Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Franziskus Ninetails walks down to their little cozy room, they had built in the lost temple. He lights a candle at his desk and sits down. For a few moment he enjoys the silence around him, before he takes a deep breath, reaches for the feather, dips it into the ink and starts to fill the blank pergament with artfull drawn letters:

"A lot if things happened in the last weeks since the big earthquake and the floods....

The savages - if not died in the floods, they hide in the bushes and won't come out. Sometimes we see a shadow disappearing behind the rocks and plants, but that's all the contact we have.

The boy Beowulf was freed by his Master, but the boy commited suicide. In the strange ways of the Priest Kings or whoever, his body was washed up the shores of Tidra, where he resurrected after a few days. He had lost his memory of course, and we didn't tell him about his past. We made him believe, that he's a member of the tribe and we called him 'Happy', as he was grinning a lot. But one day he vanished and we don't know, what happened to him.

Freki is doing well. We consider him as guardian and protector of Tidra and as a good friend. I made him protector of Wolf, which makes both pretty proud, I guess. A few days ago a person came to Tidra, called "Sieg". I'm not sure, what was going on... there is a secret around him, but he befriended Freki and stays with him in their cave. So we welcomed him as another guardian of Tidra.

And another one was washed up the shores these days: Lutz. We haven't found out yet what's behind his story; it's full of contradictions... so we first thought, he's a runaway and force-collared him for some days. But now I'm convinced, that he was abducted from Earth and could escape the slavers who tried to bring him to Gor. So he finds shelter on the Isle of Tidra and is welcomed as one of us.

Jaap, another cast away, feels the power of the Island and is going through strange transformations. He's haunted by confusing dreams and we are a bit concerned. We hope, he soon finds his destination.

My companion and me visited Scimitar a while ago and discovered a slave-academy there. We started to sign in all our boys. Wolf was the first and already passed two tests. Busy lil devil he is and always so eager to please his Master!"

Franziskus Ninetails looks up from the paper and smiles at the thought of his lovely boys, before he continues writing:

"Fox followed him and passed the first test also. Yesterday I tried to sign in my boy Tesa, but we found the school empty, so we will have to try another day.

We are just a little alarmed about Voldemort the Dark Lord these days.  Two days ago he was in Tabor the same time my boy Wolf was there. Pouring boiling oil over the city, my boy was injured heavily. Thank to the help of a kajirus named Ash who dragged his body quickly to the infirmery where he got treated quickly by a healer, safed my boy's life. But the next day the Dark Lord came back to finish what he started. Gladly I was on my way to look after my boy right that moment when I saw little poisonuous spiders crawling all over Wolf's body, poured over him by the Dark Lord. It came to a fight between him and me, but too much in panic for the health of my boy I been defeated and humiliated by that villain. However my boy could escape on my command and trudge to Scimitar, where he got treated against the spider-bites by their physician.
How could we ever consider, to join the Dark Lord on his ways on the Dark Paths?!? We think it's time for a destroying strike against this plague!"

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