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rules 4.1

After the incidences of today, I decided to add a few points to the rule or better said stress them out. We didn't want to bore every visitor with reading novel-length rules, but sadly it seems to be necessary, as just trust in rationility and fair-play just doesn't work. So, here's the new version:

Welcome to the Isle of Tidra!

First some words about Tidra:

You are on a Gorean SIM. Gay orientated, but everyone is welcome.

The ISLE OF TIDRA is a tropical island on the planet Gor, around the equator in the Thassa ocean, west of Schendi and the jungles of Ushindi.

No big ships cross it on their route and it can only be reached with smaller (sail-)boats.

Several groups live on the island:

1. The savage tribe: They don't know much about the Gorean mainland
2. The "guardians" of Tidra: An exiled group of warriors
3. Some outlaws, panthers, runaways and others, hiding in the caves and jungle

As Tidra is not bound to any city, there are no city-laws, but rules:

We prefer RP and storylines instead of come-shoot-capture (also known as "GorCraft")

We don't see John Norman's novels as a "bible", but as an idea, that can be extented. Nevertheless we try to be reasonable and "in the spirit" of Gor and expect the same of our visitors and guests. Most important is the fun in ROLE-play, not a RE-play of the books.

You're welcome to just explore and enjoy the beauty (as well as the dangers) of the island. If you're not into a fight, then we recommend at least medium graphics + atmospheric shader and settings at midnight (especially in the temple).

Though we are not a city and therefore don't have city-laws, there's no Gorean SIM without rules:



This island is a gay Gorean roleplay (RP) sim. If you do not agree to RP one of those matters, please leave.

By entering the island you acknoledge, that you read and agree to the rules on this sim. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you break the rules you are liable to punishment including ejection or banning: Smaller violations lead to 1 day ban. Bigger or repeated violations to one week or permanent ban.

2.0 GOR

2.1 The Isle of Tidra is a Gorean SIM. Therefore the neweset version of the GM is required. You find it on the docks.

2.2 Observers:

* When you are not in Gorean RP or just for a visit, wear the Observer-tag.
* Do not involve in running RP.
* As observer or in OOC you are not allowed to pick doors. If you do so, you will be seen as griefer and therefore ejected and banned and reported to Linden as griefer.
* Your appearance and clothes should fit the Gorean theme, even if you only come to visit. So, no modern clothes, no particle-effects, no blinking attachments etc.
* no flying
* please show respect to the spirit of the theme.


This is an adult sim, and as such, you may encounter nudity, sexual acts, violence, rape, death or language such as is not suitable for minors. You must be over age 18 to RP in this sim.


Violation of these 3 rules will lead to immediate and permanent ban and report to Linden

4.0 No non-human AVs (Except Gorean Animals)

* No non-human AVs like nekos, vampires etc. are allowed.
*Exception #1) Gorean animals are allowed, but should behave like that and will be treated like that
*Exception #2) Kurii are allowed after consultation with a moderator. Normally Kurii wouldn't get this far south, but if you have a good reason....


There are no Safe Zones on the island as there won't be safe zones in "real" Gor. Only 10 minutes on the docks for rezzing and reading the rules.

The non-existance of SZ doesn't mean that you have to fight all the time. We prefer a good RP more then senseless combat


6.1 The Language is English

If you don't speak Engish fluently, use a translator.
Griefing behaviour justified with non-understanding the rules is not tolerated.

6.2 Tag-reading & RP-limits

Tags and profiles are OOC-information and not to be used in RP. However, RP-limits are to be respected as far as they are reasonable (e.g. a slave-profile that says "I do not serve" in his limits, is not reasonable). In doubt, the moderators will decide.

6.3 Chat and IMs

Any and all open chat or IMs affecting the RP may be recorded, copied, notecarded, published and/or transmitted to anyone.

6.4 Misc

* Flying is not allowed (exception: Flying animals)
* Swimmer is required (SLwim)
* No use of "magical powers"


7.1 We're not gonna bore you with a list of weapons which are allowed. Weapons must be enabled for GM and for "Gorean Style". That means: No modern weapons, no scripted shields etc.

We trust in the fairness of RPers. So "weapons" like fire-traps rezzed on the ground without the chance for escape are not valid. However you may experience the one or other trap on the island, so better watch your step and leave the paths at your own risk.

7.2 Slaves:

- The savage tribe didn't know about slavery before the conquerors arrived. There's no laws for slaves and a Gorean codex is unknown to the savages. Therefore slaves are allowed to wear whatever Gorean weapon they want or they are allowed to wear by their owners. However they may have to handle the consequences, when they meet one of the Guardians of Tidra.

- Slaves can also capture and bind Free.

- Slaves living on the island and those visiting are allowed to stand unless ordered differently. Permanent kneeling and crawling is NOT Gorean BTB. And there are animals (ants, snakes etc) crawling in the gras.


We are here to have fun in ROLEPLAY. It's not about the question who wins or loose in a fight, it's about to have as much fun in ROLEPLAYING as possible. So, ask yourself, if it really realistic, what you're doing. Cheating in order to be the "better" fighter is just annoying. So:

- No Huds and AO's that enhance your normal capacities of running, jumping, swimming etc.

- Aiding: 3 lines

- Binding: 3 lines

- self-unbinding: 5 lines and only, when left alone for at least 10 minutes

- special arrows such as fire, grapple, rope etc.: 3 lines

- kill: only when agreed to in IM. 30 minutes of RP. Report sent to moderators

- If you have a captive on a leash, there's

*no fighting
*no running
*no swimming (you will have to find a way)

Always have in mind, that it's hard to drag a bound body over the ground even on the lighter gravity of Gor. When you pull a body over the ground you wouldn't happily swim, jump, climb hills, run and shoot arrows around you. Right? Right.

- TP in and out the island from the docks ONLY

- No Tarns
Tarns wouldn't cross open water. So you can't come and leave by tarn. However, if you RPed your entry bringing them by boat and you can prove this, then you can use them on the island, but you have to leave the same way - means: Pack the beast on the boat before you sail away. The guardians of Tidra brought their birds with their boat; so yes, they have some. If you use them, they have to be metered of course.

- 60 minutes waiting for rescue or trade at least. But it has to be realistic. Doves won't find their way over the open water. When you're bound and stripped, you couldn't pull them our of your ass anyways. Remember that the isle is on no map and hard to find. We don't accept a sudden, not justified invasion of 1000s of helpers. It's just bad RP.

- 30 minutes of no RP and you can escape. The escape has to be RPed and send as notecard to a moderator.

- No trade for Lindens.

- no climbing of precitious hills (unless you are an experienced alpinist, then we'd expect you to emote it and take your time)

- no use of the crossing walls & doors device of the weapon HUDs. If you can't picklock a door, then you can't cross it. Period. Bolted doors are unbreakable. There are other ways. Find them and use your imagination!


The server of the guardians is not easy to be found, though it's a challenge.
As too many people are cheating with it, we made some modifications on it. You will know, when you have found it.
Other servers can be reached easier, but always keep in mind: Stealing from servers must be RPed as well as the PICKING OF DOORS. A notecard with the RP should be send to one of the moderators. No Picking, no stealing with OOC tag or outside of RP. This will be seen as griefing and leads to eject and ban.

The most important rule:

10. NO DRAMA!!!

We're all here to have fun and good RP.

Try to keep OOC-comments to a minimum. Those are supposed to be in double brackets ((...)) or IMs

In doubt of the validity of a RP, don't discuss for hours; ask a moderator.

All decisions of the RP moderators and administrators of this sim are final.


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