Friday, September 3, 2010

A growing tribe, a cozy cave, the Beast of Tidra and a new picture

Things are happening on Tidra! And the tribe is growing. We got another tribes-member, who hasn't an animal-name yet (are we becoming a Gorean Zoo?). He was washed ashore Tidra without any memory. So the tribe will take care of him.

The other night the tribe went out to get one of the bosk-cows from the warrior's fort. They decided, that the warriors don't need so much milk. Snake wanted to take the biggest cow, assuming the bigger the cow, the more milk, but Giani and Kaiila objected... because that was a bull.
But the cow smells! Giani was forced to bath by Franzi the other day (afterwards rolled around in dirt to get rid of that smell of flowers) and got a piece of soap, so they decided it's his task to bath the bosk the other day.

 After Franzi heard, who devastated the kitchen, attacked Scorpion and tried to steal food, he painted this poster after Scorpions description and pinned it to the docks:

The creature seems to still run around the island! So beware!

OOC: He's a new member and will be known as "Beast of Tidra" as permanent threat to all visitors. We're planning to make a beast-hunt with a price soon! I've made his place quite cozy with spiderwebs, vines and skulls and bones... :)

Last but not least: Giani made a wonderful new picture for Tidra. Love it! Such a good work now in the group and in the land-profile:

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Teleny Macarthur said...

Goooooo Team Tidra!!! LOL!

Things are really looking up, and the new guys are a hoot!

BTW, I'm stealing your pics from this post, as I don't have some of them on my hd yet. Heehee... I'll talk to your new business manager about recompense.