Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Contact


I'm Franziskus, former Magistrate of Silver Tree, Free Companion to Kenshiro Pevensey, Master to Mick called "Wolf", Tesa and Brian, and to my companions boy Teso, called "Fox". After leaving the Silver Tree of Tabor we found shelter on a lost island. At least we thought it was lost, but we soon discovered signs of human beings.... a cave, a plantation... Soon we also saw them hiding behind bushes and rocks: Strange savages... a tribe... But they avoided any contact and disappeared, when we stepped closer.

Finally me and my boy Wolf managed to capture one, though the communication was a bit difficult. We hope, others of this tribe speak our language.As far as we found out, his name is Xaxat. He only new two words of our language and these were "Fuck you". He was like a wild animal, scratching, spitting and biting, and smooth and gentle at the same time. We had to tame him a bit and hoped after a night in a cage he would be more cooperative and we could befriend the tribe, but his tribesbrothers must have freed him, while we were sleeping in the safety of the kennel we had built witin the cave.

He also must have stolen Wolf's rock-pouch over night as I stood up to travel to the maninland  and left the door open...


[5:06] Xaxat sits on the dock, enjoying the quiet peace of the only home he's every known
[2009/09/17 5:11] Franziskus Ninetails searches the island with his builder's glasses, looking for a sign of the tribe
[2009/09/17 5:12] Franziskus Ninetails suddenly hestitates, looking at the docks... seeing a shadow. He hands the glasses to his boy and points quietly at the docks
[2009/09/17 5:12] Mickael Pevensey take the glasses from his Master hand and look at the dock then nods to his Master
[2009/09/17 5:13] Xaxat feels a rubmbling in his tummy, a premontion that a new life is about open to him.
[2009/09/17 5:13] Franziskus Ninetails whispers "Maybe this time we can catch one?"
[2009/09/17 5:13] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 5:14] Franziskus Ninetails: you sneak from the lake side, I'll come from the swamp side. We'll try to catch him!
[2009/09/17 5:14] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 5:16] Franziskus Ninetails squats behind some palms and bushes and watches the savage guy on the docks
[2009/09/17 5:16] Xaxat dangles his feet in the water, at peace with his world.
[2009/09/17 5:16] Franziskus Ninetails observes the environment, if there are others and this might be a trap.
[2009/09/17 5:17] Mickael Pevensey take his position and look his Master from far, and look the stranger
[2009/09/17 5:17] Xaxat spreads his legs and strokes his man-thing, wishing one of his younger brothers was here to play
[2009/09/17 5:19] Xaxat cocks his head, hearing an odd sound as of a powerful beast, but knows that all the beast on the island are his friends.
[2009/09/17 5:19] Franziskus Ninetails grins as he sees the savage boy play with his boy-part, trying to avoid his own arousal watching the boy doing so. His eyes searching at the horizon for his boy, recognizing him hiding behind some bushes. He waves quietly with his bow to command his boy closer and get his bow ready
[2009/09/17 5:20] Xaxat closes his eyes, trying to think which of his brothers he will put his thing in tonight.
[2009/09/17 5:21] Mickael Pevensey observe the wild boy seams he is good with the beast on this Island , look on any sign of his Master, then see his Master sign and move slowly with hsi bow ready
[2009/09/17 5:22] Mickael Pevensey hide after a tree and continue to observe the wild boy on the bridge
[2009/09/17 5:22] Xaxat sees a strange beast, in form of a man, across the waters. He gets up quietly and moves to the safety of the junlge.
[2009/09/17 5:22] Franziskus Ninetails crouching behind the bushes, his arrow aiming at the savage boy... he hestitates, as the young rascal seems too handsome to shoot at him.
[2009/09/17 5:24] Mickael Pevensey see the wild boy moving hesitate to attack him with no order from his Master
[2009/09/17 5:24] Xaxat peers from behind a bush, struck by the stranger's beauty.
[2009/09/17 5:25] Franziskus Ninetails swears as he sees, that the savage seems to recognized him and is runnin away... to his boy's direction. He waves to his boy to get ready to catch him, while he will chase him in his direction
[2009/09/17 5:25] Xaxat cralws out for a better look
[2009/09/17 5:25] Mickael Pevensey sneak around the place to have a better view of the awesome wild boy
[2009/09/17 5:26] Xaxat feels a pain in his heart at this beauty, which cannot be real.
[2009/09/17 5:26] Mickael Pevensey get hsi bow ready to shoot the wil boy
[2009/09/17 5:27] Xaxat resolves to drink less palm wine tomorrow, and not be pained by such visions.
[2009/09/17 5:27] Franziskus Ninetails runs to the savage, screaming scary and waving his arms "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"
[2009/09/17 5:27] Xaxat sees his faithful wolf companions
[2009/09/17 5:28] Xaxat loos around strateld.
[2009/09/17 5:28] Xaxat runs in panice
[2009/09/17 5:28] Gorean Meter 2.7.7: Mickael Pevensey Has Captured Xaxat!
[2009/09/17 5:29] Xaxat moans and falls to the ground
[2009/09/17 5:29] Franziskus Ninetails sheaths his bow and pets his boy's head. "You got him, my boy!"
[2009/09/17 5:30] Franziskus Ninetails: now better go and bind him. I'll see, if there are any more of them around here!
[2009/09/17 5:30] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 5:30] Mickael Pevensey take a rope from his pouch
[2009/09/17 5:30] Xaxat stirs on the ground
[2009/09/17 5:31] Mickael Pevensey turn the wild boy on his belly then grab the hand of the wild boy and tied them with a gorean knot
[2009/09/17 5:31] Xaxat grunst thru the haze
[2009/09/17 5:32] Xaxat feels the strenght of his captor, just as in his dreams.
[2009/09/17 5:32] Mickael Pevensey grab another piece of rope from his pouch and tied the legs the same way as the hands
[2009/09/17 5:32] Mickael Pevensey look his Master and go near the wild boy
[2009/09/17 5:32] Xaxat moans as his mouth fills with dirt
[2009/09/17 5:33] Mickael Pevensey look carrefully the body and the clothe of the boy, be surprise to found no weapons on any kind on him
[2009/09/17 5:33] Franziskus Ninetails looks down at the savage boy, then to his Wolf "Did you search him for weapons?"
[2009/09/17 5:33] Mickael Pevensey: seams he have no weapons my Master
[2009/09/17 5:34] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm, he's quite dirty, isn't he?
[2009/09/17 5:34] Xaxat comes to consiousness... feeling hands on his body.. not his brothers' hands, rougher more powerful
[2009/09/17 5:34] Mickael Pevensey: seams he not have a bath from long time
[2009/09/17 5:34] Franziskus Ninetails: better cut off his... what is it? ... ropes? and search EVERY part, my boy!
[2009/09/17 5:34] Xaxat hears strange gutteral noises as of birds
[2009/09/17 5:35] Franziskus Ninetails: who knows where those Barbarians are hiding their weapons
[2009/09/17 5:35] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 5:37] Mickael Pevensey kneel near the boy
[2009/09/17 5:38] Mickael Pevensey sit on the leg of the boy and cut the ropes
[2009/09/17 5:38] Franziskus Ninetails reaches for his dagger, pulls it
[2009/09/17 5:39] Xaxat squrims at the binding and cries out: " IXT TITT Taa ita taitaa!!!!!"
[2009/09/17 5:39] Mickael Pevensey grab the 2 feet and open the leg boy spread
[2009/09/17 5:39] Xaxat looks furkousy at strange men-like- beasts
[2009/09/17 5:40] Xaxat feels his leg sprad and grunst angrily. "" II T xxii at xxtti"
[2009/09/17 5:40] Mickael Pevensey slide his and in the silk and on the butt crak to see if the boy hide some weapons or any object able to use to escape
[2009/09/17 5:41] Mickael Pevensey: seam nothing hide on there my Master
[2009/09/17 5:41] Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows "Hmmm, they seem to not speak Gorean... " - looks to his boy - "... that might make communication a bit difficult, my boy!"
[2009/09/17 5:41] Xaxat spit at the beast for touching him there
[2009/09/17 5:41] Mickael Pevensey: me grab firmly the feet and join the 2 feet again
[2009/09/17 5:42] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master seam he not speak like us
[2009/09/17 5:42] Xaxat grunts and scowls
[2009/09/17 5:42] Mickael Pevensey give a spank to the boy for make him quiet and remain in silence
[2009/09/17 5:43] Mickael Pevensey take a rope from his pouch and tied the wild boy feet again
[2009/09/17 5:43] Xaxat's ass is spanked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 5:43] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Franziskus Ninetails spanks Xaxat hard!
[2009/09/17 5:43] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Mickael Pevensey spanks Xaxat hard!
[2009/09/17 5:43] Xaxat sneers and pulls at the ropes
[2009/09/17 5:43] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Mickael Pevensey ties Xaxat's feet together.
[2009/09/17 5:43] Franziskus Ninetails spanks the butt too, showing his boy how to do it "You see, my boy. Harder!"
[2009/09/17 5:43] Mickael Pevensey turn the boy over
[2009/09/17 5:44] Mickael Pevensey: yes my master
[2009/09/17 5:44] Franziskus Ninetails looks at the savage, mumbling "Hmmmm, he's cute. But.... dirty!"
[2009/09/17 5:44] Franziskus Ninetails: Drag him up to the cave, mine
[2009/09/17 5:45] Mickael Pevensey look surprise of the fashion og the silk, and slip it out the boy body, make sure he not hide something there
[2009/09/17 5:45] Mickael Pevensey look he Master, he really need a bath my Master
[2009/09/17 5:46] Mickael Pevensey: peni*
[2009/09/17 5:46] Mickael Pevensey: hehe
[2009/09/17 5:46] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Oh my boy... always so clean. You can scrub and brush him before we interrogate him, if you want to, my boy"
[2009/09/17 5:47] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 5:47] Franziskus Ninetails searches the horizon again and again, if there are no other savages coming to help their fellow
[2009/09/17 5:48] Mickael Pevensey: i see a waterfall near the cave we found my Master maybe a good place to clean him ?
[2009/09/17 5:48] Mickael Pevensey: i have*
[2009/09/17 5:48] Mickael Pevensey stand and take his bow ready in case the boy will run
[2009/09/17 5:50] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmm, I saw an old bath behind the swamp... well, drag him wherever you think it's better and clean him a bit. I'm waiting up in the cave, my boy
[2009/09/17 5:51] Mickael Pevensey sheath his bow and take a rope from his pouch, grab the boy neck and lattach the rope on the boy neck
[2009/09/17 5:52] Xaxat sighs, resigned to his fate from these stange powerful men
[2009/09/17 5:52] Mickael Pevensey: readdy for clean the wild boy my Master
[2009/09/17 5:52] Franziskus Ninetails: well, you have your orders.. go and get him clean
[2009/09/17 5:53] Mickael Pevensey yank the leach and force the boy to come with me
[2009/09/17 5:53] Xaxat is dragged alont the steps

{dragged to the bath. out of chat-range for a while}

[2009/09/17 5:59] Xaxat relaxes to the tender touch, as when his brothers bathe him.
[2009/09/17 5:59] Mickael Pevensey touch softly the boy hair and make his face clean
[2009/09/17 6:00] Franziskus Ninetails: my boy, you're getting your silks wet!
[2009/09/17 6:00] Xaxat presents his chest for washing
[2009/09/17 6:00] Mickael Pevensey slowly descend with his hand on the boy torse, with soft move take out the dust and mud from the boy chest
[2009/09/17 6:01] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master his already i clean it after the force swiming i have made in the dirty river
[2009/09/17 6:01] Xaxat feels his boy-thing throb from the tender touch of the strange man-beast
[2009/09/17 6:02] Xaxat feels the hot eyes of the other man-beast on him.
[2009/09/17 6:02] Mickael Pevensey grab the hip off the boy and begin to clean his boy part, slide his hand softly to the penis and stroke hit inoncently
[2009/09/17 6:02] Xaxat moans at the touch.
[2009/09/17 6:02] Mickael Pevensey smiles when see the boy arrousal and ear the moams on his touch
[2009/09/17 6:03] Franziskus Ninetails picks a culm, chewing on it, watching his boy clean the savage. He scratches his balls under his kilt "Don't forget his boyparts and butthole, my boy, unless you want to clean it with your tongue!"
[2009/09/17 6:03] Xaxat's Cock is lightly stroked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 6:03] Mickael Pevensey turn the boy to see his back
[2009/09/17 6:03] Xaxat leans into the man-beast, craving more
[2009/09/17 6:04] Mickael Pevensey slowly pass his hand on the boys back and descend softly to the buttcrack
[2009/09/17 6:04] Xaxat relaxs his butt more this time, not fearing an assault
[2009/09/17 6:04] Mickael Pevensey slide is finger around the butt crack and the ass hole of the boy look on the boy reaction
[2009/09/17 6:05] Xaxat but clinches tght where no man has gone.
[2009/09/17 6:05] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey pats Xaxat gently on the ass.
[2009/09/17 6:05] Xaxat is breathing a little heavily.
[2009/09/17 6:05] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey slides a finger deep into Xaxat's ass, causing him to squirm.
[2009/09/17 6:06] Xaxat is most definitely aroused.
[2009/09/17 6:06] Xaxat feels his boy part throb as his brother's do when he touches them this way
[2009/09/17 6:06] Mickael Pevensey tease a little the boy ass see the boy react on his touch, then continue to descend to the legs
[2009/09/17 6:06] Xaxat curls up his face in fear.
[2009/09/17 6:07] Mickael Pevensey see the boy be nervous and wash the legs and the feet rapidly
[2009/09/17 6:08] Xaxat enjoys the clean feeling, but is cautious about what they will do to him next.
[2009/09/17 6:08] Mickael Pevensey be satisty by the boy cleaning turn the boy again, and made a soft massage on the boy hair, just enough for make his hair dry better but not to make him pain or fear
[2009/09/17 6:09] Xaxat sighs to the gentle touch of the man-beast
[2009/09/17 6:09] Mickael Pevensey take the boy out of the shower and rip his silk off
[2009/09/17 6:10] Xaxat looks at the manbeast's stunning body, that first entrapped him on the piier
[2009/09/17 6:10] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm, remind me that we have to produce soap, my boy. I think I know how to make it out of sleens talk or something.....
[2009/09/17 6:10] Mickael Pevensey clean his silk under the shower, cut the water and dry his silk a bit
[2009/09/17 6:11] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:11] Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand out "Toss me your silks, my lil devil"
[2009/09/17 6:11] Mickael Pevensey place his slik on his pouch and grag softly the boy out the shower
[2009/09/17 6:11] Xaxat takes the cloth from the manbeast's hand and motions as if to wash him...
[2009/09/17 6:11] Franziskus Ninetails: and then drag the beast up to the cave
[2009/09/17 6:11] Mickael Pevensey take his silk out his pouch and handle it to his MAster
[2009/09/17 6:12] Mickael Pevensey take the leash and yank gently the boy
[2009/09/17 6:12] Franziskus Ninetails attaches his boy's silks to his belt and walks towards the cave
[2009/09/17 6:13] Xaxat struggles to keep up
[2009/09/17 6:14] Xaxat is frigghtedd... the Forbidden Cave, where we never go
[2009/09/17 6:14] Franziskus Ninetails: tie him to the post, my boy
[2009/09/17 6:14] Mickael Pevensey look at the boy and yank him in the cave
[2009/09/17 6:14] Franziskus Ninetails: ((hehe - this is the tribe's cave; we occupied it))
[2009/09/17 6:15] Franziskus Ninetails hangs his boy's silks on the rocks for drying before he joins his boy and the captive in the cave
[2009/09/17 6:15] Mickael Pevensey grab the boy right ankles and place a leather cuff on it
[2009/09/17 6:15] Xaxat: ((or all the tinkering I did))
[2009/09/17 6:16] Xaxat kicks back as the manbeat attemps to cuff him.
[2009/09/17 6:16] Franziskus Ninetails: ((but the idea with the "forbidden cave" is good. we can use that for the lower cave, which would explain, why the tribe never got there?))
[2009/09/17 6:16] Xaxat: Its TTTTI XXIA!!!!!
[2009/09/17 6:16] Mickael Pevensey: grab the left ankle and place the second cuff on it
[2009/09/17 6:17] Mickael Pevensey turn the boy and grab the left hand then lace the cuff on it
[2009/09/17 6:17] Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Hmmmm, maybe he knows my friend Ixaka? It sounded like that."
[2009/09/17 6:17] Mickael Pevensey do the same for the second hand
[2009/09/17 6:17] Mickael Pevensey grab the boy by his neck and force him firmly to the post
[2009/09/17 6:18] Franziskus Ninetails takes off his bow and spear, while his boy is tying up the captive
[2009/09/17 6:18] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat struggles
[2009/09/17 6:18] Mickael Pevensey kneel and cut the legs ropes
[2009/09/17 6:18] Xaxat screams in rage
[2009/09/17 6:19] Mickael Pevensey attache the left anckles to the post and after turn for make the same to the right one
[2009/09/17 6:19] Mickael Pevensey stand and turn around the boy
[2009/09/17 6:20] Xaxat starts to lose his arousal
[2009/09/17 6:20] Franziskus Ninetails draws his dagger and hands it to his boy, so he can easier cut the captives ropes
[2009/09/17 6:21] Mickael Pevensey go on the back of the boy grab his neck with on arms, give him suffisant presure to make him understand to behave
[2009/09/17 6:21] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat arches back in pain
[2009/09/17 6:21] Xaxat nods assent
[2009/09/17 6:22] Xaxat gazes at the powerful body of the othe man-beast
[2009/09/17 6:22] Mickael Pevensey grab grab the head of one arrows and cut the rope on the boy hands
[2009/09/17 6:22] Mickael Pevensey grab rapidly the right hand and attach it on the post with his hand free
[2009/09/17 6:22] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Mickael Pevensey finishes cutting Xaxat loose allowing them to escape.
[2009/09/17 6:22] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Xaxat was bound for 0 hour and 36 min.
[2009/09/17 6:22] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat slumps
[2009/09/17 6:22] Franziskus Ninetails's eyes wander from the captive to his boy... down his chest.. his belly... to his caged cock. He slaps his forehead
[2009/09/17 6:23] Mickael Pevensey take the left hand and attach it to the post
[2009/09/17 6:23] Mickael Pevensey verify the boy is well attach and return to his Master
[2009/09/17 6:24] Mickael Pevensey grappe his painfull penis
[2009/09/17 6:24] Franziskus Ninetails waits till his boy has finished binding the captive, then commands him closer "Come closer, my boy"
[2009/09/17 6:24] Xaxat slump against the chains, but cannot control his arousal at the body of the powerful Man-Beast
[2009/09/17 6:24] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:24] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his boy, wraps one arm around him "Open your mouth!"
[2009/09/17 6:25] Mickael Pevensey open his mouth for his Master
[2009/09/17 6:25] Franziskus Ninetails takes the little key from under his boy's tongue
[2009/09/17 6:25] Mickael Pevensey: lift his tongue and let appear the key for his Master
[2009/09/17 6:25] Franziskus Ninetails reaches with the key in his hand down to his boy's dick
[2009/09/17 6:26] Franziskus Ninetails: you were wearing this {cock cage} long enough, my boy!
[2009/09/17 6:26] Xaxat watches with fear and interest, wondering if they eat metal to be so strong.
[2009/09/17 6:26] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:26] Franziskus Ninetails fondles with the little padlock, turns the key. Then removes lace by lace the cage from his boy's dick
[2009/09/17 6:26] Mickael Pevensey feel better to know the cage will be retrieve by his Master, his penis give him more and more pain
[2009/09/17 6:27] Mickael Pevensey feel his blood run again in his penis and slowly recover his sens
[2009/09/17 6:29] Franziskus Ninetails frowns at the bruises where the cock-cage cut into his boy's meat. He gently strokes it to encourage the blood-circulation
[2009/09/17 6:29] Mickael Pevensey feel the pinch pain from the stroke but feel the blood-circulation make his cock less pain
[2009/09/17 6:30] Mickael Pevensey feel the arrousal cause by the pain and his Master stroking
[2009/09/17 6:30] Mickael Pevensey moams a bit
[2009/09/17 6:31] Franziskus Ninetails sees the blood returnin into his boy's dick and smiles "Better, my lil devil?"
[2009/09/17 6:31] Mickael is breathing a little heavily.
[2009/09/17 6:31] Xaxat eyes widen at the young man-beast's penis.
[2009/09/17 6:31] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:32] Franziskus Ninetails nods and ruffles his boy's hair
[2009/09/17 6:32] Mickael Pevensey smiles to his Master
[2009/09/17 6:32] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat struggles
[2009/09/17 6:32] Mick's hair whispers: Franziskus Ninetails pets Mickael on the head. Good boy!
[2009/09/17 6:32] Xaxat tests his ropes.
[2009/09/17 6:32] Franziskus Ninetails turns to the captive "Now to you, beast!"
[2009/09/17 6:32] Mickael Pevensey feel his Master touch on his hair, have a shiver and feel his hair begin again spykie
[2009/09/17 6:32] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat slumps
[2009/09/17 6:33] Xaxat ' s eyes follo the man...
[2009/09/17 6:33] Mickael Pevensey depose his bow on the ground near his feets
[2009/09/17 6:33] Franziskus Ninetails's hand reaches for the captive's most sensitive parts
[2009/09/17 6:34] Franziskus Ninetails closes his fist around the beast's balls and command "Look at me!"
[2009/09/17 6:34] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes Xaxat's balls roughly.
[2009/09/17 6:34] Xaxat pulls agasint the chain, fearing he iwell be castrared or worse
[2009/09/17 6:34] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat arches back in major pain
[2009/09/17 6:35] Xaxat looks at the older man-beast angrily.
[2009/09/17 6:35] Mickael Pevensey look the wild boy struggling on the post
[2009/09/17 6:35] Franziskus Ninetails speaks extremely slow and clearly "You. Speak. Our. Language?"
[2009/09/17 6:35] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes Xaxat's balls roughly.
[2009/09/17 6:35] Franziskus Ninetails increases the pressure on the balls to emphasize his question
[2009/09/17 6:35] Xaxat: TTa xti ti Ti ti TA!!!
[2009/09/17 6:35] Mickael Pevensey frown when he see the wild boy look at his Master with anfry eyes
[2009/09/17 6:36] Xaxat spits at the man-beast who holds his balls.
[2009/09/17 6:37] Xaxat: TTTA TXA TI XXTA. Z!
[2009/09/17 6:37] Mickael Pevensey look at his Master of any sign from him , know his Master will lead his reaction
[2009/09/17 6:37] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes the balls once more as the beast spits at him. Then he lets off the balls, whipes the spit from his chest and smirks evil
[2009/09/17 6:37] Xaxat cries alound
[2009/09/17 6:37] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his boy "Hmmm, what do you think he's trying to say, my boy?"
[2009/09/17 6:38] Franziskus Ninetails: maybe "lube me up well, before you fuck me"?
[2009/09/17 6:38] Mickael Pevensey: i am not sure once he make strang noise and after he look angry, not sure how to communicate with him, my Master
[2009/09/17 6:38] Mickael Pevensey: but.....
[2009/09/17 6:39] Franziskus Ninetails: go and get my whip, my boy. Even if he doesn't understand our language, he will learn not to spit at me!
[2009/09/17 6:39] Mickael Pevensey: my Master when i observe him before capped him i see he have the trust of animals
[2009/09/17 6:39] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:39] Xaxat looks between the two man-beast. Are they speaking of letting him go?
[2009/09/17 6:39] Mickael Pevensey go to the safety kennel to take his Master whip
[2009/09/17 6:40] Xaxat follows teh younger softer manbeast with his eyes.
[2009/09/17 6:41] Mickael Pevensey prsent his hand wide ope with the whip in
[2009/09/17 6:41] Franziskus Ninetails turns to the captive's back, mumbling though he's sure, he doesn't understand him "The language of the whip is universal, beast. You'll learn quickly not to spit at me"
[2009/09/17 6:41] Mickael Pevensey: and wait his Master get his whip from his hand
[2009/09/17 6:41] Franziskus Ninetails takes the whip out of his boy's hand and nods to him that he steps back a bit
[2009/09/17 6:41] Xaxat yanks hard at the chains when hesees the whip
[2009/09/17 6:41] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat struggles
[2009/09/17 6:41] Mickael Pevensey: me step back to not be on the way of his master
[2009/09/17 6:42] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: [Franziskus Ninetails - Ch.1]: draw whip
[2009/09/17 6:42] Mickael Pevensey make a move with his hand to show the boy he not behave correctly
[2009/09/17 6:42] Xaxat quiverrs
[2009/09/17 6:43] Franziskus Ninetails takes off his kilt and tosses it into a corner, as it would only disturb
[2009/09/17 6:43] Xaxat pisses himself in fear
[2009/09/17 6:44] Mickael Pevensey: me go to the corner the silk of his Master fall and take on his hand then clean it and remove all the dust on it
[2009/09/17 6:44] Franziskus Ninetails swings the whip threatening, let it snap in the air before he aims at the beast's back. He smirks as he sees the beast pissing himself
[2009/09/17 6:44] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat arches back in major pain
[2009/09/17 6:45] Franziskus Ninetails snaps the whip on the beast's back. "I will teach you....."
[2009/09/17 6:45] Franziskus Ninetails swings it again
[2009/09/17 6:45] Xaxat yowls, his voice echoing throught the cave
[2009/09/17 6:45] Xaxat: EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIII!!!!!
[2009/09/17 6:45] Franziskus Ninetails: ....not to...
[2009/09/17 6:45] Xaxat: eeeeeeieiIIIIi!!!
[2009/09/17 6:46] Franziskus Ninetails: .... spit at....
[2009/09/17 6:46] Franziskus Ninetails:!
[2009/09/17 6:46] Franziskus Ninetails: beast!
[2009/09/17 6:46] Xaxat: EEEIEIEIIEEII!!!!
[2009/09/17 6:46] Mickael Pevensey know by experience to never make such behaviour on his Master
[2009/09/17 6:46] Xaxat: EEEEEIIIIXT XT TTTTTT IIIIII!!!
[2009/09/17 6:46] Mickael Pevensey shiver on each whip my Master do on the wild boy
[2009/09/17 6:47] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat slumps
[2009/09/17 6:47] Xaxat slumps against his chains
[2009/09/17 6:47] Franziskus Ninetails takes a short break, watching the bruises and whip-marks appear on the savage's back, getting a bit aroused from the view
[2009/09/17 6:47] Mickael Pevensey decide to look the expression of the wild boy, but say on distance
[2009/09/17 6:47] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat cries
[2009/09/17 6:48] Xaxat looks back pleading with his eyes
[2009/09/17 6:48] Xaxat: ti xxxa tz ai.
[2009/09/17 6:49] Mickael Pevensey go on distance but face the boy
[2009/09/17 6:49] Franziskus Ninetails swings the whip again, testing it in the air, trying once more "So, I'll ask you again, beast...." - emphasizing every word with another swat....
[2009/09/17 6:49] Franziskus Ninetails: DO
[2009/09/17 6:50] Xaxat looks to the younger man-beasht for mery
[2009/09/17 6:50] Franziskus Ninetails: YOU
[2009/09/17 6:50] Xaxat: EIEIEIEIEIEIIIIIII!
[2009/09/17 6:50] Franziskus Ninetails: SPEAK
[2009/09/17 6:50] Franziskus Ninetails: OUR
[2009/09/17 6:50] Mickael Pevensey: me wait the attention of the boy and when i have split on the air then return and look the boy, with a sign of his hand show a no
[2009/09/17 6:50] Xaxat howls and howls
[2009/09/17 6:50] Franziskus Ninetails: LANGUAGE???
[2009/09/17 6:50] Xaxat: EEEEiiiii EEeeii EEEIIII!
[2009/09/17 6:50] Franziskus Ninetails sheathes the whip
[2009/09/17 6:51] Franziskus Ninetails to his boy "Did he say 'aye'?"
[2009/09/17 6:51] Xaxat summons on a memor of this tongue from a passing sailor... what was it
[2009/09/17 6:51] Mickael Pevensey: more EEEiiii, my Master
[2009/09/17 6:52] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm, that makes it more difficult
[2009/09/17 6:52] Xaxat thinks it was a greeting a peace offering?
[2009/09/17 6:52] Mickael Pevensey yes my Master
[2009/09/17 6:52] Xaxat articulates as clearly as he remember it " Fuk yu."
[2009/09/17 6:52] Xaxat smiles at having given the man-beast what they wanted.
[2009/09/17 6:52] Mickael Pevensey step back by surprise... then look his Master.....
[2009/09/17 6:53] Franziskus Ninetails points with his chin to the inner cave "Go and get a bucket with water to clean him from his piss and blood"
[2009/09/17 6:53] Xaxat babbles happily: "fuk yu fuk yu fuk yu"
[2009/09/17 6:53] Mickael Pevensey: do he say f..u..c..k y..o..u my Master ?
[2009/09/17 6:53] Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Did he just say 'fuck you'???"
[2009/09/17 6:53] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, I heard it too
[2009/09/17 6:53] Franziskus Ninetails growls
[2009/09/17 6:53] Mickael Pevensey: look his Master more surprise we both understand
[2009/09/17 6:53] Xaxat beams at hearing the young man-beast's voice.
[2009/09/17 6:54] Xaxat shouts: FUK YU!!!
[2009/09/17 6:54] Mickael Pevensey grab the boy shin and lift his head look on the boy eyes and sign agan with his head that is not good answer
[2009/09/17 6:55] Mickael Pevensey the show his anger on the way the boy behaviour on his Master
[2009/09/17 6:55] Xaxat looks into the soft manbeast's sweet eyes and whispers tenderly: "fuk yu"
[2009/09/17 6:56] Mickael Pevensey: do he know what fuck you mean my Master or is just something he say without know ?
[2009/09/17 6:57] Xaxat looks to the strong man-beast with the powerful cock, saying proudly: Fuk yu. Fuk yu. Fuk yu.
[2009/09/17 6:57] Franziskus Ninetails slowly shakes his head. "I don't think so, my boy. He seems to think it's something nice... well, actually: It is!"
[2009/09/17 6:57] Mickael Pevensey: mmmm this wild boy is strange
[2009/09/17 6:57] Franziskus Ninetails: now go and get the water as I commanded, or do you want to be tied up next to him, my boy?"
[2009/09/17 6:57] Mickael Pevensey: maybe you need fuck him to communicte with him better my Master
[2009/09/17 6:58] Mickael Pevensey: no my Master
[2009/09/17 6:58] Xaxat smiles at hearing the soff man-beast saying "fuk"
[2009/09/17 6:58] Franziskus Ninetails nods "That I already thought of, mine"
[2009/09/17 6:58] Mickael Pevensey slowly move to get a great bowl with water
[2009/09/17 6:59] Franziskus Ninetails steps closer, reaches for the captives chin and lifts his face. Looking into his eyes he says clearly "Fuck. you." - shakes his head heavily "no. good."
[2009/09/17 7:00] Xaxat thrusts his forward against the strong man-beasts cock
[2009/09/17 7:00] Mickael Pevensey take the more great bowl i found on my way and kneel over the clean waterfall, then fill the bowl with the water and return to his Master, taking care to note loose a bit of the water on his way back
[2009/09/17 7:00] Xaxat watches the strong man-beasts lips.. forming... words?
[2009/09/17 7:00] Franziskus Ninetails sighs "Oh my, how to explain that....". Frowns as the beast thrusts his hips "You want more ball-squeezing? Is that what you are trying to tell me?"
[2009/09/17 7:00] Mickael Pevensey go near his Master and present the clean water bowl to his Master
[2009/09/17 7:00] Xaxat adjusts his pronunciation: "Fuck. You. No. Good."
[2009/09/17 7:01] Xaxat: No. Good. Fuck. You.
[2009/09/17 7:01] Xaxat: Fuck. You. Good.
[2009/09/17 7:01] Xaxat loosk for approval.
[2009/09/17 7:01] Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boy as he returns with the water "pour it over him, my boy"
[2009/09/17 7:02] Mickael Pevensey move near the boy and pour all the bowl over him
[2009/09/17 7:03] Xaxat shivers at the shock of the cold water all over his hair and body.
[2009/09/17 7:05] Franziskus Ninetails steps a bit closer again, pointing at himself "Me. Franzi!" - points at his boy "He. Wolf". Repeats "Woooooooooolf"
[2009/09/17 7:05] Franziskus Ninetails looks into the beast's eyes for any sign of understanding
[2009/09/17 7:06] Xaxat puckers his lips together like a kiss. "Wooooolf"
[2009/09/17 7:06] Franziskus Ninetails beams and nods "Very good"
[2009/09/17 7:06] Mickael Pevensey: yes yes that it
[2009/09/17 7:06] Xaxat points his lips at the soft man-beast "Woooooolf?"
[2009/09/17 7:06] Mickael Pevensey look to the boy point his finger on his chest and say... "me wolf"
[2009/09/17 7:07] Franziskus Ninetails sticks his finger into the savage's chest "and you????"
[2009/09/17 7:07] Xaxat curls his lips like his is sucking his brother's cock.. this one is hardwr... "Ffrranzi"
[2009/09/17 7:07] Mickael Pevensey then point on the boy chest you ???
[2009/09/17 7:08] Xaxat speaks in his own tonuge: "Xaxat"
[2009/09/17 7:08] Xaxat points a finger to himself.
[2009/09/17 7:08] Franziskus Ninetails points again at himself "Franzi" - points at Mick "Wolf" - then lays his palm on the beast's chest "Xaxat?"
[2009/09/17 7:08] Xaxat: Xaxat Fuck You.
[2009/09/17 7:09] Xaxat: Xaxat Fuck Wolf
[2009/09/17 7:09] Mickael Pevensey: do i understand good my Master, his name is Xaxat ?
[2009/09/17 7:09] Xaxat: Xaxat Fuck Franzi Good
[2009/09/17 7:09] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and gently shakes his head "No. Franzi. Fuck. Xaxat"
[2009/09/17 7:09] Mickael Pevensey look surprise... " do he want fuck me my Master ? ! ?
[2009/09/17 7:10] Xaxat watches strong one's mouth: "Franzi fuck xaxat?"
[2009/09/17 7:10] Franziskus Ninetails: I don't know, if he knows what 'fuck' means, my boy
[2009/09/17 7:10] Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath "We have to demonstrate, I think"
[2009/09/17 7:10] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 7:10] Xaxat: you Xaxat fuck good, no?
[2009/09/17 7:11] Franziskus Ninetails: my boy, get behind him and lube him with your tongue. It's the only way to show him the meaning of 'fuck'
[2009/09/17 7:11] Mickael Pevensey: strange my Master on our contact some gorean word come in his language
[2009/09/17 7:11] Xaxat babbles on delirious: "fuck fuck fuck fuck good you no Wolf Franzi fuck fuck fuck"
[2009/09/17 7:11] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat looks back
[2009/09/17 7:12] Xaxat smliels as soft man-beast... as Wolf moves behind him.
[2009/09/17 7:12] Mickael Pevensey run on the back of the wild boy take some lub on his pouch
[2009/09/17 7:13] Franziskus Ninetails sticks again a finger to the captive's chest "Xaxat...." - slides his fingers to the nipples and explains like a teacher, while he pinches the nipples "Xaxat's nipples"....
[2009/09/17 7:13] Mickael Pevensey cover his finger with the lub and begin to turn around the buttcrak of the wild boy
[2009/09/17 7:14] Xaxat: Xaxat.. nipple
[2009/09/17 7:14] Franziskus Ninetails beams and nods exited, as the savage is learning fast
[2009/09/17 7:14] Mickael Pevensey slowly open the buttcrack with his finger and begin to turn around the hole with it
[2009/09/17 7:14] Franziskus Ninetails slides his finger down the beast's abs "Xaxat's belly"
[2009/09/17 7:14] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey slides a finger deep into Xaxat's ass, causing him to squirm.
[2009/09/17 7:15] Xaxat moans low "woooooooolf"
[2009/09/17 7:15] Franziskus Ninetails smiles as the captive's body tenses with his boy's finger in his butt, growing a bit
[2009/09/17 7:15] Mickael Pevensey push a little more his finger near the ass hole of the boy
[2009/09/17 7:16] Xaxat giggles "xaxat belly"
[2009/09/17 7:16] Xaxat: wooooooolfy
[2009/09/17 7:16] Xaxat: Franze Fuck Xaxat Belly?
[2009/09/17 7:16] Franziskus Ninetails smiles holding up his finger and nods "yes! finger!" wiggles his finger "Wolf. Finger. fuck. Xaxat"
[2009/09/17 7:17] Xaxat: Wolf Finger FUCK xaxat!!
[2009/09/17 7:17] Franziskus Ninetails nods exited "Yes! Wolf's finger fucks Xaxat!"
[2009/09/17 7:17] Mickael Pevensey push his finger in the ass hole of the boy making round with and open more the hole of the boy
[2009/09/17 7:17] Xaxat feels a wave of understanding was over him
[2009/09/17 7:17] Xaxat: *wash
[2009/09/17 7:18] Mickael Pevensey look on his Master command to push his all finger into the boy hole
[2009/09/17 7:18] Xaxat pushes back onto wolf's finger, babbling happily: Wolf finger fuck Xaxat! Wolf Finger fuck xaxat!
[2009/09/17 7:19] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey slides a finger deep into Xaxat's ass, causing him to squirm.
[2009/09/17 7:19] Xaxat almost forgets never having been touched there before and yelps as he in invaded
[2009/09/17 7:19] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey slides a finger deep into Xaxat's ass, causing him to squirm.
[2009/09/17 7:19] Franziskus Ninetails looks around the captive to his boy, nods. "It seems he understands, my boy. Try more fingers"
[2009/09/17 7:19] Xaxat pulls at the chains panckingy
[2009/09/17 7:20] Xaxat: no no no fuck xaxat no fuck xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:20] Mickael Pevensey nods to his Master and enter a second finger in the boy asshole push them together and deeper
[2009/09/17 7:20] Xaxat looks pleasdingl a sgtrong master
[2009/09/17 7:20] Franziskus Ninetails questioning to the beast "no. fuck you. Xaxat?"
[2009/09/17 7:21] Xaxat whimpers as his pride and joy is invaded... no brothers ever been there..
[2009/09/17 7:21] Mickael Pevensey prepare his 3 finger for the boy ass
[2009/09/17 7:21] Xaxat cries with shame and humiliation
[2009/09/17 7:21] Franziskus Ninetails nods confirming "Yes. fuck you. Xaxat"
[2009/09/17 7:21] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat cries
[2009/09/17 7:22] Mickael Pevensey begin to move in and out his 2 finger into the boy asshole
[2009/09/17 7:22] Xaxat: no no no no no no no fuck xaxat!
[2009/09/17 7:22] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles to his boy "I think, he's starting to understand the meaning of 'fuck you', my boy."
[2009/09/17 7:22] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 7:22] Xaxat: no no no no fuck Xaxat!!!!!
[2009/09/17 7:22] Mickael Pevensey: i am ready with the 3 finger my Master
[2009/09/17 7:23] Xaxat looks down, betrayed by his cock.
[2009/09/17 7:23] Xaxat's ass whispers: Mickael Pevensey slides a finger deep into Xaxat's ass, causing him to squirm.
[2009/09/17 7:23] Franziskus Ninetails watches the beast struggling "Hmmm, he's a virgin, my lil devil? What do you think?"
[2009/09/17 7:23] Xaxat looks depserate at strogn man-ebeast.. at Franzi
[2009/09/17 7:24] Mickael Pevensey get out with 2 finger and prepare to the 4 finger, but stop on his move as his Master ask him .....
[2009/09/17 7:24] Mickael Pevensey: yes i think he never be touch before my Master
[2009/09/17 7:25] Xaxat scream with pain and humiliation
[2009/09/17 7:25] Xaxat bends over his sholder and spits af Wolf
[2009/09/17 7:25] Mickael Pevensey prepare his fingers and move on the hole of the boy
[2009/09/17 7:25] Xaxat: NO FUCK XAXAT!!!
[2009/09/17 7:25] Franziskus Ninetails sticks his finger again to the beast, slides it down to it's cock and grabs it with his fist "This: cock." - repeats "Coooooock" - strokes it lightly to distract it from the pain in his ass "Xaxat's cock"
[2009/09/17 7:26] Xaxat: ahhhh.... ahhh ahhhh
[2009/09/17 7:26] Mickael Pevensey receive the split on his face and get angry
[2009/09/17 7:26] Xaxat's Cock is lightly stroked by Franziskus Ninetails.
[2009/09/17 7:26] Mickael Pevensey: push his 3 finger rougly into the boy ass
[2009/09/17 7:27] Franziskus Ninetails graps angrily the beast's balls as it spits at his boy "Balls! Xaxat's Balls."
[2009/09/17 7:27] Mickael Pevensey get in and out angain and again
[2009/09/17 7:27] Xaxat squeeze his ass on WOlf's finger, trying to pust them out like nasty turd
[2009/09/17 7:27] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes Xaxat's balls roughly.
[2009/09/17 7:27] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes them hard and explains "PAIN!"
[2009/09/17 7:27] Xaxat spits in Franzi's face
[2009/09/17 7:27] Xaxat understanding now: FUCK YOU FRANZI
[2009/09/17 7:27] Xaxat: FUCK YOU WOLF
[2009/09/17 7:27] Mickael Pevensey force his finger rougly into the boy asshole untill his Master order to stop
[2009/09/17 7:28] Xaxat shouts: FUCK YOU FRANZI FUCK YOU WOLF!!
[2009/09/17 7:28] Xaxat: fuck fuck fukc fuck fuck
[2009/09/17 7:29] Mickael Pevensey GROWL at the boy exited and angry same time
[2009/09/17 7:29] Xaxat whimpers wordlessly
[2009/09/17 7:30] Franziskus Ninetails lets off the balls and whipes the spit out his face, smearing it at the beast's chest. Then takes his whip and holds it up to it's face and repeats "Paaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn" - right that moment the beast cums and clumpsy juice lands on his thighs. He swears silently
[2009/09/17 7:30] Xaxat curses in his native tongue: xxx tr. xxtat. xxxtie EEE!
[2009/09/17 7:30] Mickael Pevensey push again his 3 fingers on the boy ass
[2009/09/17 7:30] Xaxat sneers at the manbeast, hoping his brother will arrive and fight that and drown them like they did the sailor.
[2009/09/17 7:31] Mickael Pevensey then take off his finger and show to the boy he will add a 4 finger
[2009/09/17 7:31] Franziskus Ninetails slaps Xaxat's cock.
[2009/09/17 7:31] Franziskus Ninetails slaps the still hard cock of the captive "Pain" - he repeats. Then to his boy "Hmmm, his cock seems to enjoy it more then this savage would admit, my boy"
[2009/09/17 7:31] Mickael Pevensey look his Master for a nods before make anything else
[2009/09/17 7:32] Xaxat squezes his ass right at the little runt of a manbeast, spitting at yhim again
[2009/09/17 7:32] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 7:32] Franziskus Ninetails: stroke yourself and get hard. You'll have the privilege to fuck him first
[2009/09/17 7:32] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat struggles
[2009/09/17 7:32] Xaxat hawks up a big glog at spits at Franzi's face.
[2009/09/17 7:33] Xaxat: Fuck you Franzi. Fuck you wolf. Fuck you no good
[2009/09/17 7:33] Franziskus Ninetails draws his dagger
[2009/09/17 7:33] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 7:33] Xaxat quivers.... and shut up.. seeing the dagger
[2009/09/17 7:33] Mickael Pevensey grab his cock and begin to stroke himself
[2009/09/17 7:35] Franziskus Ninetails grabs the beast's jaw, forces his fingers painfully between the jaws and forces the beast's mouth open
[2009/09/17 7:35] Xaxat bites his lip and tries not to use his new words that get him into trouble with man beasts.
[2009/09/17 7:35] Mickael Pevensey slowly stroke himself getting hard to think teach a lesson to that wild boy splitter
[2009/09/17 7:36] Xaxat opens his mouth.
[2009/09/17 7:37] Mickael is lightly aroused.
[2009/09/17 7:37] Xaxat mumbles, no fuck xaxat, no fuck xaxat, no fuck xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:38] Franziskus Ninetails nears the dagger to the beast's mouth and in a deep, calm, but threatening voice "Listen closely, beast... if you spit at me or my boy once more, I will cut your tongue out" - lifts the dagger a bit in height of the beast's eyes, then points with the tip of the blade at the beast's tongue "Xaxat understand?"
[2009/09/17 7:39] Xaxat: no pain xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:39] Xaxat: xaxat pain no
[2009/09/17 7:39] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and shakes his head "No pain Xaxat. When Xaxat is nice, no pain"
[2009/09/17 7:39] Xaxat licks the tip of the blade to show he understands
[2009/09/17 7:40] Xaxat: no pain xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:40] Xaxat: wolf fuck xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:40] Franziskus Ninetails lets off the jaws and his hand wander to the beast's cock to stroke it gently and explains "Nice!"
[2009/09/17 7:40] Mickael Pevensey take position on the boy back
[2009/09/17 7:41] Franziskus Ninetails continues stroking, asking "Nice?"
[2009/09/17 7:41] Mickael Pevensey continue to stroke himself and let feel the touch of his cock, on the boy buttcrack
[2009/09/17 7:41] Xaxat senses deep down, what he felt in his stomahc seeeing Wolf acorrs the water. This is a new time, new path for the island.. xaxat no longer master of his brothers
[2009/09/17 7:42] Xaxat knows the isladnd has new masters now
[2009/09/17 7:42] Xaxat's Cock is lightly stroked by Franziskus Ninetails.
[2009/09/17 7:42] Mickael is having real trouble concentrating.
[2009/09/17 7:42] Xaxat pushes his ass back against Wolf, willing the pain to com
[2009/09/17 7:43] Mickael Pevensey look his Master, ask with his eyes the moment his Master want i take the boy deep
[2009/09/17 7:43] Xaxat: *come.
[2009/09/17 7:43] Franziskus Ninetails continues stroking gently the beast's cock, waiting for a sign of him to understand the meaning of 'nice', asking again "Nice?"
[2009/09/17 7:43] Xaxat's Cock is lightly stroked by Franziskus Ninetails.
[2009/09/17 7:44] Xaxat rubs his ass along Wolf's cock.. as his brother would rub him when they wishes his boy part in them.
[2009/09/17 7:44] Xaxat's Cock is lightly stroked by Franziskus Ninetails.
[2009/09/17 7:44] Xaxat is lightly aroused.
[2009/09/17 7:44] Mickael Pevensey let his hot breath teasin the wild boy's neck
[2009/09/17 7:44] Xaxat looks into Franzi's eyes... "Nice"
[2009/09/17 7:45] Mickael is breathing heavily and his muscles are bunching.
[2009/09/17 7:45] Xaxat cries aloud at the pain
[2009/09/17 7:45] Franziskus Ninetails smiles as the savage seems to understand. He nods and confirms "Nice." Adds: "Wolf fuck Xaxat nice" - nods to his boy to thrust into the beast
[2009/09/17 7:45] Xaxat: Wolf fuck xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:46] Xaxat says, understanding it all now.
[2009/09/17 7:46] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Wolf fuck Xaxat"
[2009/09/17 7:46] Mickael Pevensey get less angry, and put softly his cock in the boy asshole
[2009/09/17 7:46] Franziskus Ninetails: Wolf fuck Xaxat nice
[2009/09/17 7:46] Xaxat: wolf pain fuck xaxat nice
[2009/09/17 7:46] Mickael Pevensey grab the boy nipples to push the boy body slowly deeper into his cock
[2009/09/17 7:47] Xaxat feels his inside torn up by the thick cock of wolf
[2009/09/17 7:47] Mickael is on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm!
[2009/09/17 7:47] Mickael Pevensey push his cock harder and more deeper in and out, his breath get faster and feel the weat on all his body
[2009/09/17 7:47] Xaxat whimpser softly as he is taken
[2009/09/17 7:48] Mickael Pevensey moams exited
[2009/09/17 7:48] Franziskus Ninetails wathes his boy fucking the savage, playing with his own dick "Fuck him nice, my boy. He will learn to enjoy it! Fill him up and prepare him good for my dick!"
[2009/09/17 7:48] Xaxat feels a ned to please Wolf
[2009/09/17 7:48] Mickael cries out in the grip of a powerful orgasm!
[2009/09/17 7:48] Xaxat: Wolf nice cock fuck xaxat
[2009/09/17 7:48] Mickael Pevensey feel the exitation get to the the top and grab more harder the boy nipples lead by the exitation growing in all his body
[2009/09/17 7:49] Xaxat cries as he is taken and marked by the strange man-beas Wolf for the first time ever.
[2009/09/17 7:49] Mickael Pevensey feel his cock let out his cum into the boy ass and growl in pleasure, his voice resonate in the hall cave
[2009/09/17 7:50] Mickael Pevensey purrs excited
[2009/09/17 7:50] Xaxat is happy his brothers do not see him now.
[2009/09/17 7:50] Mickael Pevensey whisper to the wild boy " this is fuck brother"
[2009/09/17 7:51] Xaxat: Fuck... fuck fuck fuck
[2009/09/17 7:51] Xaxat: Wolf fuck xaxat nice.
[2009/09/17 7:51] Xaxat: Franzie fuck xaxat pain?
[2009/09/17 7:51] Mickael Pevensey: my Master he have is frist lesson do we get to second my Master ?
[2009/09/17 7:52] Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head "Franzi fuck Xaxat nice"
[2009/09/17 7:52] Xaxat rubs his ass along Wolf's cock, somehow wanting more/
[2009/09/17 7:52] Xaxat: Franzi cock....
[2009/09/17 7:52] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, my boy.... it's my turn. And you will teach him the meaning of 'suck'. He earned some reward... *smiles*
[2009/09/17 7:52] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 7:52] Xaxat struggle for words, and stretches his hands wide
[2009/09/17 7:53] Xaxat: Franzi cock......
[2009/09/17 7:53] Xaxat: pain?
[2009/09/17 7:53] Mickael Pevensey smiles happy to teach his new "brother" what pleasure is to be take by his Master" and suck by his brother
[2009/09/17 7:54] Mickael Pevensey remove his cock slowly from his brother ass and let the place to his Master
[2009/09/17 7:54] Xaxat shivers with rright seeing big cock on Franzi
[2009/09/17 7:54] Xaxat: no fuck pain xaxat!
[2009/09/17 7:55] Xaxat pleads with his few words
[2009/09/17 7:55] Xaxat: franze cock pain xaxt
[2009/09/17 7:55] Mickael Pevensey let his anger get down after have cum to his new brother ass
[2009/09/17 7:55] Franziskus Ninetails takes off the belt with the whip, tosses it to the ground, then approach the back of the captive
[2009/09/17 7:55] Xaxat looks back at the massive sword Franzi wields
[2009/09/17 7:55] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat looks back
[2009/09/17 7:56] Mickael Pevensey lead is way to the face of his brother
[2009/09/17 7:56] Xaxat: no no Franzi cock!!!!
[2009/09/17 7:56] Mickael Pevensey kneel face to his brother cock and lick his lips with hungry eyes
[2009/09/17 7:56] Xaxat panics and struggles against the chains
[2009/09/17 7:56] Franziskus Ninetails nods emphasizing "Yes. Yes. Franzi. cock. fuck. Xaxat. nice."
[2009/09/17 7:56] Spread Eagle from Divine Discipline whispers: Xaxat struggles
[2009/09/17 7:57] Love Front from Divine Discipline whispers: Mickael Pevensey kneels and kisses
[2009/09/17 7:57] Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boy "Show him the meaning of 'suck', my boy!"
[2009/09/17 7:57] Xaxat whimpers ans moans
[2009/09/17 7:57] Xaxat can barely feel the pleasur of wolf for fear of Franzi's cock
[2009/09/17 7:58] Mickael Pevensey open his mouth and look to his brother with slow move on the lips expland to him...
[2009/09/17 7:58] Mickael Pevensey: this IS "SUCK"
[2009/09/17 7:58] Xaxat: no no no no no no cock franz!i!!!!
[2009/09/17 7:58] Love Back from Divine Discipline whispers: Franziskus Ninetails rubs
[2009/09/17 7:58] Mickael Pevensey touch his brother cock with his tongue
[2009/09/17 7:58] Xaxat tries to relax at franzi's gently touch and WOlf sucking him like a brother...
[2009/09/17 7:58] Franziskus Ninetails stands behind the beast, his hands touching it's legs, sliding up the thighs and grapps it's hips
[2009/09/17 7:59] Mickael Pevensey blow a kiss on his brother cock before open his mouth fully
[2009/09/17 7:59] Xaxat thinns.. mmm. better than brothers at this "suck"
[2009/09/17 7:59] Xaxat cries snot running out of his nose, tears streaming down on Wolf's shoulders.
[2009/09/17 7:59] Franziskus Ninetails holds the captive in position, his hard, throbbing dick rubbing between the savage's buttocks
[2009/09/17 7:59] Mickael Pevensey grab softly his brother cock with the top of his lips and begiin softly to tease his brother cock
[2009/09/17 8:00] Xaxat's ass whispers: Franziskus Ninetails gropes Xaxat's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing.
[2009/09/17 8:00] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:00] Mickael Pevensey slap his brother cock with soft move of his tongue
[2009/09/17 8:00] Franziskus Ninetails in a calming way, whispering in the beast's ears "sssshhhhhht..... Franzi fuck Xaxat nice" - his glans gently pushing against the butthole
[2009/09/17 8:00] Xaxat pushes forwarr roughly into Wolf's mouth, trying to escatpe Franzi's cock
[2009/09/17 8:01] Xaxat flinches when he feel the thikc cokc touch his butt, virgin 30 minutes before.
[2009/09/17 8:01] Franziskus Ninetails firms his grip at the beast's hips, pulling him back towards his dick
[2009/09/17 8:01] Mickael Pevensey open wide his mouth and grab completly his brother cock in his Mouth
[2009/09/17 8:02] Mickael Pevensey suck with his entire mouth the cock of his brother, feeling his own exitation grow
[2009/09/17 8:02] Xaxat: EEIIIIIIIII --
[2009/09/17 8:02] Xaxat feeels so good in his cock
[2009/09/17 8:02] Franziskus Ninetails kisses the beast's shoulders, while his glans push's against the tightened fuckhole. His teath teasing the soft skin on the neck
[2009/09/17 8:02] Franziskus Ninetails bites into the boy's shoulders and thrusts his dick into his butt merciless at the same time
[2009/09/17 8:02] Mickael Pevensey turning his tongue around the cock while he suck the cock in and out
[2009/09/17 8:03] Xaxat want to yield to the manbeast's power, but.... is feraffuly
[2009/09/17 8:03] Xaxat's ass whispers: Franziskus Ninetails thrusts hard into Xaxat's ass.
[2009/09/17 8:04] Mickael Pevensey feel his brother body swing and struggle on his post but he will feel that cum of he into his mouth
[2009/09/17 8:04] Franziskus Ninetails holds the beast's hips in a firm grip, waiting for a moment, giving him time to relax from the pain... then moving his cock slowly out...
[2009/09/17 8:04] Franziskus Ninetails... till only the glans spreads the sphincter
[2009/09/17 8:04] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:04] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles "Franzi....
[2009/09/17 8:04] Franziskus Ninetails thrusts in again
[2009/09/17 8:05] Franziskus Ninetails: ... fuck....
[2009/09/17 8:05] Xaxat whimpers... franzi. cock .fuck...
[2009/09/17 8:05] Mickael Pevensey receive a full blow cum in his mouth then continue to suck his brothe, knowing the pleasure he will have on the trust of his Master cock
[2009/09/17 8:05] Franziskus Ninetails: ... Xaxat...
[2009/09/17 8:05] Xaxat thinks of a word Wolf used adn the way he said it...
[2009/09/17 8:05] Xaxat: Franzi.... Master?
[2009/09/17 8:05] Franziskus Ninetails pants heavy in the exitement of the tight ass around his cock ".... goood"
[2009/09/17 8:06] Xaxat's ass whispers: Franziskus Ninetails thrusts hard into Xaxat's ass.
[2009/09/17 8:06] Franziskus' Cock: Franziskus's body is taut, and his eyes are begging you for release!
[2009/09/17 8:06] Mickael Pevensey feel his Master trust on the move push his brother cock into his mouth, moams deeply in pleasure to feel his Master power
[2009/09/17 8:07] Xaxat moans helplessly
[2009/09/17 8:07] Franziskus Ninetails gasps at the exitement of fucking the almost virgin ass. His moving becoming faster and faster, thrusting merciless into the tight ass, the beast's strugglin in pain causing even more exitement
[2009/09/17 8:08] Mickael Pevensey moams to feel his Master pleasure, ear his Master pleasure resonate into the all cave
[2009/09/17 8:08] Franziskus cries out in the grip of a powerful orgasm!
[2009/09/17 8:08] Franziskus Ninetails's balls slap against the beast's butt with every thrust, so hard is he fucking the ass. One hand moves down, grapping his boy's neck and forcing him deeper on the beast's cock
[2009/09/17 8:09] Xaxat feels Franz's cum burning him.
[2009/09/17 8:09] Franziskus Ninetails shoots his load deep into the beasts sore ass with an exited, triumphatic scream "YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
[2009/09/17 8:10] Mickael Pevensey feel his power Master hand force him to get deeper on the wild bou cock
[2009/09/17 8:10] Franziskus Ninetails pants heavily, pumping load after load into the beast's ass
[2009/09/17 8:10] Mickael Pevensey grab the boy hip and push his body deeper to his Master side
[2009/09/17 8:11] Franziskus Ninetails - slowly softening, but still thrusting and pumping - gasping to his boy "Make... him... cum... my boy!"
[2009/09/17 8:11] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 8:12] Mickael Pevensey trun his tongue into his mouth while he suck the wild brother cock
[2009/09/17 8:12] Mickael Pevensey use his tongue to tease the top of the cock brother to make him hard again
[2009/09/17 8:13] Xaxat feels his cock hardeing in Wolf's mouth
[2009/09/17 8:14] Franziskus Ninetails slides out the beast's ass, his cock still dripping, rubbing it between the beast's buttocks. His other hand reaches for the beast's balls, squeezing and massaging them, so close to his boy's hungry mouth
[2009/09/17 8:14] Xaxat squeezes tight around Franzi's cock, trying to keep him there.
[2009/09/17 8:14] Mickael Pevensey suck deeper and faster his wild brother cock
[2009/09/17 8:15] Mickael Pevensey grab his brother hips to puch him more into his mouth
[2009/09/17 8:15] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:15] Xaxat feels his cockt thicking..... oh.. so good
[2009/09/17 8:15] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:15] Xaxat's Cock whispers: Beads of perspiration are starting to appear on Xaxat's body.
[2009/09/17 8:16] Xaxat feel his cock in Wolf's throat about to erupt
[2009/09/17 8:16] Franziskus Ninetails claws his hand into his boy's wild hair, forcng him down onto the cock again and again
[2009/09/17 8:16] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:16] Franziskus is lightly aroused.
[2009/09/17 8:16] Mickael Pevensey feel his brothe body struggle and move under the exitation, then move faster with his mouth
[2009/09/17 8:17] Xaxat fucks more savagely in to Wolf's throat than he ever did with his brothers
[2009/09/17 8:17] Xaxat's Cock is sucked by Mickael Pevensey.
[2009/09/17 8:17] Xaxat: ah ah AHHHHHHIIIIIIIEEEEEEE
[2009/09/17 8:17] Xaxat cries out in the grip of a powerful orgasm!
[2009/09/17 8:17] Franziskus Ninetails whispers heavy breathing into the wild boy's ear "Wolf. suck. Xaxat.Nice!"
[2009/09/17 8:17] Xaxat feels his balls emtpy into Wolf's throaut
[2009/09/17 8:17] Franziskus Ninetails holds the body in front of him tight as he feels it tensing in an orgasm
[2009/09/17 8:18] Xaxat: Wolf suck Xaxat nice!
[2009/09/17 8:18] Mickael Pevensey feel his brothe body tensed and cum
[2009/09/17 8:18] Mickael Pevensey moams gagged by his brother cock
[2009/09/17 8:18] Xaxat feels the joy of a good cum
[2009/09/17 8:18] Mickael Pevensey: MMMMMMFFFFFFFFFF
[2009/09/17 8:18] Franziskus Ninetails commands "Swallow it, my boy!"
[2009/09/17 8:19] Mickael Pevensey ear his Master command and with pleasure swallow all the cum he receive from his brother
[2009/09/17 8:19] Franziskus Ninetails: I don't know... *gasps exhausted* ... if this is the... *pant pant*... right way... to get... in contact with the tribe....
[2009/09/17 8:19] Xaxat: ahhh ahhh ahahh
[2009/09/17 8:20] Xaxat collapses with joy and confusion and pain.
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey open his mouth and between to in and out move say to his Master
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: i
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: think
[2009/09/17 8:20] Franziskus is breathing a little heavily.
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: this
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: wild
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: boys
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: will
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: not
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: complain
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: my
[2009/09/17 8:20] Mickael Pevensey: Master
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: permission
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: my
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: Master
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: to
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: catch
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: my
[2009/09/17 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails nods and lots of the captive to catch breath
[2009/09/17 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: breath
[2009/09/17 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails: *lets
[2009/09/17 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, my boy
[2009/09/17 8:22] Mickael Pevensey take off his mouth from his brother cock and stand next to his Master
[2009/09/17 8:22] Xaxat collapses to his knees
[2009/09/17 8:22] Franziskus Ninetails watches the captive hanging in the ropes, seeming confused and exited at the same time. He considers
[2009/09/17 8:23] Franziskus Ninetails: ((heh - I let of you, I didn't let you off. sorry, misunderstanding?))
[2009/09/17 8:23] Xaxat: ((np))
[2009/09/17 8:23] Mickael Pevensey: me approach his Master and kiss him on he shoulder
[2009/09/17 8:24] Franziskus Ninetails graps his kilt from the floor and whipes the sweat and traces of cum from his body. Then hands it to his boy
[2009/09/17 8:24] Xaxat looks at his first and second cock in amazemenet
[2009/09/17 8:24] Mickael Pevensey me open his hand to his Master
[2009/09/17 8:25] Franziskus Ninetails: soooo.... what are we doing with our captive, my boy? I wanted to get to know more about the tribe, but it will be exhausting to teach each of them our language....
[2009/09/17 8:26] Franziskus Ninetails brushes his exhausted boy's hair with his fingers to smooth it
[2009/09/17 8:26] Mickael Pevensey: my Master i think is wise to tied him but not on the post beter tied his hand and feet and let him recover his breath after maybe he will talk to us
[2009/09/17 8:26] Mick's hair whispers: Franziskus Ninetails runs his fingers through Mickael's wild hair to smooth it.
[2009/09/17 8:27] Franziskus Ninetails: maybe you should build a solid cage?
[2009/09/17 8:27] Franziskus Ninetails: we can keep him there?
[2009/09/17 8:28] Xaxat looks from one to the other, wonderiing when they will leave and let him wander the island again.
[2009/09/17 8:28] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 8:29] Franziskus Ninetails: go and get some solid wood to build a cage, my boy. And watch out for his tribes-brothers!
[2009/09/17 8:29] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 8:30] Mickael Pevensey run oudside to take some wood for his Master

{building a wooden cage}

[2009/09/17 8:40] Franziskus Ninetails: so, how far are you with the cage, my boy?
[2009/09/17 8:40] Mickael Pevensey: i bring the wood my Master
[2009/09/17 8:41] Xaxat thinksk "cage" is some kind of food, a treaat.
[2009/09/17 8:41] Xaxat: Wolf make nice cage?
[2009/09/17 8:43] Mickael Pevensey out of breath depose the package of wood near his Master feoots))
[2009/09/17 8:43] Xaxat thinks this "cage" Wolf is making will not be good to eat. Or to smoke.
[2009/09/17 8:43] Xaxat thinks maybe not a treat after all
[2009/09/17 8:44] Franziskus Ninetails: that's a nice cave you're built there, my boy
[2009/09/17 8:45] Mickael Pevensey: thank you my Master
[2009/09/17 8:45] Mickael Pevensey: do i prepare this brother for get in my Master ?
[2009/09/17 8:45] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, my boy
[2009/09/17 8:45] Xaxat thinks why build a little house inside our nice cave?
[2009/09/17 8:45] Mickael Pevensey grab his wild brother by his neck
[2009/09/17 8:46] Franziskus Ninetails: make sure he's safe locked in the cage. I'll need some rest after this language-lesson
[2009/09/17 8:46] Mickael Pevensey made a presure enough for he still quiet
[2009/09/17 8:46] Xaxat: Franzi good fuck. Wolf good fuck. Wolf good suck. Nice pain good.
[2009/09/17 8:46] Mickael Pevensey loose the left hand of his brother and force to his brother back
[2009/09/17 8:46] Xaxat: Franzi Master?
[2009/09/17 8:47] Xaxat grunts and feels Wolf's power.
[2009/09/17 8:47] Mickael Pevensey detach the second hand and force also to his brother back
[2009/09/17 8:47] Mickael Pevensey grab both hands and take a rope from his pouch
[2009/09/17 8:48] Mickael Pevensey tied with a groean knot hisnew wild brother hand
[2009/09/17 8:48] Xaxat struggle against the knot
[2009/09/17 8:48] Xaxat: Wolf.. Brother?
[2009/09/17 8:48] Mickael Pevensey take the same arrows head and cut his brother legs ropes
[2009/09/17 8:49] Mickael Pevensey surprise by his brother question, respond softly
[2009/09/17 8:49] Mickael Pevensey: yes you can say that wild brother if you understand it
[2009/09/17 8:50] Xaxat does not undertand, but likes the sound.
[2009/09/17 8:50] Mickael Pevensey: grab his brother by his neck and lead him to the cage
[2009/09/17 8:50] Xaxat: Brother Wolf WOlf brother
[2009/09/17 8:50] Mickael Pevensey force his brother to enter the cage and slam the door
[2009/09/17 8:51] Mickael Pevensey take the chain his Master have prepare and lock the door with
[2009/09/17 8:51] Xaxat bangs agains teh wall.
[2009/09/17 8:52] Xaxat does not know why he is tied in the little house.
[2009/09/17 8:52] Mickael Pevensey: do i let him tied in the cage my Master ?
[2009/09/17 8:54] Xaxat feels dizzy
[2009/09/17 8:55] Xaxat collapses exhausted on the floor of the little house, his ass full of cum, his heart full of joy))
[2009/09/17 8:56] Mickael Pevensey ask his Master
[2009/09/17 8:56] Mickael Pevensey: i have pity of the wild boy can i free his hand my Master ?
[2009/09/17 8:56] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmm, we don't know, what they have in mind, my boy
[2009/09/17 8:56] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 8:57] Franziskus Ninetails: however, I'm... " yawns ".. a bit tired and exhausted. I need a rest!"
[2009/09/17 8:57] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/17 8:58] Xaxat smiles and purrs at the man-beast's touch.
[2009/09/17 8:58] Franziskus Ninetails: those language-lessons will be really exhausting, my boy
[2009/09/17 8:58] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master i feel tired too my Master
[2009/09/17 8:59] Franziskus Ninetails: lets lay down on the rug for a while, my boy

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