Friday, February 19, 2010


I wanted to write in chronicle-form, but suffering again from lack of time, so just some OOC comments...

The tribe slowly comes out of their hideaways. They (well, of course me, but IC it's the tribe itself) built a camp between the docks and the lake, left the upper cave. So we slowly return to the upper cave, where we got more light and a better view of the whole island. It will be hard to build some doors in there to be safe in our sleeps...

A new savage is on the island: Paradise. He even has his own blog which is fun to read. Last week he milked the bosk-cow without telling me. I thought the cow is ill, so we brought it to the mainland to see a healer. It was fun to play though not much happened. - Which reminds me to mention a good article to read here.

We often have people coming to Tidra, telling us, how beautiful it is and that they want to join the tribe. But then they are never seen again. They sneak in from time to time, look around with the radar and tp out again. And then keep on complaining about the "low traffic". Well, if everyone just sneaks in for a few minutes, then of course they will never meet someone. It's not our task to care for their "entertainment". And we definitely prefer quality to quantity.
The best RPs I had yet were with about 1-3 people. As soon as it becomes more people it becomes a mess. Saw that yesterday again, when our boy Fox came exited from the academy of Mur to Tidra, telling me, that a brother of him from the academy has been captured. I tried to organize help, the savage Paradise joined me and we sailed to the mainland.... only to find a lot of Free again holding small-talk and discussing senselessly about this and that. As we finally after about a wasted hour were ready to rescue the boy, he just arrived at the docks, being freed already by others. Well, at least we had some fun then in the taverne, but only thanks to the present kajiri, not to the Free. Once again I feel confirmed, that on average the kajiri are the better RPers. They are better emoters and much more attentive then most Free.
So, I do not need that. I prefer the cornershop to walmart.

Better not write too much about it, as it only makes me angry, when people expect to be entertained, but are not willing to do their own share for it (There's a very lot to explore on Tidra. You would be busy for days, if you would only try! Of course, when you only tp in, look around with the radar and then leave, you will never find the hidden treasures...)

Started to make a movie with impressions of Tidra. It's fun to film though it's the first time for me. I hope the result will be fine....

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