Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time for an update

Long time I haven't written here. Well, long time nothing happened on our island. We were busy decorating our earth-home for the holiday-season and to spend a quiet relaxed time in SL. Apart from that after the season we will change the rules. We have to accept, that kittehs are not made for Gorean RP. It's not a part-time-job you can do quickly between shopping and danceclub. So after the holidays the rules will be changed.

However,  shortly before earth-christmas the Isle of Tidra got to new life. We had the first raiders who successfully found the server and stolen two bags of salt. Congratulations! It's a challenge and an adventure if you do it valid. I think it's been Vikings ((OOC they sent the notecard with the RP like it should be, but IC of course we don't know, who it was)).

And a villain settled down somewhere on the island. A wild and dangerous guy. Called himself Tyragon and already captured my companion Kenshi and held him a while in our own dungeon, where my boy Wolf finally found him. He stole a bag of salt and Kenshi's boots. Nothing else (yet), but we are not sure, if he still is on the island. We are all on the alert!

Here's the chat-log I got sent. Of course I had to take some passages out which would tell, where the server is hidden. The other chat-log of the Vikings is translated from Italian into English, so a bit hard to read. Won't post it here.

[2009/12/16 12:55] Tyragon Mistwalker , the wanderer from far, far away, way over the Voltai Mountains, the mistwalker from the lost tribe of the Sun Lances, navigates his canoe along the shores of a small island
[2009/12/16 12:58] Tyragon Mistwalker's one eye slides over the trees and hills of the island, searching for traces of human beings
[2009/12/16 13:01] Tyragon Mistwalker suddenly recognizes the dark opening of a small cave as he rounds one corner of the island. He brings the boat ashore, jumps out. His naked feet feeling the sand between his toes, a short smile flashing over his face. He pulls the canoe up to the land, hides it between the reed. Grabbing his weapons he turns around to the cave
[2009/12/16 13:05] Tyragon Mistwalker enters the small cave, looking around. "Perfect!", he mumbles and turns back to his small canoe. He pulls out a bag with his few possessions and carries it into the cave.
[2009/12/16 13:07] Tyragon Mistwalker rolls a fur out on the ground looks at it with a deep sigh, feeling the urge to take a rest after the long travel from the Vosk Delta, but his stomach rumbles. The Hunger after three days on the Thassa ocean is bigger then the need to sleep
[2009/12/16 13:09] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a deep breath, looks once more around the cave, but finally leaves it with his bow on his shoulders to go for a hunt
[2009/12/16 13:10] Tyragon Mistwalker crosses a lake, stands there for a moment. Hestitates and inhales the beauty of the place
[2009/12/16 13:14] Tyragon Mistwalker follows a small path. Skilled hunter as he is he has no problems to recognize the traces of naket feet as well as heavy boots in the soft ground. Wary, recognizing every sound, every motion in the trees and bushes he sneaks through the jungle
[2009/12/16 13:17] Tyragon Mistwalker reaches the shores of a small river. On the other side towers the impressive ruins of an ancient culture. He tilts his head, his eye searching along the high walls, his ears listening to the lightest hint of humans. Finally he takes off his kilt, rolls it and attaches it on his back to keep it dry as he crosses the river swimming
[2009/12/16 13:20] Tyragon Mistwalker after reaching the other side of the river, climbs up the stairs. Taking the kilt off his shoulders and binding it around his wet waist. He listens again. But only the sound of animals reach his ears
[2009/12/16 13:24] Tyragon Mistwalker discovers a small forest between the ruins and holds still as he recognizes a motion between the trees. The one sharp eye searches the shimmering twilight between in the forest. There! A tajuk! The hunter smiles, his hand slowly reaches for his bow. He holds his breath as he's aiming at the shy animal grazing peaceful between the trees. One shot, one well-aimed arrow and the animal sinks to the ground
[2009/12/16 13:25] Tyragon Mistwalker thanks his Gods for the well-placed arrow, which granted the animal a fast death
[2009/12/16 13:35] Tyragon Mistwalker steps closer to his prey, sheathing his bow and drawing his dagger from the quiver in an elegant, skilled motion. He squats down next to the dead animal and cuts its throat. Blood soaking the ground, fertilizing it for new life. As all the blood left the animals body, he sheath his knife and shoulders the dead body
[2009/12/16 13:54] Gypsy Canoe Ride: Don't forget to grab a paddle
[2009/12/16 13:57] Tyragon Mistwalker carries the cadaver down to the river and puts it in the boat at the docks. Whoever owns this canoe will know, that someone took it, but he doesn't care. He jumps into the boat and paddles towards the lake, under the bridge and around the isle to his new home

[2009/12/16 14:00] Tyragon Mistwalker back in the cave cuts the fur off the animal and hangs it over the entrance to dry. then starts to cut the little mammal into pieces. He searches his bag for salt to cure the meat and frowns - almost empty!
[2009/12/16 14:01] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a deep frustrated breath
[2009/12/16 14:03] Tyragon Mistwalker decides to search the beach for some jetsam and wood to make fire and afterwards... well, <> he thinks...
[2009/12/16 14:09] Tyragon Mistwalker after a long time collecting goods on the beach.... crates, barrels, a post with metal hooks on it... carrying each by each back into his new cave, finally finishes his work. He puts some rocks in a round, takes some of the dry wood he collected for a fire. He takes flintstones from one of the pouches at his belt, hits them together till finally a spark jumps over and inflames the fire
[2009/12/16 14:10] burn down campfire CJ V5.8a english whispers: You have a log placed in the glow.
[2009/12/16 14:14] Tyragon Mistwalker blows the small fire, watching it becoming bigger. He goes out of the cave, over to the lake. Searching for the leaves of a certain palm. Finally finding it he grabs some of the leaves and returns to the cave. After wrapping the leaves in several layers tight around a piece of meat, he places the package in the fire
[2009/12/16 14:15] Tyragon Mistwalker adds another log on the fire and leaves the cave in search for salt....

[2009/12/16 14:18] Kenshiro Pevensey has entered the sim.
[2009/12/16 14:19] Tyragon Mistwalker explores the island, following the pathes of the humans. Suddenly he recognizes the seagulls flattering up. Quickly he hides between the bushes
[2009/12/16 14:22] Tyragon Mistwalker eyes a handsome young warrior arriving at the other corner of the island
[2009/12/16 14:23] Tyragon Mistwalker ... so looking out of this savage place
[2009/12/16 14:24] Tyragon Mistwalker silent like a wildcat follows the stranger in some distance
[2009/12/16 14:24] Tyragon Mistwalker hiding between the bushes, behind trees
[2009/12/16 14:26] Tyragon Mistwalker hides between the palms, watching the young warrior, as a snake slides over his feet. He smiles, holding still and waits, till the creature crawled away, then continues following the man
[2009/12/16 14:28] Tyragon Mistwalker hestitates, as the man crosses a long bridge. Looking around for another way to cross the river
[2009/12/16 14:31] Tyragon Mistwalker runs down the path, discovers a swamp where the river ends. now he can climb up the hill through the bushes
[2009/12/16 14:34] Tyragon Mistwalker discovers a cave with a door which looks so strange in this wilderness. He carefully tries the door without making any noise, but finds it closed. He looks around <>, he thinks
[2009/12/16 14:36] Tyragon Mistwalker follows the path up the hill ending at the signs of civilisation - a hut, a bosk-cow in it, a caldron. <>, he thinks. But then he sees the man again, vanishing around the corner between the ruins
[2009/12/16 14:40] Tyragon Mistwalker from his hidden place sees the man pat an animal in the box. His nostrils widen as he smells the scent of a sleen. He smiles, thankful that the wind is blowing from the other side and the beast hasn't recognized him yet
[2009/12/16 14:44] Tyragon Mistwalker climbs up the rocks around the cave to have a better view and to be out of the danger of the beast's fangs and claws, but suddenly is attacked by a big bird. After the beast hit his arm twice which he had raised to protect his eye and face, it lets off him and returns to it's nest
[2009/12/16 14:46] Tyragon Mistwalker just arrives right in the moment as the man touches a hidden rock at the ruins; he hears the sound of stone sliding along stone and raises his eyebrows wondering
[2009/12/16 14:48] Tyragon Mistwalker waits in the beginning darkness, watching the man walking away. Then he jumps off the rocks and carefully approaches the part of the ruins with that certain stone
[2009/12/16 14:52] Tyragon Mistwalker's hands slide searching over the spot at the wall. Suddenly he feels one stone sliding away and the ground at his feet moving
[2009/12/16 14:52] Tyragon Mistwalker carefully steps down the decent
[2009/12/16 14:54] Tyragon Mistwalker looks around - before him a gate... Is he trapped? His eye searching the wall, his hands sliding along the stones... knowing, there must be a mechanism to open the door again
[2009/12/16 14:57] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. He listens for a moment in the dark, if he hears the steps of the heavy boots of the warrior over him, but all remains silent
[2009/12/16 14:59] Tyragon Mistwalker searches once more for a mechanism to open the door, but then his glance falls through the gate into the big cave there. Fascniated by it's beauty, he draws his picklocks and starts to pick the gate {picking}
[2009/12/16 15:03] Tyragon Mistwalker spins around as he hears the sound of the stone. He quickly draws his blade, hiding behind the wall
[2009/12/16 15:04] Tyragon Mistwalker holds his breath, feeling the presence of the man on the other side of the door
[2009/12/16 15:04] Kenshiro Pevensey grab some tools from his rear pack poket the look at the door lock to begin to repair it
[2009/12/16 15:05] Kenshiro Pevensey enter a small peace of metal to take off the broken piece of the lock
[2009/12/16 15:06] Kenshiro Pevensey look at the piece see the piece was forced, look from his place of any sign of move in the cave.....
[2009/12/16 15:06] Tyragon Mistwalker waits in silence, waiting for the man to enter
[2009/12/16 15:06] Kenshiro Pevensey let the piece fall on the ground, take another piece then place the piece into the door lock
[2009/12/16 15:07] Kenshiro Pevensey close the door lock and try to open the door again
[2009/12/16 15:07] Example Delux RP Door whispers: Kenshiro Pevensey finds the door lock broken and has no problem opening the door.
[2009/12/16 15:08] Kenshiro Pevensey after some try decide the door lock is repair and enter in the cave
[2009/12/16 15:08] Example Delux RP Door whispers: Kenshiro Pevensey finds the door lock broken and has no problem opening the door.
[2009/12/16 15:10] Kenshiro Pevensey enter the cave
[2009/12/16 15:10] Gorean Meter 3.0.4: Tyragon Mistwalker Has Captured Kenshiro Pevensey!
[2009/12/16 15:11] Tyragon Mistwalker sneaks up behind the warrior and attacks him with his blade, trying to knock him out quickly, but not counting with the warriors instincts
[2009/12/16 15:11] Tyragon Mistwalker: After a short fight he finally can knock him down
[2009/12/16 15:12] Tyragon Mistwalker kneels down next to the man, kicks his blade away with his foot
[2009/12/16 15:13] Tyragon Mistwalker takes the bow off the man's shoulders and tosses it over the bridge into the water
[2009/12/16 15:14] Tyragon Mistwalker crouches next to the warrior, tilting his head to look into his handsome face
[2009/12/16 15:15] Tyragon Mistwalker grabs the man's boots, pulling them off his feet
[2009/12/16 15:17] Tyragon Mistwalker takes the ropes from the man's belts, kicks his feet together and warps one of the ropes around his ankles, tying it up in a strong Gorean knot
[2009/12/16 15:18] Tyragon Mistwalker rolls the body on his belly, his knee pins him down on the ground as he takes the arms, bends them backwards, crosses the wrists on his back and binds them in the same manner
[2009/12/16 15:19] Tyragon Mistwalker after checking the strength of the knots, searches the unconcious warrior for hidden weapons
[2009/12/16 15:20] Tyragon Mistwalker's hands sliding quickly over his body, into the pockets at his pants, for a moment almost tenderly stroking over his crotch, thinking it's been a while, since he got the pleasure of such a beauty
[2009/12/16 15:21] Tyragon Mistwalker smiles for a moment, but then his lips change into a broad grin as his searching hand finds a bundle of keys in the man's pockets
[2009/12/16 15:22] Tyragon Mistwalker search a bit deeper in the pockets, feeling the warriors cock through the fabrics
[2009/12/16 15:23] Tyragon Mistwalker longer then necessary holds his hand still in that pocket, his fingertips stroking the man's cock in it
[2009/12/16 15:24] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a deep breath and continues searching the pockets for coins, but finds nothing
[2009/12/16 15:25] Tyragon Mistwalker mumbles more to himself "Well, rich you are not. Or where have you hidden your possessions, hmmmm...."
[2009/12/16 15:25] Tyragon Mistwalker takes the bundle with keys and looks at it, approaching the gate
[2009/12/16 15:26] Example Delux RP Door whispers: Tyragon Mistwalker finds the door lock broken and quickly repairs it.
[2009/12/16 15:27] Tyragon Mistwalker adds the missing part of the lock to repair it successfully
[2009/12/16 15:28] Tyragon Mistwalker returns to his captive
[2009/12/16 15:28] Tyragon Mistwalker takes the boots of the man and tries if they fit
[2009/12/16 15:29] Tyragon Mistwalker: "mmmm, nice. Thank you!"
[2009/12/16 15:29] Tyragon Mistwalker takes the last rope and forms a leash out of it
[2009/12/16 15:29] Tyragon Mistwalker attaches the leash around the man's neck and pulls him deeper into the cave
[2009/12/16 15:31] Tyragon Mistwalker looks around in the dark cave, getting closer to the entrance with the torches
[2009/12/16 15:31] Tyragon Mistwalker hestitates as he sees spiders crawling over the floor. He grunts "Grrrr, I *hate* spiders!"
[2009/12/16 15:32] Tyragon Mistwalker discovers a kind of altar in the corner, shaking his head and mumbles to himself "What kind of place is this?"
[2009/12/16 15:33] Tyragon Mistwalker turns around, kicks the warrior a bit with the tips of his boots "Hey! Awake?!?"
[2009/12/16 15:34] Kenshiro Pevensey slowly awaken by kick, open his eyes, slowly moams
[2009/12/16 15:35] Tyragon Mistwalker squats down a bit worried, that he hit too hard, but then exhales relieved, as the warrior moves and makes some sounds
[2009/12/16 15:35] Kenshiro Pevensey fully open his eyes, feel the pain on his neck then look at the stranger kneeling beside him
[2009/12/16 15:36] Tyragon Mistwalker carefully slaps his cheeks some time to fully wake him up
[2009/12/16 15:36] Tyragon Mistwalker: WAKE UP!
[2009/12/16 15:37] Kenshiro Pevensey dare with his eyes the stranger who slap his cheeks... growl " sto it what manner !!
[2009/12/16 15:37] Tyragon Mistwalker grins "Ah, there you are!"
[2009/12/16 15:38] Kenshiro Pevensey: and what you do here who are you a ask the man with some anger in his voice
[2009/12/16 15:38] Tyragon Mistwalker growls "I'm the one who's asking the questions!"
[2009/12/16 15:39] Tyragon Mistwalker stands up, raising to his full height over the warrior
[2009/12/16 15:39] Kenshiro Pevensey: oh a asker you need attack people or tied them for aks something !
[2009/12/16 15:40] Tyragon Mistwalker ignores the complaining warrior, yanks at the leash which strangles him a bit
[2009/12/16 15:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: hmmmm, what a big cave this is!
[2009/12/16 15:41] Kenshiro Pevensey feel his feets get cold on the contact of the cold ground, feel his neck yank and strangle by the rope, caugh
[2009/12/16 15:41] Tyragon Mistwalker recognizes the spiral-stairs that lead downwards
[2009/12/16 15:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: hmmmmm..... another empty level!
[2009/12/16 15:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: what's behind that door?
[2009/12/16 15:43] Kenshiro Pevensey: nothing we have not yet furnish this part of the cave
[2009/12/16 15:43] Kenshiro Pevensey: you come here for visit us with such manner who are you?
[2009/12/16 15:43] Tyragon Mistwalker looks at the heavy metal door then down to the man "Lying you are. This does not look like it belongs here"
[2009/12/16 15:43] Kenshiro Pevensey: free me!
[2009/12/16 15:44] Tyragon Mistwalker: well...." - smiles and holds the man's keybundle up "... we will find out!"
[2009/12/16 15:44] Tyragon Mistwalker drags the bound body towards the door
[15:45] Kenshiro Pevensey let the man drag me at the door wait with impatience the man move toward the door and next i was to emote
[2009/12/16 15:54] Kenshiro Pevensey see the man approaching the trap and shout to him "STOP !!!!! DONT GO THERE WAIT !!!! "
[2009/12/16 15:54] Tyragon Mistwalker hestitates and turns around "What?!"
[2009/12/16 15:55] Kenshiro Pevensey: if you walk there you will fall in a trap
[2009/12/16 15:56] Tyragon Mistwalker looks from the man to the ground between him and the door, then back to the man "ohhhh, and you would fall with me! Clever!"
[2009/12/16 15:56] Trap Door whispers: Suddenly, the ground dissapears
[2009/12/16 15:56] Kenshiro Pevensey know if the man fall in the trap that would be a danger for his life
[2009/12/16 15:57] Tyragon Mistwalker: What's that important behind that door, that you protect it with a trap-door, huh?
[2009/12/16 15:57] Kenshiro Pevensey: that is not your business unnamed stranger
[2009/12/16 15:57] Kenshiro Pevensey: you are not in your home here, you are in mine
[2009/12/16 15:58] Tyragon Mistwalker ignores the man again, searching the wall. finds the panel interesting. His hands sliding along it till it finds the mechanism
[2009/12/16 15:58] Example Delux RP Door whispers: Tyragon Mistwalker is at the door.
[2009/12/16 15:58] Tyragon Mistwalker: oh... that's really clever!
[2009/12/16 15:59] Tyragon Mistwalker first drags his captives on the platform to make sure, that there are no other traps hidden
[2009/12/16 16:00] Tyragon Mistwalker tries some keys of the man's keybundle and finally finds one that fits
[2009/12/16 16:00] Tyragon Mistwalker looks around "Typical!"
[2009/12/16 16:00] Tyragon Mistwalker: A DUNGEON!
[2009/12/16 16:00] Tyragon Mistwalker growls
[2009/12/16 16:01] Tyragon Mistwalker: it should have been clear to me - none of you warriors without a dungeon! Grrrrrrrrr
[2009/12/16 16:01] Kenshiro Pevensey: what do you think i am Gorean
[2009/12/16 16:01] Kenshiro Pevensey: and look at you before judge me
[2009/12/16 16:01] Kenshiro Pevensey: a man attack from behind have honor maybe ?
[2009/12/16 16:02] Tyragon Mistwalker ties the end of the leash to the wooden frame before he turns around to explore the dungeon
[2009/12/16 16:02] Tyragon Mistwalker: .unleash
[2009/12/16 16:02] Kenshiro Pevensey look at the man feet and see his own boot the add at the stranger...
[2009/12/16 16:02] Kenshiro Pevensey: and a thief have honor ?
[2009/12/16 16:02] Tyragon Mistwalker grumbles "Oh, shut up!"
[2009/12/16 16:03] Kenshiro Pevensey: GROWLS at the man what do you think you are!
[2009/12/16 16:03] Tyragon Mistwalker recognizing the blood on the floor shimmering in the dimmed light
[2009/12/16 16:03] Tyragon Mistwalker: you talk to me about honor? Look at all this blood? How many innocent people have you tortured and killed down here, huh?!?
[2009/12/16 16:04] Kenshiro Pevensey: i never kill someone here
[2009/12/16 16:04] Tyragon Mistwalker looks at the many cages and frowns
[2009/12/16 16:07] Kenshiro Pevensey click on his ring hide button, let out the blade hide inside, hidding his move from the man
[2009/12/16 16:07] Tyragon Mistwalker returns to the warrior and kicks him hard in his rips
[2009/12/16 16:09] Kenshiro Pevensey receive the hip on his rip, growl and strrugle in pain feeling the pain in his all chest, his breath get heavy for one instant
[2009/12/16 16:09] Kenshiro Pevensey catch his breath trying to recover from the hit pain
[2009/12/16 16:10] Tyragon Mistwalker: you are a liar. All of you warriors from the cities are!
[2009/12/16 16:10] Tyragon Mistwalker: how about tasting some of your own medicine???
[2009/12/16 16:10] Kenshiro Pevensey moams with pain in voice, and you are a coward only able to attack from behind or hurt a man tied !
[2009/12/16 16:11] Kenshiro Pevensey begind to cut his rope hand with his blade ring, hidden his finger move from the man
[2009/12/16 16:11] Tyragon Mistwalker grabs the end of the leash from the frame and pulls the captive over to the cross-table
[2009/12/16 16:12] Tyragon Mistwalker: .unleash
[2009/12/16 16:12] Kenshiro Pevensey finaly loose his ropes from the hand wait the right moment to hit the man
[2009/12/16 16:13] (GM)Bindings: Kenshiro Pevensey finishes unbinding Kenshiro Pevensey, allowing them to stand free.
[2009/12/16 16:13] Tyragon Mistwalker yanks hard at the leash, almost strangling the warrior
[2009/12/16 16:15] Tyragon Mistwalker attaches the end of the leash at the foot of the cross-table
[2009/12/16 16:17] Kenshiro Pevensey wait the man be very near him to attack him, waiting the right moment
[2009/12/16 16:17] Tyragon Mistwalker turns around "Hmmmm, there must be cuffs and chains somewhere. No dungeon without it
[2009/12/16 16:17] Tyragon Mistwalker finds several cuffs and chains in the corner next to the cage
[2009/12/16 16:17] Kenshiro Pevensey look the man go away in the dungeaon use his ring to cut his feet first
[2009/12/16 16:18] Kenshiro Pevensey cut his feet rope the more faster he can and survey around to lookwhen the man return
[2009/12/16 16:19] Tyragon Mistwalker turns around with the cuffs in his hand, but lets them fall to the ground as he sees the man up, trying to uncut his bindings. He swear and draws his blade
[2009/12/16 16:19] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: [Tyragon Mistwalker - Ch.1]: draw sword
[2009/12/16 16:19] Gorean Meter 3.0.4: Tyragon Mistwalker Has Captured Kenshiro Pevensey!
[2009/12/16 16:20] Tyragon Mistwalker knocks his captive down with the hilt
[2009/12/16 16:20] Tyragon Mistwalker sheathes his sword and lifts the body easily up, carrying it over to the cross-table
[2009/12/16 16:21] Tyragon Mistwalker returns to the other corner, gets the cuffs and chains from the ground and returns to his captive on the table
[2009/12/16 16:22] Kenshiro is dragged to the spreader table and is chained securely to the eyebolts.
[2009/12/16 16:23] Tyragon Mistwalker wraps the cuffs around the wrists, then around the ankles of the young warrior, trying some of the keys on the keybundle, till he finds some that fit. He locks the cuffs, grabs the chains from the ground and attaches the cuffs to the metal-ring on the cross-table
[2009/12/16 16:24] Tyragon Mistwalker assures, that the chains are tight, stretching the body onto the cross
[2009/12/16 16:24] Kenshiro is dragged to the spreader table and is chained securely to the eyebolts.
[2009/12/16 16:26] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a bota with water from his belt, decorks it with his teeth and pours some water into his captive's face to wake him up
[2009/12/16 16:27] Kenshiro Pevensey be awake by the water spliting on his face, take a deep breath surprised and open his eyes, shake his head
[2009/12/16 16:28] Tyragon Mistwalker growls "Next time you try this, I will cut a your hands off!"
[2009/12/16 16:28] Kenshiro Pevensey try to move but realize his wrist and ankles are tied with cuffs and chain struggle on the cross
[2009/12/16 16:29] Kenshiro Pevensey: coward!
[2009/12/16 16:29] Tyragon Mistwalker draws his dagger from the quiver
[2009/12/16 16:29] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: [Tyragon Mistwalker - Ch.1]: draw dagger
[2009/12/16 16:30] Tyragon Mistwalker: You.....
[2009/12/16 16:30] Tyragon Mistwalker points with the tip of the dagger at the chestarmour
[2009/12/16 16:30] Tyragon Mistwalker: are not....
[2009/12/16 16:30] Kenshiro Pevensey see the dagger then close his eyes... whispers " if you want kill me then do it "
[2009/12/16 16:31] Tyragon Mistwalker scratches along the chestarmour, which makes an annoying screatching noise
[2009/12/16 16:31] Tyragon Mistwalker: in the position
[2009/12/16 16:31] Tyragon Mistwalker: to be insolent
[2009/12/16 16:31] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the dagger sliding on his chest armor hear the noise of the dagger
[2009/12/16 16:32] Tyragon Mistwalker: I don't have any mercy with warriors like you!
[2009/12/16 16:32] Tyragon Mistwalker: even if they are cute like you and look so innocent
[2009/12/16 16:32] Tyragon Mistwalker: but none of you is innocent!
[2009/12/16 16:32] Tyragon Mistwalker increases the pressure on the knife, scratching deep marks into the armour
[2009/12/16 16:33] Kenshiro Pevensey: whisper as you say so, you dont know me and you judge me faster like all thief or outlaws can do
[2009/12/16 16:33] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the preassure grow on his armor chest, try to take his breath with not moving his chest
[2009/12/16 16:34] Tyragon Mistwalker slides the dagger upwards, then with a quick move he cuts the straps that hold it on the captive's body
[2009/12/16 16:34] Tyragon Mistwalker grabs the armour with his other hand and rips it roughly off his body
[2009/12/16 16:35] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the blade of the dagger cut his armor, surprise by the move of the man, gasp and feel his a shiver in is body
[2009/12/16 16:35] Tyragon Mistwalker: always a big mouth you have
[2009/12/16 16:36] Kenshiro Pevensey whipers i dont know why i loose my time to speak with you
[2009/12/16 16:36] Tyragon Mistwalker: my words, scum!
[2009/12/16 16:37] Kenshiro Pevensey open his eyes glance and dare at the man with his eyes
[2009/12/16 16:38] Tyragon Mistwalker sheath the dagger, then grabs the captive's shirt with both hands, his biceps tensing, swelling as he rips the fabrics apart
[2009/12/16 16:38] Tyragon Mistwalker rips the shirt in pieces and off the warrior's body
[2009/12/16 16:39] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the strong hand of the man rip his shirt off his body, struggle at the movement
[2009/12/16 16:41] Kenshiro Pevensey breath deeper, feeling his body shivering a the cold of the dungeon
[2009/12/16 16:41] Tyragon Mistwalker scratches his fingernails down the warrior's chest "Tell me: What do you do with your captives down here, huh?"
[2009/12/16 16:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: rape them?
[2009/12/16 16:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: abuse them?
[2009/12/16 16:42] Kenshiro Pevensey hide his anxiety wich is growing anrr the ime pass
[2009/12/16 16:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: all these... devices! I'm sure, you are not nice to them!
[2009/12/16 16:43] Kenshiro Pevensey: i am not nice with people attack me or my home, i never attack first that out my way of honor
[2009/12/16 16:43] Tyragon Mistwalker: (( explain "anrr the ime pass", please? ))
[2009/12/16 16:44] Kenshiro Pevensey: sometime people come here with bad intentions so i defend my homestone and this place his for the ones raid this island, can you understand i defend my home
[2009/12/16 16:45] Kenshiro Pevensey: you not defend yourself maybe ?
[2009/12/16 16:46] Tyragon Mistwalker: yah yah, sure! And next thing you tell me is, that there exist humans with cat-tails and fluffy ears!
[2009/12/16 16:46] Tyragon Mistwalker laughs
[2009/12/16 16:46] Tyragon Mistwalker: so... what is this place here?
[2009/12/16 16:47] Kenshiro Pevensey: soon peoples who live here will found you , you can fight when you attack by surprise, but can you fight and win when you have more opponent!
[2009/12/16 16:47] Kenshiro Pevensey: This place is my home i told you
[2009/12/16 16:48] Tyragon Mistwalker shakes his head sadly "If I wouldn't need some answers, I would just cut your tongue out first"
[2009/12/16 16:48] Tyragon Mistwalker: so... how do you CALL your home, silly?
[2009/12/16 16:49] Kenshiro Pevensey: i will not respond to you until i know who you are and what you do here !
[2009/12/16 16:51] Tyragon Mistwalker sighs and draws his dagger again
[2009/12/16 16:52] Tyragon Mistwalker moves the dagger along the right leg of the pants of his captive
[2009/12/16 16:53] Tyragon Mistwalker slides the dagger in the foot-hole of the pants and slowly cuts upwards.... closer and closer towards the man's crotch
[2009/12/16 16:53] Kenshiro Pevensey move his head and look the dagger near his right leg
[2009/12/16 16:54] Kenshiro Pevensey hear his pant rip by the dager and feel the cold blade of the dagger move closer of his crotch
[2009/12/16 16:54] Tyragon Mistwalker stops shortly before he reaches the crotch and could do any damage at the man's privates, he leans over the body and starts to cut the other leg of the pants the same way
[2009/12/16 16:54] Kenshiro Pevensey feel a shiver runing on his body
[2009/12/16 16:56] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the other leg of his pant be cut like the right one shiver more and shake his head in disaproval
[2009/12/16 16:57] Kenshiro Pevensey: what you doing!!!!! ??
[2009/12/16 16:57] Tyragon Mistwalker again stops shortly before the crotch. He turns the knife, holds it in a firm grip, raises his arm, then smashes it down......
[2009/12/16 16:58] Tyragon Mistwalker ... right between his captive's spreaded legs, where it stucks in the wood just an inch away from the man's crotch
[2009/12/16 16:59] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the pain, feels his body tense in struggle in pain on the cross , shout AAHHRRRGGG
[2009/12/16 16:59] Tyragon Mistwalker: (( pain? ))
[2009/12/16 16:59] Kenshiro Pevensey: mean fear
[2009/12/16 17:00] Kenshiro Pevensey: ((sorry think about a word and type another lol))
[2009/12/16 17:01] Kenshiro Pevensey breath rapidly after the last move on the man, let out a deep wispers from his mouth ... oufff
[2009/12/16 17:02] Tyragon Mistwalker now with his hands free reaches for his captive's belt and unbuckles it. opens it and pulls the waistband a down some inches
[2009/12/16 17:03] Kenshiro Pevensey see the man open his belt, begin to understand what the man come for
[2009/12/16 17:03] Tyragon Mistwalker grabs the dagger again, pulls it out of the wood and cuts both sidess of the pants, from the waistband towards the cuts in the legs
[2009/12/16 17:04] Tyragon Mistwalker roughly rips the shreds of the pants off the man's legs
[2009/12/16 17:04] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the dagger rips his waistband pants, shivering, when the man take off his pant
[2009/12/16 17:04] Tyragon Mistwalker sheathes his dagger again
[2009/12/16 17:05] Tyragon Mistwalker looks down at the now barenaked body exposed to him
[2009/12/16 17:06] Tyragon Mistwalker: good... that's better. Now lets start again
[2009/12/16 17:06] Kenshiro Pevensey look the man with anger melt with anxiety
[2009/12/16 17:06] Tyragon Mistwalker's hand reaches for his captive's balls and builds a fist around it
[2009/12/16 17:06] Tyragon Mistwalker: First - What is your name?
[2009/12/16 17:07] Tyragon Mistwalker wraps a hand under Kenshiro and cups his balls.
[2009/12/16 17:08] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the hand of the man of his ball, feel uncomfy with, the look the man ....
[2009/12/16 17:08] Tyragon Mistwalker increases the pressure a bit, not painfull, but to let his captive know, that he could easily cause him big pain or even scrunch them
[2009/12/16 17:08] Tyragon Mistwalker wraps a hand under Kenshiro and cups his balls.
[2009/12/16 17:09] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the hand of the man press his balls, the respond with rage
[2009/12/16 17:09] Kenshiro Pevensey: I AM KENSHIRO
[2009/12/16 17:09] Tyragon Mistwalker loosens his grip a bit
[2009/12/16 17:09] Tyragon Mistwalker: good, Kenshiro
[2009/12/16 17:10] Tyragon Mistwalker: I am Tyragon. Just for you to remember, if you leave this place alive
[2009/12/16 17:10] Tyragon Mistwalker: next question - how is this island called?
[2009/12/16 17:10] Kenshiro Pevensey: i will remeber your name for the rest of my life Tyragon!
[2009/12/16 17:11] Kenshiro Pevensey: she is called Tidra
[2009/12/16 17:12] Tyragon Mistwalker nods and repeats "Tidra... nice name"
[2009/12/16 17:12] Kenshiro Pevensey: remember it because she will be your enemy!
[2009/12/16 17:12] Tyragon Mistwalker increases his grip, this time painful
[2009/12/16 17:12] Tyragon Mistwalker grabs Kenshiro's cock roughly.
[2009/12/16 17:13] Kenshiro Pevensey shout and struggle on the pain he feel from his ball
[2009/12/16 17:13] Kenshiro Pevensey: ARRGGHHHH
[2009/12/16 17:14] Tyragon Mistwalker losens his grip again after some seconds of pain "Next question - who else is living here with you?"
[2009/12/16 17:14] Kenshiro Pevensey spit on the man face
[2009/12/16 17:15] Tyragon Mistwalker lets off the captive's cock and slaps him hard in his face
[2009/12/16 17:15] Kenshiro Pevensey look at him with anger after he grip his ball
[2009/12/16 17:16] Kenshiro Pevensey feel his cheeks slap by the man, make him pain and more angry at the man
[2009/12/16 17:16] Kenshiro Pevensey launch and insult at the dishonor the man have done with his laping
[2009/12/16 17:16] Kenshiro Pevensey: you will pay for this disgrace
[2009/12/16 17:17] Tyragon Mistwalker growls and whipes the spit of his face, smearing it from his hand to the man's chest
[2009/12/16 17:17] Tyragon Mistwalker: disgrace? I wasn't the one who spit at others, silly!
[2009/12/16 17:17] Kenshiro Pevensey feel is anger to the guy raise up and raise his determination to ressit one him
[2009/12/16 17:18] Kenshiro Pevensey: look at you you attack me tied me and hit me and what you call that, gentleness maybe ?
[2009/12/16 17:20] Tyragon Mistwalker growls angry "by the Sleen-gods! Where did you learn to talk so much?"
[2009/12/16 17:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: dont give lesson of honor Tyragon ! you not a man of honor
[2009/12/16 17:20] Tyragon Mistwalker: SHUT UP!
[2009/12/16 17:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: i am not a KAJIRU I AM A FREE AND SPEAK WHEN I WANT!
[2009/12/16 17:20] Tyragon Mistwalker: or tell me, which bodypart you want to loose first?
[2009/12/16 17:21] Tyragon Mistwalker's eye wanders about the naked body and the cuffs, then he smiles evil "You don't look very free to me, BOY!"
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: DO
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: NOT
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: CALL
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: ME
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: BOY
[2009/12/16 17:21] Kenshiro Pevensey: IF
[2009/12/16 17:22] Kenshiro Pevensey: HAVE
[2009/12/16 17:22] Kenshiro Pevensey: YOU
[2009/12/16 17:22] Kenshiro Pevensey: A
[2009/12/16 17:22] Kenshiro Pevensey: INCHE
[2009/12/16 17:23] Tyragon Mistwalker punches with his big fist hard into the captive's rips several times as he tries to talk in his typical commanding Gorean warrior manner
[2009/12/16 17:23] Tyragon Mistwalker: I call you, whatever I want, SLUT!
[2009/12/16 17:23] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the pain on his chest after the kick of Tyragon, struggle and tense is body shivering under the pain cause by Tyragon, breath deeper and faster
[2009/12/16 17:24] Kenshiro Pevensey turn his face on the other side, look the walls
[2009/12/16 17:26] Tyragon Mistwalker turns back to the box next to the cages and searches a while in it, returns with some more tools in his hand
[2009/12/16 17:26] Kenshiro Pevensey caugh while he try to breath feeling the pain of his rips, breath rougly, try recover his spirit
[2009/12/16 17:27] Tyragon Mistwalker lets the tools fall to the ground, except one... a gag of leather
[2009/12/16 17:28] Kenshiro Pevensey hear Tyragon come back near the cross, still try to breath less roughly after tyragon last hit
[2009/12/16 17:29] Tyragon Mistwalker reaches for the captive's jaw, holds it in a firm grip, his fingers pressing into the space between the upper and lower jaw, increasing it till his captive opens his mouth
[2009/12/16 17:31] Kenshiro Pevensey tighten his teeth the more he can to resist of Tyragon preasure, after a while he feel the pain in his jaws...
[2009/12/16 17:31] Kenshiro Pevensey force to open his jaws under the preasure and the pain
[2009/12/16 17:31] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmmffffgrrrrrr
[2009/12/16 17:31] Tyragon Mistwalker stuffs the gag into his captive's mouth with his other hand as soon as he opens it
[2009/12/16 17:32] Kenshiro Pevensey: noffffmmmmffff
[2009/12/16 17:32] Tyragon Mistwalker: It is time to teach you a lesson, BOY!", he grunts as he stuffs the gag into the man's mouth
[2009/12/16 17:34] Tyragon Mistwalker straps the leather tight around the young man's head
[2009/12/16 17:34] Blindfold-Gag (mouth): Blindfold-Gag locked by Tyragon Mistwalker
[2009/12/16 17:34] Kenshiro Pevensey shake his head complaind in the gag GGGGGRRRRFFMMMM
[2009/12/16 17:34] Kenshiro Pevensey mumbles "remove ghag now !!!"
[2009/12/16 17:34] Tyragon Mistwalker closes the ends of the straps
[2009/12/16 17:35] Kenshiro Pevensey gasp and complain in the gag
[2009/12/16 17:35] Kenshiro Pevensey: MMFFFFFFFF
[2009/12/16 17:35] Kenshiro Pevensey mumbles "MMFFFFFFFF"
[2009/12/16 17:36] Tyragon Mistwalker very slow and ostentatious calm takes the whip of his belt and unrolls it
[2009/12/16 17:38] Tyragon Mistwalker: It's time, that you recognize the position you are
[2009/12/16 17:38] Kenshiro Pevensey look Tyragon take his belt, know what Tiragon want to do tighten his teeth and close his eyes
[2009/12/16 17:38] Tyragon Mistwalker teases the man's chest with the end of the whip, then takes a step back
[2009/12/16 17:40] Tyragon Mistwalker swings the whip and with every word places another swat on his captive's chest
[2009/12/16 17:40] Tyragon Mistwalker: I
[2009/12/16 17:40] Kenshiro Pevensey feel the whip slap on his chest, hurting his skin, a high burning sensation run into his chest, his body struggle in pain on the cross, shout in the gag
[2009/12/16 17:40] Tyragon Mistwalker: am
[2009/12/16 17:40] Tyragon Mistwalker: your
[2009/12/16 17:40] Kenshiro Pevensey mumbles "AWWWGGG"
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: capturer
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: you
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: are
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: my
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: captive!
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: i ask
[2009/12/16 17:41] Tyragon Mistwalker: you answer!
[2009/12/16 17:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: nothing
[2009/12/16 17:42] Tyragon Mistwalker: else!
[2009/12/16 17:42] Kenshiro Pevensey struggle in pain taut his body like never before, shout in the gag before faint on the cross
[2009/12/16 17:43] Tyragon Mistwalker rolls the whip as his captive faints and attaches it back on his belt
[2009/12/16 17:43] Tyragon Mistwalker mumbles "Silly boy!"
[2009/12/16 17:44] Tyragon Mistwalker looks down at the unconcious body "Why do you make it so hard for both of us?" and sighs
[2009/12/16 17:45] Tyragon Mistwalker takes his bota again from his belt and pours again some water into his face to wake him up
[2009/12/16 17:45] Gorean Meter 3.0.4 shouts: Kenshiro Pevensey has been aided by Tyragon Mistwalker
[2009/12/16 17:46] Kenshiro Pevensey open his eyes, feeling directly the pain on his chest taut his body in pain
[2009/12/16 17:47] Tyragon Mistwalker while he waits for the man to get his concious back, considers how long he's already down here. His rumbling stomach reminds him of his hunger and of the meat in the fire
[2009/12/16 17:47] Kenshiro Pevensey moams in his gag trying to catch his breath very rougly
[2009/12/16 18:04] Tyragon Mistwalker: are you awake now?
[2009/12/16 18:04] Kenshiro Pevensey nods at Tyragon
[2009/12/16 18:04] Tyragon Mistwalker: will you tell me were your good are hidden or do I have to search them myself?
[2009/12/16 18:05] Kenshiro Pevensey struggle on the cross,
[2009/12/16 18:05] Kenshiro Pevensey mumbles "no"
[2009/12/16 18:06] Tyragon Mistwalker: when I have to search, I will kill you, because it takes longer. When you tell me, I will let you live and I will be gone, when your.... friends or whatever come to free you
[2009/12/16 18:07] Tyragon Mistwalker draws his dagger
[2009/12/16 18:07] Kenshiro Pevensey try to speak under his gag
[2009/12/16 18:07] Kenshiro Pevensey mumbles "whag do you wang ?"
[2009/12/16 18:07] Tyragon Mistwalker slides the dagger along the man's chest, cutting the skin just a bit, reaching for his throat
[2009/12/16 18:08] Kenshiro Pevensey shout in pain in to his gag
[2009/12/16 18:08] Tyragon Mistwalker presses the knife against his captive's throat, the sharp blade cutting the skin a bit, drops of blood appearing
[2009/12/16 18:09] Tyragon Mistwalker: now? your choice?
[2009/12/16 18:09] Kenshiro Pevensey know his better to stay alife for hunt Tyragon
[2009/12/16 18:09] Kenshiro Pevensey nods
[2009/12/16 18:09] Tyragon Mistwalker nods also, turns the blade, slides it under the straps of the gag and cuts the leather with a quick move
[2009/12/16 18:10] Tyragon Mistwalker holding the dagger still at the right side of his captives throat waits "Now? Where is it? Where do you hide your salt?"
[2009/12/16 18:10] Tyragon Mistwalker: That's all I want
[2009/12/16 18:11] Kenshiro Pevensey: you can't found it without my help even if i told you where they are
[2009/12/16 18:12] Kenshiro Pevensey: you will spend hours to found them with poor chance to found the place
[2009/12/16 18:13] Tyragon Mistwalker increases the pressure of the dagger against the skin of the throat, tilts his head and looks into his captive's eyes "hmmmm.... just tell me!"
[2009/12/16 18:13] Kenshiro Pevensey: {tells where it is}
[2009/12/16 18:14] Tyragon Mistwalker: any traps?
[2009/12/16 18:14] Kenshiro Pevensey: none

[2009/12/16 18:16] Tyragon Mistwalker finally takes the knife away and sheaths it
[2009/12/16 18:16] Kenshiro Pevensey: you will die for what you have done to me
[2009/12/16 18:16] Tyragon Mistwalker: If you lied to me, I will come back! And then you will wish you were dead!
[2009/12/16 18:16] Kenshiro Pevensey: you slap me and take me by surprise like a coward
[2009/12/16 18:16] Tyragon Mistwalker: by the Tree-Gods! How often I heard that!!!
[2009/12/16 18:17] Kenshiro Pevensey: you have no words no honor
[2009/12/16 18:17] Tyragon Mistwalker: don't make me regret, that I took off the gag from your filthy mouth. And do not talk to me about honor, SLUT!
[2009/12/16 18:18] Kenshiro Pevensey: you will not be always the winner i swear it
[2009/12/16 18:18] Tyragon Mistwalker: or I will change my mind and sell you on the next slave-market. Then we talk about "honor", when they trained you to be a nice, submissive, devoted slaveboy!
[2009/12/16 18:18] Tyragon Mistwalker: Cute enough you are, that's for sure!
[2009/12/16 18:18] Tyragon Mistwalker chuckles
[2009/12/16 18:19] Tyragon Mistwalker pets the captive on his chest, right on the whipping marks
[2009/12/16 18:19] Kenshiro Pevensey: shuckles
[2009/12/16 18:19] Tyragon Mistwalker: you better hope, we never meet again. And....
[2009/12/16 18:20] Kenshiro Pevensey taut at the pain
[2009/12/16 18:20] Tyragon Mistwalker: ... maybe it's better to leave this island and return to your warrior-friends in the city!
[2009/12/16 18:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: call for yourself thief
[2009/12/16 18:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: Tyragon ! Leave this island or you will die
[2009/12/16 18:20] Tyragon Mistwalker leaves the dungeon without granting the captive another glance
[2009/12/16 18:21] Kenshiro Pevensey shouts: Coward !

[2009/12/16 18:22] Tyragon Mistwalker {....... here follows the scene how he finds the server and steals the salt, but of course, we don't tell you!}
[2009/12/16 18:22] Kenshiro Pevensey try to move the chain but to weak to make any move
[2009/12/16 18:23] Kenshiro Pevensey growl in pain on the cross, hoping his belove franzi or one of his boy will come back soon
[2009/12/16 18:23] Kenshiro Pevensey exausted after all the hit and wound he have, faint in a deep sleep

[2009/12/16 18:32] ea453cd8db06d14b696949b2a8648a2c: Tyragon Mistwalker took one bag of salt.
[2009/12/16 18:33] Tyragon Mistwalker opens the crate as he finally found it. {....}
[2009/12/16 18:34] Tyragon Mistwalker takes a bag of salt out of the crate, nothing more although it is filled with goods
[2009/12/16 18:35] Tyragon Mistwalker {....} attaches it at his belt {....}
[2009/12/16 18:37] Tyragon Mistwalker discovers {....}, but decides to explore that later. For now it's time, that returns to his dinner
[2009/12/16 18:50] Tyragon Mistwalker returns to his cave after this adventure. He takes the salt and rubs it in the pieces of meat. Then looks after the meat in the now almost cold fire. He finds it done and delicious after three days of hunger. Quickly eats it, then lays down on the rug, falling asleep quickly

[The End.... for now]

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