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In Gor you'll have to bargain with merchants. Never agree to the first price they tell you - they would become suspicious. Ah good haggling will leave both parties with the feeling, that they made a good deal after all. My son has to learn the art of it, so we went to one of the gray caste (armorer) to buy some weapons for him.
This is an example, how funny a "simple" RP like just buying a sword and a bow could be. It doesn't have to be fighting and trading all the time.

Some explanations for the Gorean currency:
100 copper tarsk = 1 silver tarsk
10 silver tarsk = 1 gold tarn

A sword will cost between 7 silver tarsk up to 1 gold tarn or more. Compared to that: A good pleasure-slave, beautiful and highly skilled, will cost between 4 and 6 silver tasks. Only exotics or the children of Ubars or very rich merchants will cost more, up to 20 or more gold tarns.

So, here's the haggling for a sword and a bow. - As no real blacksmith was around (which would be a cool role to play. Much funnier then always "warrior", "Ubar" or "outlaw"), I had to emote him with a kinky emoter tool:

[5:50] Franziskus Ninetails looks at the swords, balancing the one or other in his hand, giving an obviously desinterested impression
[5:51] Dar Blackheart look at his father inspect the sword
[5:51] Blacksmith approaches the two warriors
[5:51] Dar Blackheart: what about that one father ?
[5:51] Dar Blackheart point at the one face on him
[5:52] Franziskus Ninetails with a scornful look at the blade "Hmmm, I don't know...."
[5:52] Blacksmith: "Oh, that is a very good choice, young warrior!"
[5:53] Dar Blackheart look at sword know he don't have experience with sword look at his father
[5:54] Franziskus Ninetails steps behind the blacksmith nodding over his shoulder to his son and winks. But says loud "Oh, I don't know... it looks like it has some stains and scratches in it already. Are you sure, you didn't steal it from a fallen warrior, blacksmith?!?"
[5:55] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchant .....
[5:56] Blacksmith frowns "Oh, no! No, Sir!!! I built it with my own hands! - Maybe the young warrior wants to test it?". He takes the sword and reaches the hilt to Dar
[5:57] Franziskus Ninetails nods subtly to his son to take the sword and test it
[5:59] Dar Blackheart look at his father
[5:59] Dar Blackheart take the sword in his hand
[6:00] Franziskus Ninetails: you like that one, Junior?
[6:00] Dar Blackheart feel the sword, look at the sharpness or less
[6:00] Dar Blackheart swing the sword in the air ....... nods to his father
[6:01] Blacksmith: "It's a really good sword. Good choice, young warrior! It's light and fast and sharp!"
[6:02] Blacksmith "It's only two gold tarns. Special offer for you, young warrior!"
[6:02] Franziskus Ninetails gasps
[6:02] Dar Blackheart only gasps
[6:03] Dar Blackheart: 5 silver for it
[6:04] Dar Blackheart: 5 silver Tarsk for it is a good price
[6:06] Blacksmith fakes a almost faint "5 Silver tarsk for such a precious sword, Sir?!? You are kidding me, right? I have to feed 15 children!!! But as you are such a nice young man.... Let's say 17 Silver tarsk and it is yours!" He adds mumbling "Oh, my Free companion will kill me for it!"
[6:09] Franziskus Ninetails leans against a pillar, his arms crossed and hardly hiding a grin, watching his son haggling with the Blacksmith
[6:09] Dar Blackheart look at the merchant, mmm you say 7 Silver tarks fine ok for 7 Silvers Tarks
[6:11] Blacksmith: "No! No, Sir! I said 15 Silver Tarsk! Are you trying to ruin me? I already will have to sell one for my 19 children, when I give it away for 15!"
[6:12] Franziskus Ninetails chuckles and mumbles "well... one less mouth to feed"
[6:12] Dar Blackheart: oh that nice from you Sir i give you 7 silver tarsk and you give me for 5, give me your hand i never see a good man like you
[6:12] Dar Blackheart: but sir i only want the sword not your childrens
[6:13] Blacksmith looks desperate to the older warrior "Is this young man deaf? I said 15 Silver tarsk and not a copper-bit less! My 23 children have to eat!!!"
[6:14] Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "Sell 10 of them and you'll have enough to feed the other 13!"
[6:14] Dar Blackheart: so you agree for 5 Silver Tarks sir ?
[6:15] Dar Blackheart: because you have children i give you one more for them, me keep his smiles
[6:15] Dar Blackheart: 6 my last price sir and that is for your childrens
[6:16] Blacksmith puts the sword back on it's place again "I'm sorry, young warrior. Maybe you find a cheaper blacksmith around..."
[6:17] Blacksmith turns to the daggers "But I can offer you a dagger for 12 silver tarsks"
[6:17] Dar Blackheart look at his silver tarsk, i give you 10 Silver tarsk for it but i want a bow with
[6:18] Blacksmith considers "13 Silver tarsk for the sword, and I'll give you one of my 27 children! My daughters are useless wenches anyways and one of them could warm the young warriors furs"
[6:19] Dar Blackheart: huh sir i don't want your children but only a bow and a sword for a fair price
[6:22] Dar Blackheart: i say 10 silver tarsks for that sword and a bow of good quality
[6:23] Dar Blackheart: or i will look for a merchant with less childrens
[6:23] Blacksmith grumbles "12 Silver tarsk are more then a fair price, Sir!" He holds the sword high, the sharp blade shimmering in the dimmed light. "Look at it's beauty! I already will have to drown my 13 daughters..." - mumbles "... those useless wenches!..." - continues louder "...And sell my 18 sons, when I give it to you for 11!"
[6:25] Dar Blackheart: i say i have 10 silvers tarsks not more
[6:25] Dar Blackheart turn to his father, father is here the place you take your weapons ?
[6:26] Blacksmith growls but hastily "Well then! 1 Gold tarn and the sword is yours. And I'm adding a fitting dagger to it. Deal, Sir?" - Stretches his hand out
[6:27] Dar Blackheart whispers to his father i think the merchent spend more time in bed and not in the blacksmith
[6:28] Franziskus Ninetails can't hide his big grin at the bargain and the growing amount of the Blacksmith's children
[6:28] Dar Blackheart: ok deal one gold not more
[6:29] Blacksmith shakes hands with the young warrior to seal the deal
[6:30] Dar Blackheart give the silvers tarsks he have
[6:30] Blacksmith tears his hairs "More customers like you, young warrior, and I will have to share my furs with men to avoid more children!"
[6:30] Dar Blackheart: count the silvers tarsk that made one gold one
[6:32] Dar Blackheart give at the merchant... whispers...... have less childrens........
[6:34] Blacksmith takes the coins and counts them, sighing "I will, Sir, I will! But you know how it is with a pleasing wife in your furs...." - Looks up to the young warrior "Well, maybe you don't know YET, but you will, Sir!"
[6:34] Franziskus Ninetails grins "Believe me - he won't!"
[6:35] Dar Blackheart look at the merchant ... you better hurry to give me my sword and bow and the dagger before my blood turn in fire... he glance at the merchant
[6:36] Blacksmith frowns "We agreed sword and fitting dagger. No bow!" - Looks quizzeling and desperate at the older warrior
[6:36] Franziskus Ninetails nods in agreement
[6:37] Dar Blackheart: GRROWWLLLZZ
[6:38] Blacksmith "But if the young warrior needs a bow... I have a beautiful one. Only one silver tarsk!"
[6:38] Dar Blackheart: i say to agree with the deal a sword bow and you give the dagger
[6:38] Franziskus Ninetails covers his face with his hand to hide his bursting out into laughter
[6:40] Dar Blackheart turn at his father can i ask you for 50 coppers tarsk
[6:41] Dar Blackheart: 50 coppers tarsk is the normal price my father say for a good bow not 1 silver tarsk do not take my blood out of control merchant
[6:41] Blacksmith gasps "50 copper tarsks?!? 90 copper at least! And I'll add my insatiable wife to it!"
[6:42] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchant
[6:43] Franziskus Ninetails looks into his coin-pouch and does as if counting "Hmmm, 60, not more. Or I will have to sell one of my seven slaves!"
[6:43] Dar Blackheart: 50 copers tarsk is my last price for the bow
[6:44] Dar Blackheart begin to show his anger the blood inside him burn
[6:45] Franziskus Ninetails sighs and turns away "Hmmm, my old bow will do for you for a while, my son!" and turns to the exit
[6:46] Blacksmith "Wait, wait, Sirs!!! How about 80 coppers? But I'm having no gain at that price already!"
[6:46] Dar Blackheart follow his father
[6:48] Dar Blackheart turn at the merchand when he shout to him and his father
[6:48] Franziskus Ninetails hestitates and turns, taking a look at the bow again, knowing his son would love it. He takes the bow, holds it in his hands, inspecting it closely. He mumbles "Hmmmmm..... "
[6:48] Franziskus Ninetails: It's balanced well, but the wood looks cheap!
[6:50] Blacksmith "Oh no, Sir! It's finest wood from the Northern Forrests! 75 copper tarsk. Special price for you!"
[6:50] Dar Blackheart look at his father with concern
[6:51] Dar Blackheart move his hand at his new sword guard
[6:51] Franziskus Ninetails growls "75?! Therefore you would have to add your 21 sons to it as pleasure-slaves for us!"
[6:52] Dar Blackheart begin to understand the merchant play with him because he is a young earth man..........
[6:53] Dar Blackheart look the merchant........ with eyes show his anger and disapointment.. then he look at his father
[6:54] Blacksmith gasps "My sons, Sir? Never!!" - He looks with narrowing eyes at the older and the younger warrior, then his face suddenly brightens to a big grin "Oh, I understand! The warriors prefer the company of male?" He nods "When I think of my 35 children, then I have to say it's not a bad choice, Sirs. - Well, 70 coppers plus a nice belt-buckle for the young warrior!"
[6:55] Dar Blackheart listen at the merchant words
[6:55] Franziskus Ninetails stretches his hand out "65 coppers and you add a belt-buckle for me too, matching the one you'll give to my son!"
[6:56] Dar Blackheart: you childrens number grow as you dealing with price... what kind of father are you to place your children in deal for your market!
[6:57] Blacksmith smiles, showing his almost toothless open mouth. He takes the hand "65 coppers then and two belt-buckles. Very well, Sir!"
[6:57] Franziskus Ninetails winks to his son to sign him to remain calm
[6:57] Dar Blackheart look at his father, nods at his father sign
[6:59] Franziskus Ninetails looks into this coin-pouch, counting out 65 copper tarsk, which still is a high price, but appropreate for a fine bow like that, and hands the coins to the Blacksmith
[7:00] Dar Blackheart with a cold glance see his father spend money
[7:01] Blacksmith takes the coins and counts them. "You and your son are hard parties to deal with, Sir. If you need any more weapons, please visit me again"
[7:02] Dar Blackheart: i will with my sword under you neck for a fair price he say at the merchant
[7:03] Franziskus Ninetails to his boy "Take the weapons and the buckles, Junior". With a smile he turns to the Blacksmith "Be well, blacksmith. And greetings to your FC and your many children. Maybe you should consider to sell her?"

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