Monday, October 19, 2009

Freki and Beowulf

Freki McGillivary stranded a while ago on the shores of Tidra. The Tiger and Dragon Chain welcomed him and offered him a new home in one of the caves.

A few days ago he met and captured a boy, who was supposed to be a runaway-slave. We held him on the island  for some days, while Freki and the Chain tried to figure out, whom the boy belongs, as the boy  contradicted himself all the time.
But after Franzi and Kenshi had brought him from the dungeon to a cage in the upper cave to generously grant him some more comfort, they found the cage broken the next day and the boy escaped. You shouldn't rely on a slaveboy's word!
We are all a bit nervous, as we don't know, whom the boy will tell about the island and we fear for the peace and safety of the savages. We are considering adopting measures to prevent danger...

((OOC-note about the rescuer: TP'ing several times on the island and quickly TP'ing out, each time he sees someone on it, then finally taking the chance, when there's noone else on the isle. And then RPing, that he "coincidently" flew with his tarn over the island which was lost and forgotten for 100s of years and then "coincidently" finding his lost boy there, not even taking the challenge to PICKLOCK a door but just "cutting the knots of the cage with his sword"... That's not the best of RPs, I guess. *sighs*  But the RP with Freki and Beowulf was good and nice. Thanks, guys!))

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