Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rules changed

Well, we finally drawn the conclusions: The Isle of Tidra is closed for Nekos and other non-human Avatars.

That's the consequence after half a year giving them a chance. I think that's a more then fair time. But we had to recognize, that nekos prolly are too busy with dancing and shopping to stay in a consequent Gorean RP.

So, we are too tired to defend the non-human rule against other Gorean SIMs for AVs who don't cherish it anyways. Other Goreans were coming, reading the rules and leaving. The nekos from the savage tribe weren't even coming anymore although they all said at the last meeting, they want the RP. Well, the visitor-counter says something else. Only 2 or 3 of them were sneaking in at all since the meeting 2 months ago.

Of course the jungle-theme will remain. And there's still room for a savage tribe. At the moment our status is neutral. Not outlaws, not citizens. Everybody is welcome, runaway-slaves will find shelter. What else to come will be seen in the new year.

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