!"
[12:00] Atiya Bruun holds out a hand soothingly as she sees the man shift about almost nervously " is ok...please..just relax"
[12:00] Jahlayah Jumanya: wont we...
[12:00] Jahlayah Jumanya: you know you are naked?
[12:00] Atiya Bruun smiles gently, hoping to soothe the strange man
[12:00] Snake holds the blade in a firm grip, his few goods in the other hand
[12:01] Atiya Bruun whispers to JJ "he is clearly not from these parts"
[12:01] Atiya Bruun takes a step closer
[12:01] Jahlayah Jumanya looks how he holds the sword.. "don't cut yourself.." and she whiswers...
[12:01] Jahlayah Jumanya: no it seems not
[12:01] Atiya Bruun murmers gently as she approaches him
[12:01] Snake looks down at his own body, tehn up to the women and nods "mainslander warriors stole Snakes loincloth!"
[12:01] Atiya Bruun: it is ok...perhaps we can help you"
[12:01] Jahlayah Jumanya: maybe he likes candy..
[12:02] Atiya Bruun nods to JJ
[12:02] Atiya Bruun: maybe
[12:02] Atiya Bruun holds the mans gaze, her face serene as she says quietly "well perhaps we can find you put your weapon down Sir, you are in no harm here"
[12:02] Jahlayah Jumanya searches for her pouch and finds some rock candy.. she speaks like the man like she would do to an animal.. "here look what I have... candy.. yummie.." and she rubs her belly...
[12:02] Snake cautiously steps back till the wall stops his way. His whole body shivers "Snake not want can'di! Snake want home to tribebrothers!"
[12:03] Jahlayah Jumanya hears his words and pops the candy in her own mouth.. "too bad..."
[12:03] Atiya Bruun gathers her courage and steps closer her hand reaching out to him "you must be about some warm food and clothing before you find your way back home "
[12:04] abdell Amat has entered chat range.
[12:04] Snake relaxes a bit as the women seem nice. He lowers the blade a bit, but raises it up again as a warrior approaches
[12:04] Jahlayah Jumanya still chews on her candy and sees how the scarlet arrives..
[12:04] Atiya Bruun smiles gently at him, her eyes never leaving his face
[12:04] Snake shouts again desperate "Snake want home!!! You let Snake go!"
[12:05] Atiya Bruun soothes him with her gaze and murmers "put it are safe here.."
[12:05] abdell Amat: "Are you raising a weapon to me Sir?" he yelled towards the man
[12:05] Jahlayah Jumanya shakes her head at the histeric man.."we did not stop you.. we came to see if you were hurt.."
[12:05] Atiya Bruun looks back at Abdell and says quietly "he seems afraid Sir, he was just about to lay his weapon down"
[12:05] Snake shakes his head and points at the warrior "Snake not safe! Mainsland warriors always want put ring of metal around neck of hunter!"
[12:06] Jahlayah Jumanya grins.. "no sane person on gor would take you as slave.."
[12:06] Jahlayah Jumanya: I think he is a savage, sir..
[12:06] abdell Amat: "Sir sheath your weapon or I'll have to do what my codes permit me to do"
[12:07] Snake's heart beating faster and faster, almost ready to cut his own throat if they will try to collar him again."
[12:07] Atiya Bruun looks calmly at the man, her face gentle as she murmers "do as he asks, there is no need to be afraid here"
[12:07] Snake looks from the women to the warrior, considering. He lowers the weapon a bit "You no harm to Snake?"
[12:08] abdell Amat shakes his head towards the man "No I don't i'm even delaying the codes i live for , specially for you now sheath the weapon and tell us whats going on"
[12:09] Atiya Bruun whispers "do as he asks snake, then we can help you"
[12:09] Snake tilts his head a bit, not really sure, what the warrior said. His eyes wander to the woman in green before him and he asks her with a dry throat "He not harm Snake?"
[12:10] Atiya Bruun smiles softly and steps a lil closer, not really thinking this man will harm her she murmers softly "he is a good honorable warrior snake...he no harm snake"
[12:10] Snake finally nods and looks at the friendly woman. He places the blade on the barrel next to him
[12:10] Jahlayah Jumanya taps her foot impatient...."finally..."
[12:10] Atiya Bruun beams at him "there now see? That wasnt so hard was it?"
[12:10] Atiya Bruun gives her dear friend the look
[12:11] Jahlayah Jumanya sticks her dagger in one of the sheaths in her skirts...
[12:11] Snake almost whimpering "Snake want go home"
[12:11] Atiya Bruun places a gentle hand on his shoulder and asks quietly "where is your home snake?"
[12:12] Jahlayah Jumanya 's merchant instict comes up.. "I do not see... any reason why we should not keep this one.. Atiya"
[12:12] Jahlayah Jumanya: he is young and strong..
[12:13] Snake opens his other hand with his hair-ornaments in it, some jewels between all the bones and feathers he offers it to the woman in green "Snake pay for passage back to camp on Tidra!"
[12:13] Atiya Bruun glances at her friend in surprise, the thought not having even crossed her mind, she widens her eyes and clears her throat mumbling "oh! Well, I didnt think of that!"
[12:13] Jahlayah Jumanya looks to the bones and sticks in the mans hand.. "that won't pay you a sailing trip..."
[12:14] Snake pricks his ears as he hears the other woman, his one healthy eye sparkling "You promise"
[12:14] Atiya Bruun looks at the offering in his hand and screws up her nose somewhat, stepping back a lil she remarks "oh, well..lets about we just see about getting you a loin cloth and some food, dont get all upset again now"
[12:14] Jahlayah Jumanya looks to abdell: "sir, does that look like a free man to you... he sure looks like a boy to me, Sir"
[12:15] Snake growls at the woman in red and hisses "Snake no boy! Snake hunter of the raven-tribe on Tidra!"
[12:16] Jahlayah Jumanya nods.. "ah.. he has temper... how amusing.."
[12:16] Atiya Bruun places a firm but gentle hand on the mans arm "now, dont you go growling at my friend, it will surely get you into trouble"
[12:16] Snake: Have not been boy since....." *considers a moment, his eyes rolling to the sky* "... many, many..... MANY moons!"
[12:16] abdell Amat: Not because he's naked means he's a slave, lets hand him somthing to cover up
[12:16] Atiya Bruun: yes my thoughts exactly
[12:16] Jahlayah Jumanya 's voice goes low.."see he was a boy once.. so he can be one again..."
[12:16] Atiya Bruun: come with me boy
[12:17] Atiya Bruun: i mean snake
[12:17] Atiya Bruun: lets get you some clothing
[12:17] Atiya Bruun looks into his eyes, her own reassuring
[12:17] Snake smirks at the woman in red "Of course Snake was boy once. Every man was!"
[12:17] Jahlayah Jumanya shakes her head and clacks her tongue.. she would have collared the boy immediately.."he smells like a boy"
[12:17] abdell Amat: keep your words ladies", he said as he turned heading his way back to his guarding spot
[12:18] abdell Amat has left chat range.
[12:18] Atiya Bruun glances at her friend and chuckles despite herself, knowing her thoughts inside out, she rolls her eyes somewhat and turns back to snake "come with me, lets get you sorted"
[12:19] Snake confused at the woman's words sniffs at his armpits and mumbles "Snake know that bath is no good."
[12:19] Snake wrinkles his nose "Snake smell like flowers." *shakes his head* "No good"
[12:20] Cailin Rain has entered chat range.
[12:20] Atiya Bruun chuckles as he sniffs himself, her eyes dancing with humor "you dont smell too bad snake, but surely you will need some clothing and food in your belly?"
[12:20] Snake raises his eyebrows "Sor tad? Snake not want Sor tad! Snake want Tidra!"
[12:21] Snake nods and beams for the first time, showing his pearly white teeth "Food good!"
[12:21] Atiya Bruun raises her brow slightly "Snake, please do not get so excited, I am simply trying to help" seeing his teeth beam at her she chuckles and murmers "thats much better, come with me"
[12:22] Snake nods, ready to follow the woman trustfully
[12:22] Cailin Rain: greetings Mistresses
[12:22] Atiya Bruun smiles to the girl
[12:22] Cailin Rain: greetings kajirus
[12:22] Atiya Bruun: Tal girl I am just going to deal with this,
[12:23] Cailin Rain: smiles
[12:23] Atiya Bruun chuckles as the girl greets snake
[12:23] Jahlayah Jumanya laughs..
[12:23] Jahlayah Jumanya: see even a girl sees..
[12:23] Snake looks around, having heard the word 'kajirus' from the mainslanders and know that it means 'boy on knees'
[12:23] Atiya Bruun grabs his arm before he has another outburst
[12:23] Atiya Bruun: come with me snake
[12:23] Atiya Bruun: JJ lets go sort him out
[12:24] Atiya Bruun: celina, come along you may arrange some food for him
[12:24] Jahlayah Jumanya nods.."yes lets sort him out..."
[12:24] Cailin Rain: blinks wondering if she had made mistake
[12:24] Atiya Bruun: heel girl
[12:24] Cailin Rain: yes Mistress
[12:24] Snake raises his hand to the girl on knees, waving
[12:24] Snake ... and follows the woman in green
[12:25] Atiya Bruun stops for a moment at the cloth workers, grabs the first scrap of cloth she can find and hands over some coin, turning she tosses i at him "here snake, cover your bits, Im a lady!"
[12:26] Atiya Bruun grins at JJ and whispers "I still havent gotten used to seeing men in all their glory it seems"
[12:27] Jahlayah Jumanya hisses back.. "you are a green.....!"
[12:27] Snake grabs the cloth the woman tossed to him and stands there for an ihn, not aware of any sense of modesty as the savage that he is, but finally somehow binds the clothes around his waist
[12:27] Atiya Bruun blushes and hisses back "thats different!"
[12:28] Atiya Bruun nods "much better, now come along"

{entering the taverne}

[12:29] Atiya Bruun sits herself down at the table
[12:30] Cailin Rain: Master, may a girl serve you please?
[12:30] Atiya Bruun: come and sit here bo..snake
[12:30] Atiya Bruun: lets get some food inside of you
[12:30] Atiya Bruun: girl you may serve him anything he wishes, i will pay
[12:31] Cailin Rain: yes Mistress
[12:31] Snake stands nervously near the table, not knowing well how to use furniture
[12:32] Atiya Bruun chuckles softly as he fidgets around "you may sit as you wish snake, i dont mind"
[12:32] Snake finally imitates the woman in green and gets down on the chair, almost falling from it
[12:32] Atiya Bruun: perhaps on your knees will be more comfortable
[12:32] Atiya Bruun looks at him teasingly
[12:32] Cailin Rain: stifles a small giggle
[12:33] Cailin Rain: "Master , may a girl bring you anything to eat ro drink " she asked quietly
[12:33] Snake fidgets on the chair, trying this position and that... finally crosses his legs and sits on the chair like he would sit on the ground, trying to find his balance
[12:33] : Atiya Bruun OOC : lol
[12:33] Cailin Rain: ( chucklles ))
[12:33] Brent Clavenham has entered chat range.
[12:34] Brent Clavenham: greetings Mistress
[12:34] Brent Clavenham: Mistresses
[12:34] Jahlayah Jumanya: brent??
[12:34] Atiya Bruun: hmmm, i dont think he has a great idea of whats on offer girl, bring him a nice thick slab of bosk meat, with some bread and a large mug of ale
[12:34] Brent Clavenham: yes
[12:35] Jahlayah Jumanya: You are not in sais anymore?
[12:35] Cailin Rain: yes Mistress right away
[12:35] Brent Clavenham: no, my Mistress was furious at me
[12:35] Snake looks at the girls on knees, needs an ehn to recognize that she adressed him, as he's not used to be called 'Master'. With a smile he says "Snake is hunter, no Master"
[12:36] Snake adds and suddenly remembers the good taste of bosk-milk he sometimes gets from the mainsland-warriors and asks the girl "You have milk of bosk-cow?"
[12:36] Cailin Rain looks around seeing only pastries and such and walks quickly to the tavern to gather the needed foods , her lush hips swaying sweetly as she went

{some conversation between the two women and the slaveboy. Not important for this RP, so left out}

[12:43] Snake looks nervously around, his throat sore and hungry for liquid and something to eat, but also desperate to find his way home to his little islan. Also afraid that the evil warriors who abducted him from his island would come back. To calm down and as he doesn't know, what the mainslanders are talking about anyways, he starts to tie the ornaments back into his hair
[12:44] Atiya Bruun glances at snake, frowning as she watches him fiddle with his hair and the rather strange looking ornaments he is fixing to the strands, her gaze travels over his fit, virile body appraisingly as she considers his value to her
[12:45] Cailin Rain has entered chat range.
[12:47] Cailin Rain slips next to the Hunter and slides the tray onto the table , slipping a knife and fork onto the tray she hd grabbed up on her way out of the tavrn . then takes up the Tankard of ale she lifted it to her full lips , pressing them warmly to the side and raised the tankard over her bowed head " Master , she brings you your ale and lovely tray of foods, may you be refreshed by it after your long travel "
[12:48] Jahlayah Jumanya: I am too angry Atiya..
[12:48] Jahlayah Jumanya: on days like this, I miss hunting..
[12:48] Jahlayah Jumanya gasps, hoping no one heard her words..
[12:48] Atiya Bruun shoots a glance at her friend, eyebrow raised
[12:49] Snake smiles gratefully at the serving girl and grabs the tankard hastily with both hands, emptying it quickly and starts to cough as it's not the expected bosk-milk but some bitter liquid
[12:50] Cailin Rain watches Master sputter , her eyes on the tray , she quickly says " Master on the tray is bosk milk " she quickly lowered her eyes in fear
[12:50] Atiya Bruun looks at the strange man as he splutters, laughing softly she leans over and pats his back asking "is that not to your taste snake?"
[12:51] Snake: ((oh, did I confuse something?))
[12:51] : Atiya Bruun OOC : no you didnt hehe
[12:51] Atiya Bruun: its a good thing the girl heard your shout for bosk milk as she was leaving
[12:52] Snake after finished coughing and grimacing whipes his lips with his right arm and tries to smile at the girl and to be not inpolite says "Snake thanks you"
[12:52] Atiya Bruun: she brought some along too
[12:52] : Cailin Rain OOC : Mistress said ale,, then Master said bosk milk so she got both
[12:52] Atiya Bruun motions to the tray with her hand
[12:52] Jahlayah Jumanya laughs...
[12:52] Atiya Bruun chuckles
[12:52] Jahlayah Jumanya: Drink the ale, mighthy hunter...
[12:53] Jahlayah Jumanya observes the savage closely..
[12:53] Atiya Bruun glances at her friend, wiggling her eyebrows a bit as she looks pointedly at the strange savage boy
[12:53] Cailin Rain pulls a rep cloth from her pouch, and holds it for Master quietly
[12:54] Snake looks up in worry, afraid that he did the mistake to grab the wrong tankard. Though surprisingly his throat feels refreshed from the bitter liquid. He thankfully takes the rep cloth from the girls hands and starts to chew on one corner of it
[12:54] Snake grimaces again and tosses the rep cloth on the table, recognizing that it's nothing to eat
[12:54] Cailin Rain: giggles looking up at Mastrer with a funny expsression afraid to say anything
[12:55] Jahlayah Jumanya walks closer to the savage. She speaks soft: "you do not recognise fabric from food, boy?" as she leans over him
[12:55] Atiya Bruun throws back her head and laughs delightedly as he chews on the cloth, her eyes twinkling merrily at his funny display "oh my JJ he really is quite a delight dont you think so?"
[12:56] Jahlayah Jumanya looks up, her head still close to the boy's head.. "I think he could become a delight, dear friend.."
[12:56] Snake grabs some of the meat on the plate with one hand, bites into it and grabs the knife with his other hand. holding it firmly in his fist like a dagger he cuts the meat close to his lips
[12:57] Atiya Bruun chuckles and inclines her head, turning she looks at the girl "bring me a glass of chilled water celina and whatever JJ likes"
[12:57] Snake looks up as he senses the other woman so close to him. Chewing on the fine meat he answers: "Phnake no boy. Phnake phunter!", spitting some crumbs as talking
[12:57] Jahlayah Jumanya: some paga in a mug, so they think it is tea
[12:57] Cailin Rain: yes Mistress, she said softly as she turned to the Mistress on her right
[12:58] Atiya Bruun laughs and rolls her eyes muttering "never again am I touching that stuff, it gets me into trouble!"
[12:58] Cailin Rain: gives a softl laughs , saying "Yes Mistress , a very pretty mug she will find for you too "
[12:58] Jahlayah Jumanya's voice goes deeper as she speaks.. "and what kind of a hunter are you, in a city, alone and naked.. boy"
[12:58] Atiya Bruun bites her cheek as she watches her friend taunt the savage
[12:58] Cailin Rain lifts herself up from the floor gracefully and turns on her heel to head back tot he tavern
[12:59] Cailin Rain has left chat range.
[13:00] Snake takes a deep breath as he recognizes, that this is a good question. he chews some more and answers "Mainphlandwarriorph....." - swallows the piece of meat and starts again - "Mainslandswarriors come to camp of tribe and hit and punch Snake"
[13:00] Atiya Bruun: could you not defend yourself?
[13:00] Snake: Snake wake up here... with no loincloth and no weapon
[13:00] Atiya Bruun: surely one such as you is skilled in defence?
[13:01] Jahlayah Jumanya whispers.. "and you as a savage.. your ears were plugged.. did you not hear them come... hunter?"
[13:01] Snake shrugs "Snake was listening to songs of bugs in fur"
[13:01] Atiya Bruun shudders at the thought
[13:01] Atiya Bruun: how delightful
[13:02] Snake: ((they cheated a bit, using those crossing-doors and walls devices on the huds, which are forbidden there as well as here, which I saw in your rules. But I accepted it, even if it wasn't right valid))
[13:03] : Atiya Bruun OOC : ahh I see, well all for the sake of good rp huh?
[13:03] Snake: ((" listening to songs of bugs in fur" = sleeping))
[13:03] : Atiya Bruun OOC : cute :P
[13:03] Cailin Rain has entered chat range.
[13:03] Snake: ((yes, I prefer RP, even if it often brings me into disadvantage))
[13:04] : Atiya Bruun OOC : grins "me too"
[13:04] Cailin Rain slips the tray on the table softly , her small hands taking up the goblet of water , raising it over head she whispers softly " Mistress your water , may your thirst be quenched ."
[13:05] Atiya Bruun: You see snake..we now have a problem, just how far is your home from here and how will you have the funds to get back there, if you could?
[13:05] Snake cuts another piece of the meat in the Tuchuk way
[13:05] Jahlayah Jumanya leans even closer so her breath touches the boys skin.. "tell me.. hunter... sleep and being caught here.. how.. often did you feel the steal around our neck"
[13:05] Atiya Bruun reaches to take the water, smiling at the girl warmly as she does so "thank you celina, youre a wonderful girl, now you may serve JJ"
[13:06] Snake stops for a moment chewing and considers
[13:07] Cailin Rain slips the large much of paga off the tray and walks to th e Mistress on her right.. slipping to her knees she holds the mug up over head says in a gentle voice " Mistress , your ...tea... may you fell rejuvneated by this lovely brew today " her eyes sparkle with mischief
[13:07] Snake again spluttering crumbs of meat while talking "Hmmmm.... Phnake no know. How iph phity called? IPh near phity oph phabor?"
[13:07] Atiya Bruun sips her water with pleasure as she regards the savage thoughtfully
[13:08] Atiya Bruun blinks and murmers "it isnt polite to talk with your mouth ful boy..snake I mean"
[13:09] Jahlayah Jumanya takes the mug with tea from the girl giving her a fat wink. She takes a big sip from it.. "excelent tea.." and then lays her left empty hand on the shoulder of the boy.. she continues.. "I asked you a often steal around your neck....boy"
[13:09] Snake looks surprised at the woman in green and mumbles "Phorry"
[13:09] Cailin Rain slips apace back and watches with amusement
[13:12] Jahlayah Jumanya presses her hand a little tighter on the mans shoulder. Her nails are against his flesh. She does not press them in, but she is sure he knows they are there.. she observes..
[13:12] Snake swallows the piece of meat, wipes the oil from his lips with his arm again and answers "Snake not boy. And not like ring of metal around neck!"
[13:12] Atiya Bruun winks at the savage and murmers "quite alright, now I think Lady JJ is waiting for an answer"
[13:13] Jahlayah Jumanya: how often did you not like the steal around your neck...
[13:13] Cailin Rain watches the Hunter closely hearing His words she lowered her eyes in respect
[13:15] Snake raises his eyebrows in surprise and holds up the piece of meat "One"
[13:15] Jahlayah Jumanya hisses.. "how long.. how many moons..."
[13:16] Atiya Bruun listens with interest, finding the savage quite entertaining in his wild ways and innocent responses
[13:16] Jahlayah Jumanya takes an other sip from her 'tea' and grins..
[13:16] Snake shakes the meat "Only one time!" before he grabs another bite with his teeth, cutting it the same way with the knife. He chews in silence, not able to answer the question as long as he's chewing, proud to learn so quickly the customs of the mainslanders
[13:19] Snake with his mouth still full leans forward to grab the tankard with bosk-milk he finally eyed on the plate. He washes down the piece of meat and after swallowed it, he finally answers "Maybe one... two...." - counts his fingers of his left hand with the meat-armed right hand until he holds up four fingers "That many ahn!"
[13:19] Jahlayah Jumanya lets go of the boys shoulder. She drinks her mug empty and slams in on the table. Then she looks towards her friend.. "I need to pick up some stuff, I still left here. I have a customer waiting in Sais.. Atiya.. I will be back as soon as I can.. dear friend.."
[13:20] Cailin Rain: a girl wishes you well Mistress
[13:20] Atiya Bruun smiles up at her friend wistfully "oh what a shame, I do miss you here, come back soon dear, We need to catch up"
[13:20] Jahlayah Jumanya: Be well Atiya.. and serve well girl.. boys...
[13:20] Atiya Bruun: Safe paths JJ, dont stay away too long
[13:20] Jahlayah Jumanya has left chat range.
[13:21] Cailin Rain: may a girl be excused Mistress , she asked quietly
[13:21] Atiya Bruun: aye girl you may, serve with grace
[13:22] Atiya Bruun smiles warmly at her
[13:22] Cailin Rain: thank you Mistress
[13:22] Snake relaxes a bit as the other woman - that always called him 'boy' though he's a man - leaves. Before he grabs the bread on the plate ((supposing it is there)) he shouts "Safe paths"
[13:22] Cailin Rain: smiles back
[13:22] Cailin Rain: well wishes Master
[13:23] Cailin Rain has left chat range.
[13:23] Atiya Bruun regards the savage thoughtfully, resting her chin on her hand she murmers "now what on gor am I going to do with you?"
[13:23] Snake waves to the nice girl with the bread in his hand before he rips off a piece and stuffs it into his mouth
[13:23] Atiya Bruun sighs at his rather rude way of eating
[13:25] Atiya Bruun looks at brent as he lies quietly on his belly and snaps "you may tower now boy"
[13:25] Atiya Bruun: and if you ever dare embarrass me like that in front of my friends again, I will punish you myself!
[13:25] Snake swallows the delicious bread and shrugs "Where this city is?", he repeats his question. "Far away from Isle of Tidra?"
[13:26] Atiya Bruun thinks for an ihn "hmm, I am not familiar with the Isle you speak of snake, this is the City of Ostia"
[13:26] Brent Clavenham: yes Mistress
[13:26] Atiya Bruun: we are surrounded by water, the only way you are getting home is on a boat im afraid
[13:27] Snake frowns "Snake know Tabor. You know City of Tabor?"
[13:28] Snake considers a bit more if he remembers any of the other cities he been to. Suddenly remembers the boy with the hair on fire "You know City of Ushindi?"
[13:28] Atiya Bruun nods a lil "aye that rings a bell, although I am not too sure how far it is from here
[13:28] Atiya Bruun smiles and adds "I was rather..protected as a young girl, I didnt travel a great deal"
[13:30] Snake looks over his shoulder out the tavern. At the position of the sun he assumes "City of Ostia north of Tidra"
[13:30] Atiya Bruun smiles as he speaks and murmers softly "so you do have some hunting skills hmm? Well done, im impressed"
[13:32] Snake nods proudly "Snake hunting beasty sleen and soft tabuk"
[13:33] Atiya Bruun chuckles a lil and remarks "well, you will need your skills about you to get yourself home snake, I have grown rather fond of your strange ways, I dont wish any harm to come to you"
[13:35] Snake thinks of his lost weapons and the chances to survive a travel alone home to the south
[13:35] Atiya Bruun sighs and thinks for a lil about how she can help the poor savage
[13:35] Atiya Bruun glances at brent a thought crossing her mind
[13:36] Atiya Bruun: come with me snake, lets see if i can get you some help
[13:37] Snake's eyes saddens, he stares at the table. He had hoped, that the pearls and jewels in his hair would pay him a passage back to Tidra, but as the woman made him believe the jewels are worthless, he's getting hopeless. Desperately with little hope he follows the woman
[13:37] Atiya Bruun rises and touches his shoulder gently "the Warriors here are not all bad, im sure some will help you"
[13:38] Brent Clavenham has left chat range.

{on the way near the docks}

[13:38] Atiya Bruun: now listen
[13:38] Atiya Bruun: dont get all excited with yourself and let me do the talking
[13:38] Snake holds the cloth around his waist with one hand as he follows the woman
[13:39] Atiya Bruun smiles at him kindly
[13:40] Snake beams as he sees the bird, reminding him of his home, the jungle. But then saddens as he recognizes it is caged
[13:41] abdell Amat has entered chat range.
[13:41] Atiya Bruun: the Savage boy from earlier, do you think you could help him to get back to his tribe? He is really quite harmless and I fear he will soon end up in trouble f he remains stuck here in the confines of a city
[13:42] joesmoe Dirkle has entered chat range.
[13:42] DriftAngel Audion has entered chat range.
[13:42] Atiya Bruun: I have clothed him and fed him, now he just needs to get back home to his family
[13:42] Atiya Bruun: Tal Joe
[13:42] Atiya Bruun: tal kajira
[13:42] abdell Amat: and where may his home be ?
[13:43] DriftAngel Audion "Greetings my master.. Greetings Master Greetings mistress"
[13:43] Atiya Bruun glances at snake and murmers gently "tell the Primus, snake, He is a good man, one of Honor"
[13:43] joesmoe Dirkle: tal mine
[13:44] Snake not knowing what a Primmos is adresses the two males and points over his shoulder "South. Isle of Tidra?"
[13:44] Snake quizzingly "City of Tabor?"
[13:45] Cailin Rain has entered chat range.
[13:45] abdell Amat: "Never heard of it, before
[13:46] Cailin Rain: greetings Master's
[13:46] Snake sighs desperate
[13:46] Cailin Rain: greetings Mistress
[13:46] Cailin Rain: greetings angle , she would wrap her arms around you giving tight squeeze
[13:46] Snake suddenly looks from the ground up: "Chief of big canoe with wings know Tabor?"
[13:46] DriftAngel Audion smiles and hugs celina back
[13:47] Atiya Bruun places a soothing hand on his arm and murmers softly "dont worry snake we shall get you home somehow" turning she says to Abdell, "perhaps we can simply provide him with some weapon and coin to take a boat?"
[13:47] Atiya Bruun blinks "big canoe with wings?"
[13:48] Snake rolls his eyes to the sky considering how the mainslander call it, mumbling "sho... she... shee.. ship?"
[13:49] Snake nods with a broad smile confirming "Ship! Chief of ship! Know all mainsland!"
[13:49] Atiya Bruun chuckles as his explanation dawns on her
[13:49] Atiya Bruun: Aye, he may know
[13:50] Anastasia Westland has entered draw distance.
[13:50] abdell Amat nods " We can provide him a coin for the trip and I've seen earlier that he already owns a sword"
[13:51] Snake points over his shoulder to the docks "Sword on barrel"
[13:51] Atiya Bruun smiles "well, thats settled then, I forgot about the sword, I will see him to the docks and make sure he boards the ship safely"
[13:51] Atiya Bruun: Thank you Abdell
[13:51] Atiya Bruun: Be well
[13:51] Atiya Bruun smiles to the Free
[13:51] Atiya Bruun: serve with grace girl
[13:51] Atiya Bruun: come along snake, lets get you home
[13:51] Snake: Warrior say..." *imitates Abdells voice* "'you put away sword!' and Snake put away sword on barrel"
[13:51] Atiya Bruun chuckles
[13:52] Atiya Bruun: yes you did indeed
[13:52] abdell Amat: "aye, now get home safe"
[13:52] Snake nods
[13:52] Atiya Bruun smiles
[13:52] Atiya Bruun: come this way
[13:52] Snake: Snake thank you
[13:53] Snake: Snake send kanda for help!
[13:53] Snake waves to the warriors and follows the woman in green again like a puppy
[13:53] Atiya Bruun laughs "quickly before more trouble finds you!"
[13:53] Cailin Rain: well wishes Master
[13:54] Snake smiles at the nice girl who offered him the bitter liquid and whispers "safe pathes"
[13:54] Cailin Rain: smiles wrmly in return
[13:54] joesmoe Dirkle has left chat range.
[13:54] DriftAngel Audion has left chat range.
[13:54] abdell Amat has left chat range.
[13:54] Cailin Rain has left chat range.

{at the docks}

[13:55] Snake grabs the bit rusty sword from the barrel and attaches it to the cloth around his waist
[13:56] Atiya Bruun takes a lil package from her small bag and drops a generous amount of coin inside, rummaging around, she also adds a small tub of healing salve and some fruits and berries then hands it over to him "here, take this, it is all i have on me, but it will surely get you where you need to go"
[13:57] Atiya Bruun smiles warmly at him, her eyes soft and kind as she reaches out to gently pat his shoulder "you take care and stay safe, I hope now you know not all main landers are not bad people"
[13:58] Snake accepts gratefully the coins from the woman in green "Snake thank you for help. Will send you nice furs! Is long way witth canoe, so will take time"
[13:59] Atiya Bruun winks playfully "now if i see you here again, I will surely make you mine so be warned!" laughing her face shows she is only joking "furs would be lovely, i will be patiently waiting for them"
[14:01] Snake frowns a bit, not familiar with mainslander's humor, but then his face lightens to a smile "You visit Tidra one day? Guardians of Tidra welcome you. Is beautiful island!"
[14:02] Atiya Bruun smiles warmly and nods her head "aye I will try, if i have an escort, now you catch that boat and be safe"
[14:03] Snake enters the ship and asks the captain for a passage to Tabor, offering him all the coins from the nice lady as he doesn't know about the worth of coins
[14:03] Atiya Bruun smiles, crossing her arms as she watches him safely on the ship
[14:03] Atiya Bruun: Be well and safe paths!
[14:03] Snake waves to the woman "Snake telling the guardians. They escort you to Tidra!"
[14:03] Atiya Bruun waves
[14:03] Atiya Bruun grins
[14:04] Snake waves as the ship leaves the harbour and shouts over the noise of the waves and wind "SAFE PATHS!"

{passage to the safe harbour of Tabor}

[14:08] Snake climbs from the boat with the strange feeling the captain betrayed him in taking all the coins the nice woman had given to him
[14:08] Freki McGillivary has entered chat range.
[14:08] Giani has entered chat range.
[14:09] Freki McGillivary: Snake!
[14:09] Giani: brother
[14:09] Freki McGillivary: Where the hell you have been?
[14:09] Giani: Giani look for you
[14:09] Snake as he finally is on familiar ground rips off quickly the piece of clothes the woman wanted him to wear. He spins around as he hears familiar voices and jumps in joy!
[14:09] Giani: bring wolf to help
[14:10] Snake: brother! wolf!
[14:10] Freki McGillivary: growls
[14:10] Giani: scowls at the lack of brothers warpaint
[14:10] Freki McGillivary: lets go home to Tidra
[14:10] Giani: hugs brother close to him
[14:11] Freki McGillivary: bad Snake, getting capped
[14:11] Freki McGillivary hugs him tight and tears roll down
[14:11] Snake so thankful to see familiar faces and escaped the slavery hugs the guardian and his tribebrother
[14:12] Giani: my brother
[14:12] Snake: was terrible, brother!
[14:12] Giani: hides the tears of joy in his eyes
[14:12] Snake: warriors coming into camp
[14:12] Snake: kicking and punching Snake in sleep
[14:12] Giani: snake safe now
[14:12] Freki McGillivary: I want to know all Snake
[14:13] Snake: binding and taking all weapons and loincloth!
[14:13] Freki McGillivary: let me know later in a scroll
[14:13] Freki McGillivary: lets all return to Tidra and relax
[14:13] Giani: let us go home brother
[14:13] Giani: you need to sleep so does guardian
[14:15] Freki McGillivary: Thank you Giani for your help
[14:15] Giani: Giani glad guardian helped
[14:15] Giani: giani not know what to do
[14:15] Snake happily follows his tribebrother and the guardian to the boat to sail home to their beloved island

{and they all returned to Tidra and lived happily ever after...}

After all it was a fun RP, especially thanks to LexyAnne Glenwalker, Atiya Bruun, Jahlayah Jumanya and Cailin Rain. Their SIM - Ostia, Rive-de-Bois - seems to show a bit of surplus in female players, who urgently need fighting/guardian slaves, which is much more down-to-earthGor than those aggressive, sword-swinging, badmouthed amazones we all meet so often in Gorean RP and which are just not BTB. It was refreshing that the women played like women of a city - proud and self-confident of course, but  a Gorean woman after all. Thank you very much!

rules 4.1

After the incidences of today, I decided to add a few points to the rule or better said stress them out. We didn't want to bore every visitor with reading novel-length rules, but sadly it seems to be necessary, as just trust in rationility and fair-play just doesn't work. So, here's the new version:

Welcome to the Isle of Tidra!

First some words about Tidra:

You are on a Gorean SIM. Gay orientated, but everyone is welcome.

The ISLE OF TIDRA is a tropical island on the planet Gor, around the equator in the Thassa ocean, west of Schendi and the jungles of Ushindi.

No big ships cross it on their route and it can only be reached with smaller (sail-)boats.

Several groups live on the island:

1. The savage tribe: They don't know much about the Gorean mainland
2. The "guardians" of Tidra: An exiled group of warriors
3. Some outlaws, panthers, runaways and others, hiding in the caves and jungle

As Tidra is not bound to any city, there are no city-laws, but rules:

We prefer RP and storylines instead of come-shoot-capture (also known as "GorCraft")

We don't see John Norman's novels as a "bible", but as an idea, that can be extented. Nevertheless we try to be reasonable and "in the spirit" of Gor and expect the same of our visitors and guests. Most important is the fun in ROLE-play, not a RE-play of the books.

You're welcome to just explore and enjoy the beauty (as well as the dangers) of the island. If you're not into a fight, then we recommend at least medium graphics + atmospheric shader and settings at midnight (especially in the temple).

Though we are not a city and therefore don't have city-laws, there's no Gorean SIM without rules:



This island is a gay Gorean roleplay (RP) sim. If you do not agree to RP one of those matters, please leave.

By entering the island you acknoledge, that you read and agree to the rules on this sim. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you break the rules you are liable to punishment including ejection or banning: Smaller violations lead to 1 day ban. Bigger or repeated violations to one week or permanent ban.

2.0 GOR

2.1 The Isle of Tidra is a Gorean SIM. Therefore the neweset version of the GM is required. You find it on the docks.

2.2 Observers:

* When you are not in Gorean RP or just for a visit, wear the Observer-tag.
* Do not involve in running RP.
* As observer or in OOC you are not allowed to pick doors. If you do so, you will be seen as griefer and therefore ejected and banned and reported to Linden as griefer.
* Your appearance and clothes should fit the Gorean theme, even if you only come to visit. So, no modern clothes, no particle-effects, no blinking attachments etc.
* no flying
* please show respect to the spirit of the theme.


This is an adult sim, and as such, you may encounter nudity, sexual acts, violence, rape, death or language such as is not suitable for minors. You must be over age 18 to RP in this sim.


Violation of these 3 rules will lead to immediate and permanent ban and report to Linden

4.0 No non-human AVs (Except Gorean Animals)

* No non-human AVs like nekos, vampires etc. are allowed.
*Exception #1) Gorean animals are allowed, but should behave like that and will be treated like that
*Exception #2) Kurii are allowed after consultation with a moderator. Normally Kurii wouldn't get this far south, but if you have a good reason....


There are no Safe Zones on the island as there won't be safe zones in "real" Gor. Only 10 minutes on the docks for rezzing and reading the rules.

The non-existance of SZ doesn't mean that you have to fight all the time. We prefer a good RP more then senseless combat


6.1 The Language is English

If you don't speak Engish fluently, use a translator.
Griefing behaviour justified with non-understanding the rules is not tolerated.

6.2 Tag-reading & RP-limits

Tags and profiles are OOC-information and not to be used in RP. However, RP-limits are to be respected as far as they are reasonable (e.g. a slave-profile that says "I do not serve" in his limits, is not reasonable). In doubt, the moderators will decide.

6.3 Chat and IMs

Any and all open chat or IMs affecting the RP may be recorded, copied, notecarded, published and/or transmitted to anyone.

6.4 Misc

* Flying is not allowed (exception: Flying animals)
* Swimmer is required (SLwim)
* No use of "magical powers"


7.1 We're not gonna bore you with a list of weapons which are allowed. Weapons must be enabled for GM and for "Gorean Style". That means: No modern weapons, no scripted shields etc.

We trust in the fairness of RPers. So "weapons" like fire-traps rezzed on the ground without the chance for escape are not valid. However you may experience the one or other trap on the island, so better watch your step and leave the paths at your own risk.

7.2 Slaves:

- The savage tribe didn't know about slavery before the conquerors arrived. There's no laws for slaves and a Gorean codex is unknown to the savages. Therefore slaves are allowed to wear whatever Gorean weapon they want or they are allowed to wear by their owners. However they may have to handle the consequences, when they meet one of the Guardians of Tidra.

- Slaves can also capture and bind Free.

- Slaves living on the island and those visiting are allowed to stand unless ordered differently. Permanent kneeling and crawling is NOT Gorean BTB. And there are animals (ants, snakes etc) crawling in the gras.


We are here to have fun in ROLEPLAY. It's not about the question who wins or loose in a fight, it's about to have as much fun in ROLEPLAYING as possible. So, ask yourself, if it really realistic, what you're doing. Cheating in order to be the "better" fighter is just annoying. So:

- No Huds and AO's that enhance your normal capacities of running, jumping, swimming etc.

- Aiding: 3 lines

- Binding: 3 lines

- self-unbinding: 5 lines and only, when left alone for at least 10 minutes

- special arrows such as fire, grapple, rope etc.: 3 lines

- kill: only when agreed to in IM. 30 minutes of RP. Report sent to moderators

- If you have a captive on a leash, there's

*no fighting
*no running
*no swimming (you will have to find a way)

Always have in mind, that it's hard to drag a bound body over the ground even on the lighter gravity of Gor. When you pull a body over the ground you wouldn't happily swim, jump, climb hills, run and shoot arrows around you. Right? Right.

- TP in and out the island from the docks ONLY

- No Tarns
Tarns wouldn't cross open water. So you can't come and leave by tarn. However, if you RPed your entry bringing them by boat and you can prove this, then you can use them on the island, but you have to leave the same way - means: Pack the beast on the boat before you sail away. The guardians of Tidra brought their birds with their boat; so yes, they have some. If you use them, they have to be metered of course.

- 60 minutes waiting for rescue or trade at least. But it has to be realistic. Doves won't find their way over the open water. When you're bound and stripped, you couldn't pull them our of your ass anyways. Remember that the isle is on no map and hard to find. We don't accept a sudden, not justified invasion of 1000s of helpers. It's just bad RP.

- 30 minutes of no RP and you can escape. The escape has to be RPed and send as notecard to a moderator.

- No trade for Lindens.

- no climbing of precitious hills (unless you are an experienced alpinist, then we'd expect you to emote it and take your time)

- no use of the crossing walls & doors device of the weapon HUDs. If you can't picklock a door, then you can't cross it. Period. Bolted doors are unbreakable. There are other ways. Find them and use your imagination!


The server of the guardians is not easy to be found, though it's a challenge.
As too many people are cheating with it, we made some modifications on it. You will know, when you have found it.
Other servers can be reached easier, but always keep in mind: Stealing from servers must be RPed as well as the PICKING OF DOORS. A notecard with the RP should be send to one of the moderators. No Picking, no stealing with OOC tag or outside of RP. This will be seen as griefing and leads to eject and ban.

The most important rule:

10. NO DRAMA!!!

We're all here to have fun and good RP.

Try to keep OOC-comments to a minimum. Those are supposed to be in double brackets ((...)) or IMs

In doubt of the validity of a RP, don't discuss for hours; ask a moderator.

All decisions of the RP moderators and administrators of this sim are final.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snake and Rishaka

Snake found a new tribe-brother? Called him Rishaka, which means starshine...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In Gor you'll have to bargain with merchants. Never agree to the first price they tell you - they would become suspicious. Ah good haggling will leave both parties with the feeling, that they made a good deal after all. My son has to learn the art of it, so we went to one of the gray caste (armorer) to buy some weapons for him.
This is an example, how funny a "simple" RP like just buying a sword and a bow could be. It doesn't have to be fighting and trading all the time.

Some explanations for the Gorean currency:
100 copper tarsk = 1 silver tarsk
10 silver tarsk = 1 gold tarn

A sword will cost between 7 silver tarsk up to 1 gold tarn or more. Compared to that: A good pleasure-slave, beautiful and highly skilled, will cost between 4 and 6 silver tasks. Only exotics or the children of Ubars or very rich merchants will cost more, up to 20 or more gold tarns.

So, here's the haggling for a sword and a bow. - As no real blacksmith was around (which would be a cool role to play. Much funnier then always "warrior", "Ubar" or "outlaw"), I had to emote him with a kinky emoter tool:

[5:50] Franziskus Ninetails looks at the swords, balancing the one or other in his hand, giving an obviously desinterested impression
[5:51] Dar Blackheart look at his father inspect the sword
[5:51] Blacksmith approaches the two warriors
[5:51] Dar Blackheart: what about that one father ?
[5:51] Dar Blackheart point at the one face on him
[5:52] Franziskus Ninetails with a scornful look at the blade "Hmmm, I don't know...."
[5:52] Blacksmith: "Oh, that is a very good choice, young warrior!"
[5:53] Dar Blackheart look at sword know he don't have experience with sword look at his father
[5:54] Franziskus Ninetails steps behind the blacksmith nodding over his shoulder to his son and winks. But says loud "Oh, I don't know... it looks like it has some stains and scratches in it already. Are you sure, you didn't steal it from a fallen warrior, blacksmith?!?"
[5:55] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchant .....
[5:56] Blacksmith frowns "Oh, no! No, Sir!!! I built it with my own hands! - Maybe the young warrior wants to test it?". He takes the sword and reaches the hilt to Dar
[5:57] Franziskus Ninetails nods subtly to his son to take the sword and test it
[5:59] Dar Blackheart look at his father
[5:59] Dar Blackheart take the sword in his hand
[6:00] Franziskus Ninetails: you like that one, Junior?
[6:00] Dar Blackheart feel the sword, look at the sharpness or less
[6:00] Dar Blackheart swing the sword in the air ....... nods to his father
[6:01] Blacksmith: "It's a really good sword. Good choice, young warrior! It's light and fast and sharp!"
[6:02] Blacksmith "It's only two gold tarns. Special offer for you, young warrior!"
[6:02] Franziskus Ninetails gasps
[6:02] Dar Blackheart only gasps
[6:03] Dar Blackheart: 5 silver for it
[6:04] Dar Blackheart: 5 silver Tarsk for it is a good price
[6:06] Blacksmith fakes a almost faint "5 Silver tarsk for such a precious sword, Sir?!? You are kidding me, right? I have to feed 15 children!!! But as you are such a nice young man.... Let's say 17 Silver tarsk and it is yours!" He adds mumbling "Oh, my Free companion will kill me for it!"
[6:09] Franziskus Ninetails leans against a pillar, his arms crossed and hardly hiding a grin, watching his son haggling with the Blacksmith
[6:09] Dar Blackheart look at the merchant, mmm you say 7 Silver tarks fine ok for 7 Silvers Tarks
[6:11] Blacksmith: "No! No, Sir! I said 15 Silver Tarsk! Are you trying to ruin me? I already will have to sell one for my 19 children, when I give it away for 15!"
[6:12] Franziskus Ninetails chuckles and mumbles "well... one less mouth to feed"
[6:12] Dar Blackheart: oh that nice from you Sir i give you 7 silver tarsk and you give me for 5, give me your hand i never see a good man like you
[6:12] Dar Blackheart: but sir i only want the sword not your childrens
[6:13] Blacksmith looks desperate to the older warrior "Is this young man deaf? I said 15 Silver tarsk and not a copper-bit less! My 23 children have to eat!!!"
[6:14] Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "Sell 10 of them and you'll have enough to feed the other 13!"
[6:14] Dar Blackheart: so you agree for 5 Silver Tarks sir ?
[6:15] Dar Blackheart: because you have children i give you one more for them, me keep his smiles
[6:15] Dar Blackheart: 6 my last price sir and that is for your childrens
[6:16] Blacksmith puts the sword back on it's place again "I'm sorry, young warrior. Maybe you find a cheaper blacksmith around..."
[6:17] Blacksmith turns to the daggers "But I can offer you a dagger for 12 silver tarsks"
[6:17] Dar Blackheart look at his silver tarsk, i give you 10 Silver tarsk for it but i want a bow with
[6:18] Blacksmith considers "13 Silver tarsk for the sword, and I'll give you one of my 27 children! My daughters are useless wenches anyways and one of them could warm the young warriors furs"
[6:19] Dar Blackheart: huh sir i don't want your children but only a bow and a sword for a fair price
[6:22] Dar Blackheart: i say 10 silver tarsks for that sword and a bow of good quality
[6:23] Dar Blackheart: or i will look for a merchant with less childrens
[6:23] Blacksmith grumbles "12 Silver tarsk are more then a fair price, Sir!" He holds the sword high, the sharp blade shimmering in the dimmed light. "Look at it's beauty! I already will have to drown my 13 daughters..." - mumbles "... those useless wenches!..." - continues louder "...And sell my 18 sons, when I give it to you for 11!"
[6:25] Dar Blackheart: i say i have 10 silvers tarsks not more
[6:25] Dar Blackheart turn to his father, father is here the place you take your weapons ?
[6:26] Blacksmith growls but hastily "Well then! 1 Gold tarn and the sword is yours. And I'm adding a fitting dagger to it. Deal, Sir?" - Stretches his hand out
[6:27] Dar Blackheart whispers to his father i think the merchent spend more time in bed and not in the blacksmith
[6:28] Franziskus Ninetails can't hide his big grin at the bargain and the growing amount of the Blacksmith's children
[6:28] Dar Blackheart: ok deal one gold not more
[6:29] Blacksmith shakes hands with the young warrior to seal the deal
[6:30] Dar Blackheart give the silvers tarsks he have
[6:30] Blacksmith tears his hairs "More customers like you, young warrior, and I will have to share my furs with men to avoid more children!"
[6:30] Dar Blackheart: count the silvers tarsk that made one gold one
[6:32] Dar Blackheart give at the merchant... whispers...... have less childrens........
[6:34] Blacksmith takes the coins and counts them, sighing "I will, Sir, I will! But you know how it is with a pleasing wife in your furs...." - Looks up to the young warrior "Well, maybe you don't know YET, but you will, Sir!"
[6:34] Franziskus Ninetails grins "Believe me - he won't!"
[6:35] Dar Blackheart look at the merchant ... you better hurry to give me my sword and bow and the dagger before my blood turn in fire... he glance at the merchant
[6:36] Blacksmith frowns "We agreed sword and fitting dagger. No bow!" - Looks quizzeling and desperate at the older warrior
[6:36] Franziskus Ninetails nods in agreement
[6:37] Dar Blackheart: GRROWWLLLZZ
[6:38] Blacksmith "But if the young warrior needs a bow... I have a beautiful one. Only one silver tarsk!"
[6:38] Dar Blackheart: i say to agree with the deal a sword bow and you give the dagger
[6:38] Franziskus Ninetails covers his face with his hand to hide his bursting out into laughter
[6:40] Dar Blackheart turn at his father can i ask you for 50 coppers tarsk
[6:41] Dar Blackheart: 50 coppers tarsk is the normal price my father say for a good bow not 1 silver tarsk do not take my blood out of control merchant
[6:41] Blacksmith gasps "50 copper tarsks?!? 90 copper at least! And I'll add my insatiable wife to it!"
[6:42] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchant
[6:43] Franziskus Ninetails looks into his coin-pouch and does as if counting "Hmmm, 60, not more. Or I will have to sell one of my seven slaves!"
[6:43] Dar Blackheart: 50 copers tarsk is my last price for the bow
[6:44] Dar Blackheart begin to show his anger the blood inside him burn
[6:45] Franziskus Ninetails sighs and turns away "Hmmm, my old bow will do for you for a while, my son!" and turns to the exit
[6:46] Blacksmith "Wait, wait, Sirs!!! How about 80 coppers? But I'm having no gain at that price already!"
[6:46] Dar Blackheart follow his father
[6:48] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchand when he shout to him and his father
[6:48] Franziskus Ninetails hestitates and turns, taking a look at the bow again, knowing his son would love it. He takes the bow, holds it in his hands, inspecting it closely. He mumbles "Hmmmmm..... "
[6:48] Franziskus Ninetails: It's balanced well, but the wood looks cheap!
[6:50] Blacksmith "Oh no, Sir! It's finest wood from the Northern Forrests! 75 copper tarsk. Special price for you!"
[6:50] Dar Blackheart look at his father with concern
[6:51] Dar Blackheart move his hand at his new sword guard
[6:51] Franziskus Ninetails growls "75?! Therefore you would have to add your 21 sons to it as pleasure-slaves for us!"
[6:52] Dar Blackheart begin to understand the merchant play with him because he is a young earth man..........
[6:53] Dar Blackheart look the merchant........ with eyes show his anger and disapointment.. then he look at his father
[6:54] Blacksmith gasps "My sons, Sir? Never!!" - He looks with narrowing eyes at the older and the younger warrior, then his face suddenly brightens to a big grin "Oh, I understand! The warriors prefer the company of male?" He nods "When I think of my 35 children, then I have to say it's not a bad choice, Sirs. - Well, 70 coppers plus a nice belt-buckle for the young warrior!"
[6:55] Dar Blackheart listen at the merchant words
[6:55] Franziskus Ninetails stretches his hand out "65 coppers and you add a belt-buckle for me too, matching the one you'll give to my son!"
[6:56] Dar Blackheart: you childrens number grow as you dealing with price... what kind of father are you to place your children in deal for your market!
[6:57] Blacksmith smiles, showing his almost toothless open mouth. He takes the hand "65 coppers then and two belt-buckles. Very well, Sir!"
[6:57] Franziskus Ninetails winks to his son to sign him to remain calm
[6:57] Dar Blackheart look at his father, nods at his father sign
[6:59] Franziskus Ninetails looks into this coin-pouch, counting out 65 copper tarsk, which still is a high price, but appropreate for a fine bow like that, and hands the coins to the Blacksmith
[7:00] Dar Blackheart with a cold glance see his father spend money
[7:01] Blacksmith takes the coins and counts them. "You and your son are hard parties to deal with, Sir. If you need any more weapons, please visit me again"
[7:02] Dar Blackheart: i will with my sword under you neck for a fair price he say at the merchant
[7:03] Franziskus Ninetails to his boy "Take the weapons and the buckles, Junior". With a smile he turns to the Blacksmith "Be well, blacksmith. And greetings to your FC and your many children. Maybe you should consider to sell her?"