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I wanted to write about the events in a novel-style taking the chat-logs as foundation, but if I wait til I got time for that, it will take years! *sighs* So I just mention some events in the history of Tidra...

A few weeks ago a warrior from the mainland settled down with the tribe. Now he's called Toruk. He seems to be a wild creature, capturing everyone who crosses his way.
OOC we don't like that, because it's exactly what we find annoying at others: Shoting without reason and RP, yelling for help in group-chat, ignoring any progressional storyline, any alliances, any friendships.... Short: Playing GorCraft instead of doing RP. We think, he's a good and nice guy and he only wants to increase traffic on Tidra. But what's traffic worth, if it's only raiding and shooting and capturing?
I say it again: We prefer quality to quantity. We don't need 20 people standing around, holding small-talk.. OOC most of the times. Of course it would be nice to have some more savages on the island, some more brothers in the tribe, but raiding armies? Who needs that?
Well, we will talk to that member and try to convince him, that traffic and shoot and capture isn't everything. That there can be much funnier and nicer kind of RP, much more entertaining and challenging the ACTING-skills of a RPer, not his FIGHTING-skills.

So, what else happened in the last weeks? - Tyragon who's called "Snake" which means Ost, settled down with the tribe also, happy that he found a new camp after his long travels. He and Paradise went to Scimitar a while ago on the search for salt. An outlaw-girl was about to set fire on the taverne there and as Snake was about to stop the insolent wench, she attacked him and Paradise with a fire-bomb...
Well, OOC-comment: It was just the worst kinda RP ever. A fire-bomb which lets you no chance to escape, dropped on the floor and doing multi-damage is just invalid. To emote it in an ultra-long emote AFTER you dropped it, is even worse! And that girl was just annoying. Massive emotes with lots of typos, hard to read. And so busy with her own emotes, that she totally ignored the acts of others. Well, she was just a pain in the ass.
... and just as the confused savages jumped away from the fire, trying to understand, what just happened, there were slaves running out from the academy and attacking Snake and Paradise with slingshots....
And another OOC-comment: Okay, slaves attacking Free without the need of defending themselves or their Masters... the punishment is clear: Death! Snake and Paradise haven't even drawn their weapons, nor were they attacking anyone. It's bad enough, when Free run around and attack others with no reason, but slaves doing so? That's a no-go! - And especially slaves from the Mur-academy, which they have in the rules, that the Academy is neutral and SZ and the students and mentors are not to be attacked. So, they are protected by the rules, but themselves they run around and attack others with no reason? Hmmmmm....... *scratches his head*
Well, this incident was one of the reasons, why Kenshi and Franzi took three of their boys out of the academy. Another reason is, that there are taught many onlinisms. And the more books of John Norman I read, the more I recognize, what's so wrong in SL-Gor.
However, it was a bit strange. But the savages - not so familiar with Gorean codex and customs - did not complain much after the kajiri had recognized their mistakes and apologized a 1000 times. - But the case isn't closed for Franzi and Kenshi. After they heard about it from the savages, they travelled to Scimitar to find out more about the incident. Also there's still something to happen with that insolent slave-girl, as she was captued but set free later instead of being impaled for trying to kill Free and setting fire in the taverne. (But we have to admit, that - as she is so annoying - we're not in the mood to RP with her anyways)

Although all these events were confusing for our savages, they didn't loose sight of their aspiration: Finding salt! So they asked around and another helpful kajirus - the one they were about to rescue some days before - suggested, that they could look in the bakery.
Weeeeeeeelllll....... Do you think, savages know what a bakery is? Of course they did not and asked the boy about the "City of Bay Cary". - I think, the poor boy was a bit confused and had no idea, what they were talking of. But it was funny. Here's an extract of the chat:

[16:46] Paradise whispers to his tribe-brother, "maybe him know where good salt hide brother"
[16:46] Snake shakes his head at the boy's suggestion, regretting the head-shaking the next second and grimaces in the pain as if a tarn knock his beak on the back of his head again and again... and again
[16:47] Snake whispers back "Hmm, good thinking, brother. You ask boy"
[16:47] Kajrus glances back at the other Masters and the panther wondering
[16:48] Paradise looks at the kneeling boy, "boy, you know where they hide good salt here? you show us?"
[16:48] Kajrus: Salt, Master. Well, there is salt from Klima on the stand behind you.
[16:48] Paradise shakes his head, "that not taste good"
[16:49] Paradise: in castle, they keep good salt there?
[16:49] Kajrus: And i suppose there may be some in the tavern or servery, Master
[16:49] Paradise nods, or Taverne yes
[16:49] Kajrus: oh I do not know Master.
[16:49] Snake grimaces again and shakes his head like his tribe-brother... grimaces even more in the new pain
[16:50] Paradise: Taverne, or ser-very, you show us
[16:50] Snake: need good salt for meat.... lasting longer... drying meat of sleen. salt there not good for
[16:50] Kajrus: If it were in the fort only a warrior would be able to take you there
[16:50] Kajrus: yes Master
[16:50] Kajrus: Well, the tavern is right here. I will show you
[16:51] Kajrus: and here is the servery behind the tavern
[16:51] Kajrus: So, i think salt might be here
[16:51] Kajrus: of course, there may be salt in the bakery, or maybe in the tavern at the school.
[16:52] Paradise: bay cary
[16:52] Kajrus: There is a servery there as well
[16:53] Kajrus looks around for salt
[16:53] Snake: where bay cary is? big city?
[16:53] Kajrus: Scimitar is a small city, Master
[16:53] Kajrus: We are a small farming place
[16:53] Snake: Scimitar no. Boy said in Bay Cary
[16:54] Paradise: we go to bay cary
[16:54] Kajrus: oh. Well. Tabor is a big city
[16:54] Snake: where is homestone of Bay Cary?
[16:54] Snake: how many ahn with boat?
[16:54] Kajrus: on very few, Master
[16:55] Kajrus: you might even swim there!
[16:55] Snake nods to his tribe-brother, agreeing "We go Bay Cary!"
[16:55] Kajrus: I think they have a lot of salt there!
[16:55] Paradise nods, "maybe lots of good salt yes"
[16:55] Kajrus: yes Master
[16:55] Kajrus: And Klima is near Tabor. They are famous for salt
{just for the records: Klima is at the end of the desert, very far away}
[16:55] Snake: good salt in Bay Cary! Many warriors there? Mighty Ubar?
[16:56] Kajrus: yes Master. Many warriors
[16:56] Paradise: Kleee mah
[16:56] Kajrus: Their Ubar is very powerful and fierce, Masters
[16:56] Paradise: maybe lots of pains in heads at Bay Cary too brother
[16:57] Snake sighs as the boy seems to not understand "Not Klee M'ah! Bay Cary, brother" - frowns at the boy's words "Oh... powerful and fierce Ubar of Bay Cary... That not good"
[16:57] Snake: mmmmhmmm, brother
[16:57] Kajrus: yes Master
[16:58] Kajrus tries to think where there is salt
[16:58] Kajrus sighs and gives up
[16:58] Snake secretely takes another piece of the good bread and stuffs it in his mouth
[16:59] Paradise: maybe we find warrior to bring us inside castle, brother
[16:59] Snake munching "mmm, yeph, bropher"
[16:59] Kajrus sees the Master take the bread and thinks there is good breads and ramberry tarts at the bakery
[16:59] Kajrus: Masters, there is bread and pasteries at the bakery
[17:00] Snake: Pa'pherieph?
[17:00] Snake: Phat phat?
[17:00] Snake finally swallows the bread
[17:00] Paradise looks at his brother, "bay cery! want go there"
[17:01] Snake shrugs to his brother "But Tyragon not know where city of Bay Cery is!!! And boy not say!"
[17:01] Kajrus: I can give you a map, Master
[17:02] Snake nods enthusiastic "Aye! Map good!"
[17:02] Kajrus smiles and reaches into his pouch and takes out maps for both Masters
[17:02] Kajrus gave you Isle of Tabor
[17:02] Kajrus passes the maps to the Masters
[17:02] Paradise takes the map, and sniffs it
[17:03] Kajrus hopes there are no crumbs from his ramberry tart on the maps
[17:03] Snake takes the other map and holds it upside down, looking very important at it, nodding and mumbling "Mmmmhmmmm...." as if he would be able to read it, which is not the case
[17:04] Paradise mimics his brother, looking at the swirly lines, frowning
[17:04] Kajrus thinks he can explain how to get to the big city and says.:
[17:05] Snake points at a spot on the map and shows his brother "There! Bay Cery!"
[17:05] Kajrus: Masters, if you follow the rivers to the south, and west, you will find the big city
[17:05] Paradise nods, "yes, we go there!"
[17:06] Snake: yes, brother! Is long travel? First need rest"
[17:06] Paradise wrinkles his nose, thinking its probably many ahn to Bay Cary
[17:07] Kajrus: Masters,may this boy pass to attend to his Master?
[17:08] Snake: boy, you tell chief of this homestone to do with girl what want. Try to burn taverne. Attack Free... Tyragon not know law for it"
[17:08] Kajrus: yes Master. I will do as you say
[17:08] Snake smiles "You good boy"
[17:09] Kajrus blushes and says "thank you, Master"
[17:09] Paradise chews on the corner of his map, "Safe paths"
[17:09] Kajrus watches the Master chew the map hoping the ink is not toxic
[17:09] Kajrus: safe paths Masters
[17:09] Snake: We go travel to big city of Bay Cery after nap
[17:10] Kajrus: yes Masters
[17:10] Paradise yawns, nodding
[17:10] Snake: safe paths, boy
[17:10] Paradise: mainlands make Paradise tired
[17:10] Snake: and pain in head

So, the next days our savages were sailing around and searching for the big City of Bay Cary. Needless to say, that they had no success in finding it. Finally they returned frustrated back to Tidra.

Just as they came back, the savage Toruk had captured a slave from Tabor... even worse - one of the boys of the Ubar's brother. Though the relationship between the chain of Tidra and the warriors of Tabor isn't the best, they were always welcomed there. So it was a delicate situation to be solved. Franzi took care for the kajirus and negotiated with Tabor, so the tribe got even some salt from the Ubar of Tabor (which is a big price for just a slave).
It was a nice RP with that boy, he stood over night and it continued for several hours the next day. So, was very much fun. That's how it should be. You can read more about it on Paradise' blog.

While Franzi was still busy trying to handle the tricky situation, the savage Toruk brought the next captive. That was even more delicate, as that slaveboy was the slave of an outlaw-group we just had more or less befriended and especially this boy is a special friend to Tidra, was always welcomed there. And now he was dragged in like a tabuk dragged in by the houselarl...

So Franzi tried to care for the boy's safety and first put him in a cell in the dungeon, as it is the safest place on Tidra. While still trying to handle the relationships with Tabor, awaiting Paradise' return and considering how to handle with the outlaw-slaveboy, already the raiding-group from EtiHat - that outlaw-group - arrived.
... which made me very upset. It was against all rules of Tidra. There was no way for the captive to call for help. There was no clue that they would find him on Tidra. Especially as Tidra is very unknown. And then arriving with a raiding-party of four, one of them even wearing a tag as an Arad-Master... though Arad is on the same SIM as EtiHat, Arad and Tidra are befriended and one who's known as a Master of Arad therefore is welcomed as friend on Tidra, not supposed to start shoting without any warning and RP. - However, they arrived and started to shoot, the Free and the three slaveboys. At least Bear (Sorek) - an experienced RPer - tried some reasonable RP, but he had to leave for RL. Franzi didn't even defend, tried to RP with them first, but it's hard to RP, when you got shot with arrows from all sides. On the other hand I can not blame them too much for their behaviour as Toruk did exactly the same at their SIM.
However, we kept the "RP" after the shoting short, as I lost any mood to RP with them at all. Franzi traded the slave against captured Paradise. It took a bit longer because the slave didn't want to leave. Well, if you don't want to leave, then don't fucking yell for help in your group-chat! *sighs* This is exactly the kind of "traffic" we really can do well without it!

After these exiting days peace and silence returned to Tidra. - Until kajuralia! Franzi went with his boys Eagle and Wolf and with the savage Paradise to that slaves-festival in Tabor. Celebrating, dancing naked, drinking lots of Paga, being body-painted by the kajiri.... - It was a funny event. Franzi returned with Paradise that night to Tidra. Drunk, naked and colorful. - And met a panther with some of her slaves. For their luck it was a known friend from Silver Tree, otherwise in their condition Franzi and Paradise wouldn't have been able to defend to an attack.

For some reason the panther wanted to see the dungeon, and Franzi - too drunk - didn't wonder much about it. So he showed them. After a short exchange of gifts - arrows and paga - the panthers left, and Paradise and Franzi fallen asleep right there on the furs in the cells of the dungeon, too tired and drunk to find their way back to their own furs.

That's where a new story started... But that I will tell another day!

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