Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Franzi finds his son

A few days ago, Franziskus was inspecting the Isle of Tidra, as suddenly an objects rushed to the ground in a blue flash. Franzi remembered that flash oh so well - He saw that once, when the Priest Kings abducted his twin-brother Testimo from Earth to Gor and he - Franziskus - followed.
Approaching the spot where the blue flash and the object hit the ground, he found the body of a young man in earthclothes drifting in the water, unconcious. Franzi rescued him and brought him to the cave.
It didn't take too long to find out, who it was: His son he left - newborn - 18 years ago to follow his twin to Gor. And now, like once Tarl Cabot, the Priest Kings reunited Dar Blackheart with his father Franziskus of Tidra. What a happy day!
The young warrior will have to learn a lot about Gor, but his father is sure, he will become a fine young warrior.

Here's the story:

[15:46] Franziskus Ninetails takes his control-tour and finds some of the cage-doors broken. He wonders, what happened here, but will have to wait, until one of his boys returns or til he meets one of the tribe to explain to him. As he leaves the forbidden cave he suddenly recognizes a blue flash at the horizon
[15:47] Franziskus Ninetails runs down to the river and jumps into a canoe
[15:48] Franziskus Ninetails's all senses are tensed. He knows, he has seen that blue flash before: At the day when the Priest Kings abducted his twin!
[15:49] Franziskus Ninetails's hand slides to the hilt of his blade as he carefully approaches the place where he seen the blue flash meeting the ground
[15:49] Dar Blackheart has entered chat range.
[15:50] Franziskus Ninetails stops in surprise as he sees a young man laying unconcious at the shore. he steps closer and frowns... The young man... almost a boy, as it seems, wears earth-clothes
[15:52] Franziskus Ninetails crouches next to the body, his hand approaching the boy's neck, feeling his pulse. He exhales relieved as he finds it slow, regular and strong.
[15:52] Franziskus Ninetails grabs the man's shoulder and pulls him a bit out of the water on the firm ground
[15:55] Franziskus Ninetails rolls the body over, looking into the handsome young face. A strange feeling arising in him as he looks at this face, but he doesn't know why
[15:55] Dar Blackheart coughs and spit sand and water from his mouth.... moaning unaudibly...
[15:55] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles to himself "What have the PKs brought to Gor this time?"
[15:57] Franziskus Ninetails smiles as the young man coughs, he whispers in English, his old language, now so unfamiliar to him "We will have to get you out of these wet clothes, young man!" - He grabs the wet body and easily throws him over his shoulder
[15:58] VGS Over-the-Shoulder Carry Walk: (Driver seated. Say '/5 menu' to enter tweak position menu.)
[15:59] Franziskus Ninetails lays the body into the canoe, rowing him over the river
[16:04] Franziskus Ninetails pants heavy after he carried the body up the stairs
[16:07] Franziskus Ninetails lays the body on his bed, not caring that the wet clothes messing the sheets
[16:08] Franziskus Ninetails starts to undress the boy, first taking off the wet shoes and socks
[16:09] Franziskus Ninetails opens the wet pants and pulls them down, tossing them into a corner to the shoes and socks
[16:10] Franziskus Ninetails finally grabs the hoodie at the waist-band and pulls it over the boy's head, mumbling "You have to get out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold!"
[16:11] Franziskus Ninetails tosses the hoodie into the corner also and grabs a towel to dry the body
[16:12] Dar Blackheart begins to take deep breaths, his body makes slow moves, he slowly wakes from his unconsciousness, a warm sensation passing his body, he moan deeply and very slowly wakes up
[16:14] Dar Blackheart feels like in his own bed, lays his head on the cushions by instinct
[16:15] Franziskus Ninetails dries the body down. He adores the good shape of the boy, but strangely doesn't feel any erotic desire for him
[16:16] Dar Blackheart moans deeply, he take deep breaths and slowly open his eyes, the forms are not precise around him and he still feels dizzy, a black form move around him and he makes a surprised move
[16:17] Franziskus Ninetails rubs the skin roughly to encourage the blood-circulation. As the boy starts to moan and move and jerk back, he makes a soothing sound "Shhhhhhht! All is fine, boy. You're safe"
[16:18] Franziskus Ninetails continues to rub the skin dry, up the body, the chest... as he suddenly hestitates
[16:19] Franziskus Ninetails glares at the necklace.. knowing it oh too well
[16:19] Franziskus Ninetails with a croaky voice "Where...? No, that cannot be!"
[16:20] Dar Blackheart moves his lips and tries to speak but the words stuck in his throat, he feels surprised and he shivers, slowly his eyes fully open to see a face with brown eyes. He whispers "where am I, whhoo..a...re.... yo..... ?" he asks with a weak voice
[16:21] Dar Blackheart slowly discover the face more cleary, he opens wide his eyes and feels the face familiar .. but he must wrong... a strange sensation pass in his body and mind
[16:22] Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head, telling himself it must be just one of those weird coincidences. He smiles at the boy as he tries to talk, looks into his brown eyes.. those eyes that look familiar... "You are safe, young man. You are on the island of Tidra"
[16:23] Dar Blackheart looks at the man sitting near him 2T.iii..drraa?... Isss... neear Hhh...aawaaii...?"
[16:24] Dar Blackheart his head still in the cloud he try to move to see the man better...
[16:25] Franziskus Ninetails glares at the face... the chin.. the nose.... those eyes! He shakes his head again. No, it cannot be! To chase away that thought that's arising in him, he stands up and walks to the crate in the corner, answering with a more rougher voice in his old language from earth "We answer questions later! First you need to get out of those wet briefs!"
[16:25] Dar Blackheart push at his arms and move slowly he finally sit on the soft cushion
[16:26] Franziskus Ninetails finally finds a kilt in the crate that would fit. One of his old ones as he was younger. He tosses it over the screen to the young man on the bed
[16:26] Franziskus Ninetails: Get out of your briefs and put these on!
[16:27] Franziskus Ninetails in a strange feeling of modesty turns his back to the boy so he can undress without being watched
[16:27] Dar Blackheart a bit under confusion, look at the clothes the man give to him, feeling his wet brief he stand and grab the cloth in his hand
[16:28] Dar Blackheart with a shy face covers is privates with one hand and slip out the wet brief
[16:29] Franziskus Ninetails looks in the other direction while the boy change his clothes, wondering about himself as normally he has no problem with looking at naked boys or men. Having seen many of them
[16:30] Dar Blackheart move one leg in the strange clothes and after the second leg, adjusting the clothes at his body
[16:30] Franziskus Ninetails over his shoulder "Ready?"
[16:30] Dar Blackheart fix the belt around his belly and look a bit shy of the new clothes he wear
[16:31] Dar Blackheart heard the man and say "yes"
[16:31] Franziskus Ninetails turns back to the boy
[16:32] Franziskus Ninetails looks at how he bound the kilt around the hips. He nods, then reaches for the belt to fix and adjust it a bit here and there, then steps back and nods again "Better! Fits you well!"
[16:32] Dar Blackheart stand and look the man, 'he can't be...', he thinks... 'he look... like..' Feeling confused he not say any words for seconds
[16:33] Franziskus Ninetails tries a cheerful smile "Are you hungry? Thirsty?"
[16:34] Dar Blackheart with a confused and shy voice "yes, very"
[16:34] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Come down! Follow me"
{Walking to the kitchen}
[16:36] Franziskus Ninetails points at the pillows at the low table "Sit!", then turns to the chilla
[16:36] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles "Hmmmmmmm, lets see, if the boys left something to eat"
[16:36] Dar Blackheart look around when he follow the man, reconize he is in a cave with furniture in, he apreciate the way of the decoration and at the invitation, he sit on a cushion
[16:37] Franziskus Ninetails beams as he finds some of the cold meat of tabuk his boy Wolf prepared so deliciously. He takes it out the chilla and grabs some fruits of the sideboard
[16:39] Franziskus Ninetails also reaches for a bottle of kalana, looks over his shoulder and puts the bottle back into the shelf again. He grabs a goblet and fills it with fresh water instead of the wine
[16:39] Dar Blackheart observe the man and more he look at him more the man feel familiar...
[16:40] Franziskus Ninetails returns to the table and places the roast, the fruits and the goblet on the table
[16:40] Franziskus Ninetails after a look at the boy... without weapons... reaches for his dagger, pulls it and hands the hilt to the young man for cutting the meat
[16:41] Dar Blackheart smiles politely at the man and looking at the food and drink on the table
[16:41] Franziskus Ninetails finally sits down opposite the boy, waiting for him to start to eat
[16:42] Dar Blackheart see the dagger, he take it slowly and move on the roast cut some part and begin to eat piece by piece, he chew the meat faste, hungry he is
[16:43] Franziskus Ninetails waits a while, watching the boy eating, then - just to make sure - he asks in Gorean "Lo?"
[16:44] Dar Blackheart stop to chew, he swallow the meat he have in mouth and ask politely.... pardon me ?
[16:44] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and repeats "Lo?"
[16:44] Dar Blackheart with a shy voice... sorry i don't understand you
[16:45] Dar Blackheart look surprise by the strange language
[16:45] Franziskus Ninetails nods, sure now, that the boy does not speak Gorean "What's your name?"
[16:45] Franziskus Ninetails: Lo means as well 'I am' or as question 'Who are you?'
[16:45] Dar Blackheart look often surprise to hear english after that strange language
[16:46] Franziskus Ninetails: So, Lo Franziskus of Tidra. Lo?
[16:46] Dar Blackheart clear his voice... my name his Darion, but my mother call me always Dar
[16:46] Franziskus Ninetails: Well met, Dar. That is a nice name
[16:47] Dar Blackheart take the cup and drink a sip
[16:47] Franziskus Ninetails: A beastmaster.... well, a bit like me, who is called after one who talks with animals also
[16:47] Franziskus Ninetails's suspect grows more and more in his chest
[16:48] Dar Blackheart: i think my mother give me that name because my uncle
[16:48] Franziskus Ninetails: your uncle?
[16:48] Dar Blackheart: i didn't know my uncle but he have feeling with beast my mother told me
[16:50] Franziskus Ninetails nods, then points at the boy's necklace "That is a nice necklace. Where did you get it?"
[16:50] Dar Blackheart: it come from my father
[16:51] Dar Blackheart: it is symbolic
[16:52] Franziskus Ninetails nods again, now sure. For a moment he remains silent, just watching the boy. His heart beating very fast, but outside he looks calm and relaxed
[16:52] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Do you know it's meaning?"
[16:52] Dar Blackheart: the symbol mean about a animal the Tiger
[16:52] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes. The tiger."
[16:53] Dar Blackheart: also the nickname of my father
[16:53] Dar Blackheart: my mother told me about my father when i was old enough to understand
[16:54] Franziskus Ninetails nods and listens, not sure how to confront the young man, who's propably his son, with the news
[16:54] Dar Blackheart sighs at he feeling about his father his face become sad
[16:54] Franziskus Ninetails: Tell me more about your mother and your father
[16:55] Dar Blackheart: my mother told me my father was a Shikigami i never understand well the terms, but she...
[16:56] Dar Blackheart stop for secondes continue with a trembling voice.. she told me......
[16:56] Dar Blackheart: my grandfather and my father are Shikigami of the noble Clan y Byakko
[16:57] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles "Mmmmmhmmmmm"
[16:58] Franziskus Ninetails: And you never.. hmmm... felt, that you are.. uhm... different from others?
[16:58] Dar Blackheart: different huh sometime yes
[16:59] Dar Blackheart: camarade at school laugh on me.... because.....
[16:59] Dar Blackheart turn his face at the ground and look shy to speak about
[17:00] Franziskus Ninetails encouraging "because....?"
[17:00] Dar Blackheart moans and shyly open his mouth...
[17:01] Dar Blackheart close his mouth very fast
[17:01] Dar Blackheart: because i have special teeth
[17:02] Dar Blackheart look sad to remember all laughs the camarades have made on him, because his teeth
[17:02] Franziskus Ninetails smiles
[17:03] Franziskus Ninetails: You should be proud of those
[17:03] Franziskus Ninetails: And you never recognized anything else?
[17:03] Franziskus Ninetails: that your senses are better then others?
[17:03] Dar Blackheart: i have no shame about my teeth, i am angry on the laughs about them
[17:03] Franziskus Ninetails: you see better? hear better?
[17:04] Dar Blackheart: yes always be better of many with my sense
[17:04] Franziskus Ninetails: your instincts are better?
[17:04] Dar Blackheart: i smell better and i feel danger when he is not yet there
[17:05] Dar Blackheart: mother told me it a gift from my father blood line
[17:05] Franziskus Ninetails nods "And changes in your body? It normally starts at puberty...."
[17:05] Franziskus Ninetails grins "Well... I don't mean the USUAL changes at that time"
[17:06] Franziskus Ninetails looks to the entrance of the cave, recognizing the sun already downed and night broke in
[17:07] Dar Blackheart look surprise by that man who knows about his transformation
[17:07] Franziskus Ninetails smiles again at the surprised look. He takes a deep breath
[17:07] Franziskus Ninetails: Come, Dar! I will show you something...
[17:08] Franziskus Ninetails: Come outside
[17:08] Dar Blackheart stands up and follows
[17:09] Franziskus Ninetails: come up here
[17:09] Franziskus Ninetails: ... but don't fall down the cliffs
[17:10] Franziskus Ninetails: do you recognize, that gravity is low here? Don't you feel lighter?
[17:11] Dar Blackheart look surprise .... he have feel different but not really have focus on it
[17:11] Dar Blackheart: that why i feel so light ?
[17:12] Franziskus Ninetails turns and points to the three moons of Gor over the top of the hills
[17:12] Franziskus Ninetails: Look at that, Dar
[17:12] Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath "I'm afraid... you're not on Earth anymore"
[17:12] Franziskus Ninetails: And no, Tidra lies not near Hawaii
[17:12] Dar Blackheart: you have say Gor ????
[17:12] Franziskus Ninetails: Tidra is an island on the planet Gor
[17:12] Dar Blackheart look at the sky and see 3 moons, he feel confuse...... 3 moonsss? Gorrrr ???
[17:13] Dar Blackheart: you have say Gor ????
[17:13] Franziskus Ninetails steps a bit closer
[17:14] Dar Blackheart look confused more often .... he want to speak but be enable to say one word.....
[17:14] Franziskus Ninetails: The priest kings have brought you here for a special reason...." - adds whispering "... son!"
[17:15] Dar Blackheart: ....son..... yy.. o.. u ...are TT.I.G.ER!! he say with a trembling and crying voice
[17:16] Franziskus Ninetails looks at the young man, with pride in his eyes, but also worried to catch him if the news would be too much for him "I'm Franziskus, shikigami of the Clan Y Byakko... The white Tiger... And I think... I am your father!"
[17:17] Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath, then exhales
[17:17] Dar Blackheart feel tears falling from his eyes, and he raise his right hand.. with a full emotianal voice he say... this is the ring you give on mother for me ... Father
[17:18] Franziskus Ninetails looks at the ring, with a smile but the same time tears filling his eyes also. He nods, then grabs the hand of his son, pulling him into his arms
[17:19] Franziskus Ninetails holds his son in his arms, tears of joy running down his cheeks
[17:20] Dar Blackheart hugs he father for the first time, whispers in tears " i have finally found you, father "
[17:20] Franziskus Ninetails: I'm sorry, that I had to leave you and your mother
[17:20] Franziskus Ninetails: I'm sorry, that I didn't see you growing up!
[17:21] Dar Blackheart: mother have never forget you, all days she talk about you, and until she last breath she want to see you again
[17:21] Franziskus Ninetails opens his mouth and shows his son his perly white fangs in a smile
[17:22] Dar Blackheart: when she died i have try to found you
[17:23] Franziskus Ninetails's hugging grip loosens a bit and he bends his head back, looking into his son's face "She's dead?"
[17:23] Franziskus Ninetails's face saddens "I'm sorry to hear that"
[17:23] Dar Blackheart: yes dad, she died 1 years ago, she did in a accident
[17:24] Dar Blackheart look sad and feel the tears fall again on his cheeks
[17:24] Franziskus Ninetails nods, then whipes his son's tears from his face with a soft motion
[17:25] Dar Blackheart purss like he always do when he feel happy
[17:25] Franziskus Ninetails: I thank the Priest Kings, that they brought me my son
[17:25] Dar Blackheart: i am sad to bring you bad news dad but i am happy to have found you
[17:26] Franziskus Ninetails: I hope they don't take you away from me
[17:26] Dar Blackheart: i have found you after a life time for see you, i don't want leave you again, dad
[17:27] Franziskus Ninetails steps a pace back, whipes with his gauntlet his own tears from his face "Well... look at you! What a handsome young warrior you are!"
[17:27] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, but we never know the ways of the Priest Kings"
[17:27] Dar Blackheart: me a warriror dad ?
[17:27] Franziskus Ninetails: This is a wild planet, my son
[17:28] Franziskus Ninetails: You will have to learn a lot
[17:28] Franziskus Ninetails: how to fight
[17:28] Franziskus Ninetails: and the customs
[17:28] Franziskus Ninetails: and the language
[17:28] Dar Blackheart: a wild planet, he look curious
[17:28] Dar Blackheart: did you find my uncle Teso?
[17:28] Franziskus Ninetails looks around, slowly becoming aware of something "Didn't I hear someone shout some ehn ago?"
[17:29] Franziskus Ninetails: oh.. sorry... ehn is the Gorean minute
[17:29] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, I found my twin brother"
[17:29] Dar Blackheart: i have heard a voice, yes, dad, come over there in the valley
[17:29] Dar Blackheart smiles at his father when he heard about his uncle
[17:29] Franziskus Ninetails: He is a slave now and he's happy with it
[17:30] Dar Blackheart: a slave.... dad ?
[17:30] Franziskus Ninetails: he wears the collar of my companion Kenshiro
[17:30] Franziskus Ninetails nods and smiles "Yes... you will have to get used to many things, my son"
[17:30] Dar Blackheart: compa..nion... Kenshiro.... he look confuse
[17:31] Franziskus Ninetails: I found a new love here. And it's...." - his voice lowers a bit shy - "... a man. Kenshiro"
[17:31] MrZoe Ninetails has entered chat range.
[17:31] Dar Blackheart: a man..oh ..that not offend me dad
[17:32] Franziskus Ninetails: I will never forget your mother, but I found my true destination
[17:32] Dar Blackheart look shy and at the ground... i have more feeling for man... myself... dad
[17:32] Franziskus Ninetails: and that's the arms of my Kenshiro
[17:33] Dar Blackheart turn a bit while he talk with his father.... whispers "dad, is someone there..."
[17:33] Franziskus Ninetails looks around again, still worried with the voice he heard. Suddenly he recognizes a shadow near the entrance of the cave. He whispers to his son <>, then jumps down the rock
[17:34] Franziskus Ninetails: HELLO?!?
[17:34] MrZoe Ninetails: tal sir
[17:34] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his son "Hm, maybe it was just a wild ani... oh!"
[17:34] Franziskus Ninetails: Tal!
[17:35] MrZoe Ninetails: i was looking for one called toruk
[17:35] Franziskus Ninetails's hand holds the hilt of his blade in a firm grip, protecting his son with his body "Who are you?"
[17:35] Franziskus Ninetails: Toruk?
[17:35] Franziskus Ninetails sighs
[17:36] MrZoe Ninetails: i am zoe, and i was captured by him last night
[17:36] Dar Blackheart "Tal.. what that mean?" he wispers at his Dad
[17:36] Franziskus Ninetails: The one savage who's insane?
[17:36] MrZoe Ninetails nods
[17:36] MrZoe Ninetails: with the mask
[17:36] MrZoe Ninetails steps away from the bad smelling barn
[17:36] Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Captured?" He takes a deep breath and mumbles "What has that son of a thalarion done again?"
[17:37] MrZoe Ninetails: he robbed me of all my coin
[17:37] MrZoe Ninetails: my other captors treated me fairly though
[17:37] Franziskus Ninetails explains to his son over his shoulder whispering "Tal means greetings."
[17:38] Dar Blackheart hear he father speak a strange language with the stranger, try to understand but do not able to reconize any words
[17:38] MrZoe Ninetails: he was fast fighter though, i didn't stand a chance
[17:39] Franziskus Ninetails: Well... I have not seen him.... and I'm not sad about that. I'm Franziskus of Tidra. This is my...." - He looks over his shoulder and smiles proudly at his new-found son "... son Dar. You must excuse him - The Priest Kings just dropped him in from earth today and he doesn't speak Gorean. - Lo?"
[17:40] MrZoe Ninetails smiles at the boy 'well met Franziskus. i am Zoe
[17:40] Dar Blackheart with a shy voice "Tal..."
[17:41] MrZoe Ninetails: and a fine looking son he is
[17:41] Franziskus Ninetails beams proudly "All like papa!"
[17:41] MrZoe Ninetails smiles and raises his eyebrows 'his papa is fine looking too?'
[17:41] Dar Blackheart beams at his father
[17:42] Franziskus Ninetails: I'm not?
[17:42] Franziskus Ninetails chuckles
[17:42] MrZoe Ninetails blushes
[17:43] Franziskus Ninetails: Or how many fathers should he have, as I just told you, it's my son
[17:43] MrZoe Ninetails: that is who i meant was fine looking
[17:43] Franziskus Ninetails smiles broadly, then gets serious again
[17:44] Franziskus Ninetails: So, you mentioned the others?
[17:44] MrZoe Ninetails: a man named snake
[17:44] Franziskus Ninetails: GRROWWLLLZZ
[17:44] MrZoe Ninetails: one called wolf
[17:44] Franziskus Ninetails beams
[17:44] Franziskus Ninetails: That's my first boy
[17:44] MrZoe Ninetails: and another named paradise
[17:45] MrZoe Ninetails: all were kind to me, one was very kind indeed
[17:45] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Paradise is one of the savages"
[17:45] Dar Blackheart look at the other man, notice a bow like his father have, thinking maybe weapons are important
[17:46] Franziskus Ninetails nods '"Well, at least my first boy better is. He's a jewel, but sometimes can also be a little devil"
[17:46] Franziskus Ninetails: Do you have any idea, where he went to?
[17:46] MrZoe Ninetails: the one called wolf?
[17:46] Franziskus Ninetails: Yes
[17:47] MrZoe Ninetails: i thought i saw him at Arad not too long ago
[17:47] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his son and explains in English "Wolf - that is my first boy"
[17:47] Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, so the savages released you?
[17:48] MrZoe Ninetails: you could say that
[17:48] Dar Blackheart look at his father " First boy" look confuse
[17:48] MrZoe Ninetails grins sheepishly
[17:49] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles to himself "Hmmm, my boy at Arad? I wonder, what he's doing there...."
[17:50] MrZoe Ninetails shrugs 'i only saw him a moment then he was gone'
[17:50] Franziskus Ninetails smiles for a moment, then gets serious again "And you returned? [...] Don't you think it's dangerous to return?"
[17:50] MrZoe Ninetails: more dangerous if toruk was here
[17:50] MrZoe Ninetails: but i want my coins
[17:52] MrZoe Ninetails: i was not afraid of the others here. i won't get much in a trade though as they found out
[17:52] Franziskus Ninetails: Hmm, about Toruk... again: I haven't seen him and I'm not sad about it. He brought us a lot of trouble already
[17:52] MrZoe Ninetails: that seemed apparent last night but he is a strong warrior
[17:53] Franziskus Ninetails: Well, the one called Snake... He doesn't like warriors that much after they killed his whole tribe
[17:53] MrZoe Ninetails nods
[17:54] Franziskus Ninetails: If he was kind to you, then you must have had his sympathy. That's better for you, I can assure you
[17:54] MrZoe Ninetails: i was once an etihad and know how they treat their captives--your men were much kinder
[17:54] Franziskus Ninetails growls a bit at the thought that this savage almost killed his companion
[17:54] Franziskus Ninetails: we try to live in peace here
[17:55] Dar Blackheart look at his father when he hear the growls and smiles
[17:55] MrZoe Ninetails: i had come in peace and not raised my bow when he began shooting
[17:55] MrZoe Ninetails: then i ran to escape and he took me down
[17:55] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, that's the dilemma with him"
[17:56] MrZoe Ninetails: i do not know what he would have done to me if he had not had to leave the island suddenly
[17:56] Franziskus Ninetails sighs "He drags in captives like a larl drags in tobuks" ((or a cat mice))
[17:56] Franziskus Ninetails: even our friends
[17:57] MrZoe Ninetails: well sometimes one must put up with high spirited warriors
[17:57] Franziskus Ninetails: and I need all my skills of diplomacy to safe the situations and not getting into war with the whole mainland
[17:58] MrZoe Ninetails nods sympathetically, glad he has no burdens of leadership
[17:59] MrZoe Ninetails: i will not take up more of your time sir---thank you for listening to my sad story. i will miss those coins....
[17:59] Franziskus Ninetails: Well, it is late and we need to sleep soon. The events for my son here..." Pulls his son closer and lay proudly a hand on his shoulders "... were a bit much for his first day on this planet"
[17:59] MrZoe Ninetails: yes i'm sure. well met both of you and safe paths
[18:00] Dar Blackheart get closer to his father
[18:00] Franziskus Ninetails: Maybe you should find a safe place and take a rest, before you put up your travel back to Arad?
[18:00] MrZoe Ninetails: yes that might be wise
[18:01] MrZoe Ninetails looks over the handsome man's shoulder 'i wouldn't mind seeing that boy [savage!!!] paradise again'
[18:03] MrZoe Ninetails: rest weel my friend, perhaps we meet again soon
[18:03] MrZoe Ninetails turns and walks out of the clearing, turning to wave at the kind strangers before walking back into the jungle
[18:03] Franziskus Ninetails: safe paths, warrior
[18:04] MrZoe Ninetails has left chat range.
[18:04] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his son and talks in English again "You will have to learn the language soon, my son!"
[18:05] Dar Blackheart: yes Dad
[18:05] Dar Blackheart: seams a very lot to learn, daddy
[18:05] Franziskus Ninetails: come!
[18:06] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmmm, where is it.....?
[18:06] Franziskus Ninetails searches the drawers of his desk
[18:07] Franziskus Ninetails's searching fingers finally find a small, round tool "Ah! There it is!"
[18:07] Dar Blackheart looking is father.... what my father ?
[18:08] Franziskus Ninetails switches the tool on and talks Gorean "Ja'ni tran dela" - A metal voice from the small tool says "My clan welcomes you"
[18:08] Franziskus Ninetails beams "It still works!"
[18:09] Franziskus Ninetails hands the tool to his son "Attach this to your belt. It's a translator. That will help you until you learned the language"
[18:09] Dar Blackheart look currious about the device
[18:09] Dar Blackheart takes the tool and thank his father
[18:09] Dar Blackheart: thank you dad
[18:10] Dar Blackheart attach the device at his belt
[18:11] Franziskus Ninetails ... the tool says "Jashi"
[18:11] Franziskus Ninetails: You must be exhausted, my son
[18:11] Franziskus Ninetails: We will continue to talk tomorrow
[18:11] Dar Blackheart: yes dad i am
[18:12] Franziskus Ninetails: I am sure you have many questions
[18:12] Dar Blackheart: yes i do, dad
[18:13] Franziskus Ninetails: The bed is big enough for now as long as my boys aren't here. But we will have to find a place for a fur for you soon
[18:14] Dar Blackheart: yes dad
[18:16] Franziskus Ninetails takes off his weapons, but keeps the loincloth on, which he is wearing under the kilt
[18:16] Franziskus Ninetails as he's taking off his weapons "We will soon need weapons for you also."
[18:17] Dar Blackheart: yes i have tought weapons are important here, dad
[18:17] Dar Blackheart: i am glad i have learned to use a bow on earth
[18:19] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Oh, that would be a big advantage on this planet, son!"
[18:20] Dar Blackheart: on earth i use a bow for hunting
{Getting ready for bed}
[18:29] Franziskus Ninetails: Have a good night, my son
[18:29] Dar Blackheart: Have a good night, Dad
[18:30] Dar Blackheart close his eyes happy to have found his father, now he know what is to be with his father, and he fall slowly in sleep

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