Thursday, September 24, 2009

Visit of the Head-Slaver

These days we had a visit of the Head-Slaver of the rebuilt Oasis of Red Rock, on the hunt for new boys. We hope he won't come and try to capture some boys of the wild tribe. We were friendly, but of course cautious. Though he's a friend, it seemed he fought the urge, to take the boy Wolf together with his Master right with him.

[3:34] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nidan lil one
[3:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis looks at cute boi
[3:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i am Merlin, head slaver of red rock
[3:35] Mickael Pevensey: i am Wolf First boy of my Master
[3:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i am visiting some homestone and merchants to buy food trained boi for my homestone
[3:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: oh i see
[3:36] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: so you will be very good trained
[3:36] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[3:36] Mickael Pevensey: i am already trained, Master, by my Master
[3:36] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: do you know if your master wish to sell you, lil one?
[3:36] Mickael Pevensey: i think a mountain of Gold will not enough for buy me, Master
[3:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: oh ... you think to have so much value!
[3:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: laughs
[3:37] Mickael Pevensey: no Master
[3:38] Mickael Pevensey: i think it the value my Master have for me
[2009/09/22 3:39] Franziskus Ninetails hidden behind a rock watches his boy talking to a stranger. coming a bit closer he recognizes him as the Head Slaver of the Oasis he once visited. He waves and gets closer "Tal, Sir"
[2009/09/22 3:38] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis looks at coming sir
[2009/09/22 3:38] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but but ... you are Franziskus!
[2009/09/22 3:38] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: tal!
[2009/09/22 3:38] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: a surprise to meet you here
[2009/09/22 3:38] Mickael Pevensey: greetings my Master
[2009/09/22 3:38] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: oh .. so you are his kajirus
[2009/09/22 3:39] Mickael Pevensey: well, Master you can ask on my Master if he will sell me, Master
[2009/09/22 3:39] Mickael Pevensey: my Master, seams this Master will buy me
[2009/09/22 3:39] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis moves closer to greet better
[2009/09/22 3:39] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: long time
[2009/09/22 3:41] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Greetings, Merlin. I didn't expect you to find us on this island! What a nice surprise! But I hope you're not here to capture those wild boys and collar them to sell them on the market?"
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: of course it is!
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: that is my job at least
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but not to sell over
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: we rebuilt our homestone recently
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and we need some good bois to serve our people
[2009/09/22 3:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: come to take a look when you wish
[2009/09/22 3:43] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis hands litte paper
[2009/09/22 3:43] Franziskus Ninetails grabs his boy's collar and pulls him closer
[2009/09/22 3:43] Mickael Pevensey yank by his Master get closer to him
[2009/09/22 3:43] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but we are happy to have new Frees too
[2009/09/22 3:43] Franziskus Ninetails with a light pressure on his boy's shoulder force him on his knees, aware that on the rocky ground there are not so many poisonous bugs to harm him
[2009/09/22 3:44] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: if you will have pleasure to meet our people there
[2009/09/22 3:44] Mickael Pevensey go to his knee
[2009/09/22 3:44] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis nods at his friend
[2009/09/22 3:44] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: better so ...
[2009/09/22 3:44] Franziskus Ninetails takes the map from the visitor and studies it
[2009/09/22 3:45] Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, you are not at that Oasis anymore?
[2009/09/22 3:45] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: red rock is a phoenix
[2009/09/22 3:45] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: it reborn in this new oasi, my friend
[2009/09/22 3:46] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but always in tahari desert of course
[2009/09/22 3:46] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: so different than this place
[2009/09/22 3:46] Franziskus Ninetails recognizes the look of the Head Slaver, then looks down to his boy on his knees, looks up again and smiles while he explains "Our boys have permission to stand here. There are a lot of spiders, snakes and other beasts crawling around on the ground. So it's better for them"
[2009/09/22 3:46] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i see ...
[2009/09/22 3:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: whatever, i like to see them on their knees when it is possible
[2009/09/22 3:47] Mickael Pevensey look to his Master then on the Master
[2009/09/22 3:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and usually they like too seeing our bulges
[2009/09/22 3:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis grins
[2009/09/22 3:48] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and tell me, did you move here?
[2009/09/22 3:48] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i dont remember where you were living earlier
[2009/09/22 3:48] Franziskus Ninetails: so, if you're playing with the thought to buy mine, I have to say no. My boys...." smiles, looks down to his boy and his messy hair, uses both hands to smooth it, so his boy gives a nice impression - ".... are my biggest value. No fortune in Gor is big enough to buy him"
[2009/09/22 3:49] Mick's hair whispers: Franziskus Ninetails runs their fingers through Mickael's wild hair.
[2009/09/22 3:49] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: got it
[2009/09/22 3:49] Mickael Pevensey feel his Master replace his hair in order
[2009/09/22 3:49] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: so, is only way to have him is to capp you and your chain?
[2009/09/22 3:49] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye.... we had some... uhm.... arguements with {xxx}....
[2009/09/22 3:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: laughs loudly
[2009/09/22 3:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: oh i see ....
[2009/09/22 3:50] Franziskus Ninetails: .... so we gave up our position and rank and moved. We found this nice island and try to settle down here
[2009/09/22 3:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: {xxx} .. right
[2009/09/22 3:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: are you owner of this isle?
[2009/09/22 3:50] Franziskus Ninetails: there's a savage tribe, but they are shy. We try to befriend them....
[2009/09/22 3:51] Franziskus Ninetails: well, we claimed it as ours
[2009/09/22 3:51] Mickael Pevensey do this Master will try to capture you, my Master ?
[2009/09/22 3:51] Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows and looks down to his boy "capture me? why should he?"
[2009/09/22 3:51] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis giggles
[2009/09/22 3:51] Franziskus Ninetails: ah....
[2009/09/22 3:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: your boi has ear bigger than you, my friend
[2009/09/22 3:52] Mickael Pevensey: i don't know my Master, maybe for take your property such as me are your property my Master
[2009/09/22 3:53] Franziskus Ninetails still smiles "Ah, I think he was just kidding, my boy..." - then frowns and looks up to the friend "you were, right?"
[2009/09/22 3:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: so and so
[2009/09/22 3:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[2009/09/22 3:54] Mickael Pevensey observe his Master all moves, and have a follow eyes on the Master
[2009/09/22 3:54] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i have to tell you i am looking around gor for two good tavern sluts and i had still not luck until now!
[2009/09/22 3:55] Franziskus Ninetails rubs his sleepy eyes, then ruffles his boy's hair again "Why don't you go and see, if you find some of the powder left, my boy? And make us some black wine?"
[2009/09/22 3:55] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 3:55] Mickael Pevensey feel his hair get spikie after his Master fuffles them
[2009/09/22 3:56] Mickael Pevensey stand and move quietly to the caves
[2009/09/22 3:57] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i will wait your master, boi
[2009/09/22 3:57] Mickael Pevensey shouts: yes Master
[2009/09/22 3:59] Mickael Pevensey take some black wine powder for the bags
[2009/09/22 4:00] Mickael Pevensey shouts: do Master will a black wine ?
[2009/09/22 4:00] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis shouts: aye lil one!
[2009/09/22 4:01] Mickael Pevensey searches for 2 sutable gobblet for the Masters use
[2009/09/22 4:02] Mickael Pevensey finds a nice 2 clean ones. but clean Them again and searche for any cracks and chips around the rim with the soft touch of his finger tips
[2009/09/22 4:03] Mickael Pevensey take a greather blow and fill it with some clear water
[2009/09/22 4:03] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: your boi is going to take some black wine for us
[2009/09/22 4:03] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: he seems good trained
[2009/09/22 4:03] Mickael Pevensey warm the goblet on the fire
[2009/09/22 4:03] Franziskus Ninetails: why don't you come into the cave and sit down with me? I'm sure you have many news to tell. We don't hear many news here on this island
[2009/09/22 4:04] Franziskus Ninetails nods proudly "Aye. A good boy he is and very devoted to his Master. - You see the reason, why I never would sell him?"
[2009/09/22 4:04] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well, i was waiting our first sword, he was coming with me but maybe he stopped a moment on his way
[2009/09/22 4:04] Franziskus Ninetails points to his right to the entrance of the cave
[2009/09/22 4:04] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: he will come soon
[2009/09/22 4:05] Mickael Pevensey wait quietly the fire warm up the water in a good temperature for the black wine
[2009/09/22 4:05] Franziskus Ninetails beams "Ah, you made fire. Very good, my lil devil!"
[2009/09/22 4:05] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis looks around
[2009/09/22 4:05] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nice cave, really
[2009/09/22 4:05] Franziskus Ninetails: please sit down, Merlin
[2009/09/22 4:05] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nods
[2009/09/22 4:05] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master, water warm slowly up for the black wine my Master
[2009/09/22 4:06] Mickael Pevensey: do my Master and Master slaver will have some sugar in their bleack wine?
[2009/09/22 4:06] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but you seem living here like an outlaw franzi
[2009/09/22 4:06] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: not for me boi
[2009/09/22 4:06] Franziskus Ninetails: mine second slave, Wolf
[2009/09/22 4:07] Franziskus Ninetails: well.... as we left our castes... I think we ARE kind of outlaws, Merlin
[2009/09/22 4:07] Mickael Pevensey see the water be warm enough and take the bowl with caution
[2009/09/22 4:07] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis arches eyebrowns
[2009/09/22 4:07] Mickael Pevensey return on the back of the caves and get ready to prepare the black wine for his Master and the Master slaver
[2009/09/22 4:08] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i saw your black clothes but i thought they were only dirt
[2009/09/22 4:08] Franziskus Ninetails: though.... we're joining the black caste, I think. One has to earn some coins to buy goods from the mainland, though the island provides us with most things
[2009/09/22 4:08] Mickael Pevensey take the powder and prepare too same part for each bowl
[2009/09/22 4:09] Mickael Pevensey verse first the powder in each bowl and fill them with water
[2009/09/22 4:09] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but .... this is not a good notice
[2009/09/22 4:09] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: on this way we are tecnically enemies
[2009/09/22 4:09] Mickael Pevensey take a plate look if the plate is clean enoufg, but clean it again
[2009/09/22 4:09] Franziskus Ninetails: why should we be enemies?
[2009/09/22 4:10] Franziskus Ninetails: to be an outlaw.... without homestone and caste, doesn't mean, that we are raiders and thieves
[2009/09/22 4:10] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: you are telling me you are a sort of outlaw at moment and maybe an assassin soon
[2009/09/22 4:11] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "An assassin isn't your enemy as long as you are not on his list"
[2009/09/22 4:11] Mickael Pevensey let the powder meld with the water take the 3 bowl, them purify eacht bowl filed from the powder
[2009/09/22 4:11] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: you know that life of homeless is dangerous
[2009/09/22 4:11] Franziskus Ninetails's nostriles tremble as the scent of the black wine fills the cave
[2009/09/22 4:11] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: no homestone protects you
[2009/09/22 4:12] Mickael Pevensey place some piece of sugar on the place and the 2 bowl, then return near my Master and his guest
[2009/09/22 4:12] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and you can to be collared any moment
[2009/09/22 4:12] Franziskus Ninetails: well, we will set a homestone here, maybe. The foundation of a new homestone...
[2009/09/22 4:12] Mickael Pevensey slowly turns and makes way to his Master, feeling the cold stone then the warmth of the fun under his bare feet
[2009/09/22 4:13] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and bends his head "Hm, my chain is big and the tribe here... I don't know, how big it is, but I hope to befriend them soon"
[2009/09/22 4:13] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: it could not be enough if you have not allies or many warriors to defende it
[2009/09/22 4:13] Franziskus Ninetails: actually I don't know, if capture and rape them is the right way to do so, but we try our best
[2009/09/22 4:14] Mickael Pevensey kneels down slowly, without spilling the black wine . he has his legs open wide
[2009/09/22 4:14] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: do you rape them?
[2009/09/22 4:14] Franziskus Ninetails looks up, smiling as his lovely boy arrives with the black wine
[2009/09/22 4:15] Franziskus Ninetails: well.... the first we captured didn't speak our language
[2009/09/22 4:15] Mickael Pevensey: Places the first vessle of black near his sex, then up to his belly, up to his heart that is filled with joy in serving the Master.
[2009/09/22 4:15] Franziskus Ninetails: the only words he knew were "fuck you"... so we had... uhm... to explain the meaning of "fuck you". You understand?
[2009/09/22 4:15] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and so?
[2009/09/22 4:15] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[2009/09/22 4:16] Mickael Pevensey bless and prays to the Prist-Kings for the Master well being and great health. he brings the goblet to his lips and blow a sweet kiss lower his head and raises the goblet and offers it to the Master
[2009/09/22 4:16] Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the memory, looks at his lovely boy who had the honour to deflorate the savage boy
[2009/09/22 4:16] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well . filling them with your seed can be a good way to enter in them life!
[2009/09/22 4:17] Mickael Pevensey lower his head and turn again to the plate for reach the second gobblet
[2009/09/22 4:18] Mickael Pevensey ask his Master do my Master will sugar this time ?
[2009/09/22 4:19] Franziskus Ninetails: aye, my boy. second slave I said! ((if I didn't confuse it again. second slave = with milk and sugar, right?))
[2009/09/22 4:19] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 4:20] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i came on urth recently to capp some bois
[2009/09/22 4:20] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but i didn't find what i looked for
[2009/09/22 4:20] Mickael Pevensey take 2 piece of sugar and place them in the goblet, then look on his Master with sad face, we have no more milk my Master, this island do not provide it, my Master
[2009/09/22 4:21] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i think gorean men are better at least, they yet know our history and our traditions
[2009/09/22 4:21] Mickael Pevensey: places the vessle of black wine near his sex, then up to his belly, up to his heart that is filled with joy in serving his beloved Master.
[2009/09/22 4:21] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: franzi?
[2009/09/22 4:21] Franziskus Ninetails nods "It's fine, my boy. I'll drink it black and sweet. We will have to go to the mainland and buy a bosk soon, I guess...."
[2009/09/22 4:22] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, Merlin?
[2009/09/22 4:22] Mickael Pevensey bless and prays to the Prist-Kings for his Master well being and great health. he brings the silver goblet to his lips and blow a sweet kiss of love and devotion.
[2009/09/22 4:22] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: let me say
[2009/09/22 4:22] Franziskus Ninetails: I *am* from earth, Merlin. Just if you didn't know that...
[2009/09/22 4:22] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: il tuo ragazzo รจ sprecato a servire in questa caverna
[2009/09/22 4:22] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: your boyfriend is wasted to serve in this cave
[2009/09/22 4:22] Mickael Pevensey lowers his head and raises the goblet and offers it to his beloved Master with a wide and shining smiles.
[2009/09/22 4:23] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: oh i didn't know
[2009/09/22 4:23] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i was born on gor, at lara
[2009/09/22 4:23] Mickael Pevensey move and take his place on his Master side
[2009/09/22 4:23] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps closer, drawn by a strange scent. He hides himself, and peers in at the 3 manbeasts.
[2009/09/22 4:23] Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the praise for his boy "How can he be wasted, when he serves *me*, Merlin?"
[2009/09/22 4:24] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well .. i think you are wasted in this cave, indeed!
[2009/09/22 4:24] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[2009/09/22 4:24] Mickael Pevensey: your black wine my Master
[2009/09/22 4:25] Franziskus Ninetails takes the goblet of his boy's hand, inhales the scent "Thank you, mine"
[2009/09/22 4:25] Mickael Pevensey smiles in happyness to serve his Master
[2009/09/22 4:26] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: many outlaws come to our oasi on these days
[2009/09/22 4:26] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i want to capp all outlaws i will be able to do
[2009/09/22 4:26] Mickael Pevensey move at near his Master and listen in silence the Master talk with his Master
[2009/09/22 4:27] Xaxat Sabretooth mouths the strange words he is hearing, wondering what they mean...."blackwine"..... "Master"....
[2009/09/22 4:28] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: to fill our kennels, turning them dark side and learning them to become good kajri
[2009/09/22 4:28] Franziskus Ninetails - always cautious - pricks his ears as he thought he heard a rock rolling outside. But he doesn't give a sign of attention, just turns to his boy "My boy, will you look for the plantation? It hasn't rained for days.. maybe the plants need some water?" - turns his eyes in direction of the cave-entrance, not recognizable by the head-slaver, but well-knowing, that his boy will understand
[2009/09/22 4:28] Mickael Pevensey: [4:22] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: your boyfriend is wasted to serve in this cave ((correction i am lil bro of my Master FC))
[2009/09/22 4:28] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: aye, bad trasl))
[2009/09/22 4:28] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: sorry))
[2009/09/22 4:28] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: ragazzo is boi in italian, lol, not boyfriend))
[2009/09/22 4:28] Franziskus Ninetails: ((it's a translator error. ragazzo = boy, young man))
[2009/09/22 4:29] Mickael Pevensey nods to his Master
[2009/09/22 4:29] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 4:29] Mickael Pevensey make his way to the plantation
[2009/09/22 4:30] Franziskus Ninetails: well, as I just said... outlaw doesn't mean, they are on the dark side ((well, in SL they all are, I guess...))
[2009/09/22 4:30] Xaxat Sabretooth feels the heat of his God, the sun, and slips off quielty to transform.
[2009/09/22 4:31] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: frranzi
[2009/09/22 4:31] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: an outlaw is an outlaw
[2009/09/22 4:31] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, Merlin?
[2009/09/22 4:32] Franziskus Ninetails: is he?
[2009/09/22 4:32] Franziskus Ninetails: define that
[2009/09/22 4:32] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: never seen an outlaw behaves like a Sir, if he wants to be a Sir he does the Sir!
[2009/09/22 4:33] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: if you choose to be an outlaw you are an outlaw and pay conseguences of your choice
[2009/09/22 4:33] Franziskus Ninetails: sometimes it's not a matter of choice, Merlin
[2009/09/22 4:33] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nay? and what is?
[2009/09/22 4:34] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: confusion?
[2009/09/22 4:34] Franziskus Ninetails: when you loose your caste and your homestone, you are an outlaw
[2009/09/22 4:34] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i agree!
[2009/09/22 4:34] Franziskus Ninetails: you are not in the law of a city anymore
[2009/09/22 4:34] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nods
[2009/09/22 4:34] Franziskus Ninetails: that doesn't mean, that you are on the dark side
[2009/09/22 4:34] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: maybe not
[2009/09/22 4:34] Franziskus Ninetails: it doesn't mean, that you raid and steal
[2009/09/22 4:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but it means you risk like who is
[2009/09/22 4:35] Franziskus Ninetails: well, like anyone else...
[2009/09/22 4:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: giggles
[2009/09/22 4:35] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: aye!
[2009/09/22 4:36] Franziskus Ninetails: the behaviour of the Lord of ST was just unbearable anymore
[2009/09/22 4:36] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: who doesnt risk on gor?
[2009/09/22 4:36] Franziskus Ninetails: he left us no other choice then to leave
[2009/09/22 4:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: it is a shame that you didn't come to red rock to find a new homestone
[2009/09/22 4:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: we yet met
[2009/09/22 4:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: maybe i could give you an home
[2009/09/22 4:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and not a cave!
[2009/09/22 4:37] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and your honor
[2009/09/22 4:39] Franziskus Ninetails: well, actually I like this island. It's beautiful as well as dangerous. And..... " looks around and whispers ".... we found something here and plan to make it a comfortable home of ours"
[2009/09/22 4:39] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: However, now I find you here as an outlaw and that neck so amazing offer in front of me as a great temptation
[2009/09/22 4:39] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nods
[2009/09/22 4:40] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i understand what you mean
[2009/09/22 4:40] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well ... i will try to not look your neck for the moment
[2009/09/22 4:40] Franziskus Ninetails smiles but with sparkling eyes "Really, Merlin... you're so funny. I don't suit as kajirus"
[2009/09/22 4:40] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and to forget my duty
[2009/09/22 4:41] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: that should not be a problem, my friend
[2009/09/22 4:41] Mickael Pevensey return to his Master
[2009/09/22 4:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: it is my job to train who doesnt suit as kajirus
[2009/09/22 4:42] Mickael Pevensey: all plant are fine and i give them water, my Master
[2009/09/22 4:42] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: laughs friendly
[2009/09/22 4:42] Franziskus Ninetails turns his head as his boy enters the cave again "You watered the plants, my boy?"
[2009/09/22 4:42] Mickael Pevensey: i take car of the " Wild plant" my Master

{some exchange of rumours}

[2009/09/22 4:46] Franziskus Ninetails's glance gets a bit sad "But I have to admit, that I miss our friends there. Rio, Milo....
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i can understand
[2009/09/22 4:47] Mickael Pevensey look at his Master, do not like when his Master look sad
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i love my homestone because at the end all people come back
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: so
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i am always there
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and i wait them
[2009/09/22 4:47] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: smiles
[2009/09/22 4:48] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and they know where i am when they need to meet me again
[2009/09/22 4:48] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: got it
[2009/09/22 4:49] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well franzi
[2009/09/22 4:49] Franziskus Ninetails: so, I'm still a bit confused, my friend - Red Rock and the Oasis of the Golden Pleasure Tent are different places?
[2009/09/22 4:49] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i need to go back now
[2009/09/22 4:49] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nay! red rock is not golden oasi
[2009/09/22 4:50] Franziskus Ninetails: but the oasis was where I met you the first time?
[2009/09/22 4:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: golden oasi is a tents camp built near old ruins of red rock after the qauke
[2009/09/22 4:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: nay
[2009/09/22 4:50] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: we rebuilt new city in other oasi now
[2009/09/22 4:50] Mickael Pevensey accepted your inventory offer.
[2009/09/22 4:51] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: our seal is a phoenix my friend
[2009/09/22 4:51] Franziskus Ninetails: ah, well.... Then I will have to give it a visit soon
[2009/09/22 4:51] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and each time our oasi reborns it is always nicer
[2009/09/22 4:51] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: smiles at boi
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: well .. i need to go
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis stands up
[2009/09/22 4:52] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye. Thank you for your visit, Merlin" Stands up also
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: you are lucky because we are friends
[2009/09/22 4:52] Mickael Pevensey look the Master stand up and foolow him with eyes
[2009/09/22 4:52] Franziskus Ninetails: My boy will lead you to the docks
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i wanted capp someones today
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: grins
[2009/09/22 4:52] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: jashi franzi
[2009/09/22 4:52] Franziskus Ninetails: don't try to capture him" - giggles
[2009/09/22 4:52] Mickael Pevensey stand
[2009/09/22 4:52] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and come to visit us
[2009/09/22 4:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: but ... dressed differntly!
[2009/09/22 4:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: dont worry my friend
[2009/09/22 4:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: /hug franz
[2009/09/22 4:53] Couples MultiAnimator v2d: Merlino2000 Nikolaidis would like to animate you. Select [YES] to accept?
[2009/09/22 4:53] Franziskus Ninetails takes his bow off and hands it to his boy "Just for your protection, when those sleens try to attack you"
[2009/09/22 4:53] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 4:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: take care of yourself
[2009/09/22 4:53] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: and send me a dove if you need
[2009/09/22 4:54] Franziskus Ninetails: take care and soft paths, my friend
[2009/09/22 4:54] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: i dont remember {forget?} old friends ... never
[2009/09/22 4:54] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: lets go boi
[2009/09/22 4:54] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: safe paths franzi
[2009/09/22 4:54] Franziskus Ninetails: And if we ever decide to sell one of the savage boys, I will know where we find a market for it
[2009/09/22 4:54] Mickael Pevensey: yes Master
[2009/09/22 4:54] Merlino2000 Nikolaidis: of course!

In the meantime somewhere else:

[4:30] Xaxat Sabretooth feels the heat of his God, the sun, and slips off quielty to transform.
[4:31] Mickael Pevensey locate ''the plant his master told about"`
[4:31] Xaxat Sabretooth sees the young manbeast and runs away.
[4:31] Mickael Pevensey silently show his finger to Xaxat
[4:32] Mickael Pevensey reach xaxat
[4:32] Mickael Pevensey: `hey don't run like that
[4:32] Xaxat Sabretooth: sorry... scared.. and.. must transform
[4:33] Mickael Pevensey: hide and don't show yourself until i say to you
[4:33] Xaxat Sabretooth faces the sun.
[4:33] Mickael Pevensey: is a stranger from our world
[4:33] Mickael Pevensey: do not show you on him that will be danger for you
[4:33] Mickael Pevensey: hide until i say you can come to the cave
[4:34] Mickael Pevensey: do you understand Xaxat ?
[4:34] Xaxat Sabretooth: Yes.. hide here until you come.
[4:34] Mickael Pevensey: hide on good place, you can look and hear but do not show yourself to the stranger!
[4:34] Xaxat Sabretooth: xaxat be good.
[4:35] Xaxat Sabretooth: Wolf is nice to xaxat
[4:35] Mickael Pevensey: i need to go near my Masster
[4:35] Mickael Pevensey: take care my friend

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