Friday, September 25, 2009

The transformation

What happened after making friendship with more tribesmen was very, very ungorean. The hardcore-Goreans will call it perversion of Gor. - But, oh well... let them their boring and stiff RP, while we have FUN. And yes, we had fun, trying to play the first transformation:

Franzi showed his boy Wolf his secret: As origin from earth he showed him his secret powers... the ability to transform like the tribe does. Suddenly he understands their language, the language of the anchestors. And explaining to his boy that it is in his blood also, Wolf transformed the first time into his exotic neko-form. A very scaring and exiting experience for the boy....

[2009/09/22 8:07] Franziskus Ninetails holds his boy tight, whispering "Well done, my boy"
[2009/09/22 8:07] Chaz Toxx: friend nice nice
[2009/09/22 8:07] Mickael Pevensey: huh thank you, my Master
[2009/09/22 8:08] Franziskus Ninetails nods, ruffles his boy's hair "Friend. nice. nice"
[2009/09/22 8:08] Mickael Pevensey feel a shiver after his Master touch, feeling his hair get spikie again
[2009/09/22 8:08] Chaz Toxx: Ze tichar raka orah amanare, lok belaros no ruk {He tastes much like brother, not strange at all}
[2009/09/22 8:09] Franziskus Ninetails whispers "My lil devil... I sensed it from the first moment on, when we reached the island...."
[2009/09/22 8:09] Franziskus Ninetails: something is different here....
[2009/09/22 8:09] Xaxat Sabretooth: but wiht out ears and tales
[2009/09/22 8:09] Mickael Pevensey look his Maste.... different my Master ! ?
[2009/09/22 8:09] Xaxat Sabretooth: Belaros amir gul lok nagas, kar orah az {Perhaps they are not beast, but like us}
[2009/09/22 8:10] Franziskus Ninetails: it seems.... I don't know.... like the Priest Kings don't surpress some genetic code here
[2009/09/22 8:10] Franziskus Ninetails: I don't know....
[2009/09/22 8:10] Franziskus Ninetails: I have to tell you a secret....
[2009/09/22 8:10] Mickael Pevensey look to his Master.... " a secret my Master ?"
[2009/09/22 8:11] Franziskus Ninetails: you know, that I'm from Earth, came here to watch over my twin brother....
[2009/09/22 8:11] Franziskus Ninetails: but on earth.....
[2009/09/22 8:11] Franziskus Ninetails: well, there's something in our genes
[2009/09/22 8:11] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master..... ?
[2009/09/22 8:11] Franziskus Ninetails: the best is, I'll show you.....
[2009/09/22 8:11] Mickael Pevensey: show me my Master.... ?
[2009/09/22 8:11] Xaxat Sabretooth listen, uncomprehndng more than a few words
[2009/09/22 8:11] Xaxat Sabretooth: Melar azgala za e rakir ze zar me zenn tor daz.. Arakalada tiriosh soran veni karkun {Franz speaks of a secre he has to tell the boy.. something special about this island}
[2009/09/22 8:12] Mickael Pevensey turn to his Master
[2009/09/22 8:12] Franziskus Ninetails squats down and concentrates, trying to awake his old powers, surpressed for such a long time
[2009/09/22 8:12] Xaxat Sabretooth senses what is to happen and comes close to Franzi, rubbing a spot just over his ass
[2009/09/22 8:13] Mickael Pevensey look his Master, feel the air begin so tensed around us and some strange feeling grows around
[2009/09/22 8:13] Franziskus Ninetails listens to his heart-beat... his breath becoming slow and deep, but his heart beating faster, the blood soughing in his ears
[2009/09/22 8:14] Xaxat Sabretooth pats Franziskus gently on the ass.
[2009/09/22 8:15] Xaxat Sabretooth rubs circlels around Franzi's heart
[2009/09/22 8:15] Franziskus Ninetails feels his senses tighten.... increasing... suddenly hearing the birds from far away... the susurration of little animals in the gras
[2009/09/22 8:15] Xaxat Sabretooth pats Franziskus gently on the ass.
[2009/09/22 8:15] Franziskus Ninetails closes his eyes, a deep moan coming from his throat changing into a deep and long purr as he transforms
[2009/09/22 8:15] Franziskus Ninetails puRrrrrrrrssssss
[2009/09/22 8:16] Mickael Pevensey look his Master have some trouble, begin to be nervous and want to hold his Master....... be stoped in his move by the strange way his Master change in the same form of the wild boys
[2009/09/22 8:17] Franziskus Ninetails slowly stands up
[2009/09/22 8:17] Mickael Pevensey make fews step and reahc the wall on his back
[2009/09/22 8:17] Xaxat Sabretooth: Amir gul orah az
[2009/09/22 8:17] Xaxat Sabretooth points to himself, to Chaz, to Franzi
[2009/09/22 8:17] Franziskus Ninetails smiles, showing his fangs to his boy "Don't be scared, my boy"
[2009/09/22 8:17] Xaxat Sabretooth jabbers excitedy to Chaz
[2009/09/22 8:18] Mickael Pevensey: Mas...t.err is th tha that you !!!
[2009/09/22 8:18] Xaxat Sabretooth: Ze za e amanare
[2009/09/22 8:18] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, my boy. that's me
[2009/09/22 8:18] Mickael Pevensey: you are like them, my Master ?? !!!!
[2009/09/22 8:19] Chaz Toxx roars in excitement
[2009/09/22 8:19] Franziskus Ninetails: and.... something else, my boy - I sensed the same powers in you and Kenshi
[2009/09/22 8:19] Xaxat Sabretooth runs his fingers wonderingly over franzi's skin
[2009/09/22 8:19] Franziskus Ninetails: I just don't know, how to awake them
[2009/09/22 8:19] Mickael Pevensey roll his eyes, feel his heart beating, and his breath go faster, complety confused by the change of his Master
[2009/09/22 8:20] Xaxat Sabretooth points excitedly to himself and Franzi. "Brother. not man beast"
[2009/09/22 8:20] Chaz Toxx: B-b-b-brother!
[2009/09/22 8:20] Xaxat Sabretooth pointst to Franzi and Chaz: "Brothers!!"
[2009/09/22 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows in surprise "Oh!"
[2009/09/22 8:21] Mickael Pevensey: you you feel what my Ma..ste....r, in me and ....;my brotherrr ?
[2009/09/22 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails tries to test it
[2009/09/22 8:21] Xaxat Sabretooth points to Wolf: Nice Wolf, not Brother?
[2009/09/22 8:21] Xaxat Sabretooth examines Wolf's buff for a tails disappointed
[2009/09/22 8:21] Franziskus Ninetails: Ur gul pathrebosh me? {do you understand me?}
[2009/09/22 8:22] Mickael Pevensey feel his blood pressure change, his heart burning .... feeling his all body shiver
[2009/09/22 8:22] Xaxat Sabretooth massage the spot on Wolf's back where the tail sprouts.
[2009/09/22 8:22] Xaxat Sabretooth: Shi. Shi g ur ze ur gul parn zar arakal amanare? { Yes. Yes i do -- do you hear him little brother?}
[2009/09/22 8:22] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, my boy. Sorry to tell you this way"
[2009/09/22 8:22] Xaxat Sabretooth regards Franziskus Ninetails with unmasked curiosity
[2009/09/22 8:22] Mickael Pevensey look around to try to know what happen on him
[2009/09/22 8:22] Franziskus Ninetails: come here
[2009/09/22 8:22] Chaz Toxx: Shi! Gul zenn kiel zenn! {YES! you talk real talk!}
[2009/09/22 8:23] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "That's amazing! It seems, that in this form I understand them!"
[2009/09/22 8:23] Mickael Pevensey feel something change in his body try to fight it when that... happend
[2009/09/22 8:23] Xaxat Sabretooth rubs a hand between Mickael's legs, parting his buttocks and running a finger lightly down his ass.
[2009/09/22 8:24] Mickael Pevensey feel again his eyes burning again like when the dark lord change him but this time is more different
[2009/09/22 8:24] Xaxat Sabretooth feels for the tail
[2009/09/22 8:24] Franziskus Ninetails grins "It seems he's looking for your tail"
[2009/09/22 8:24] Franziskus Ninetails: Gul gul rethule zar gul ante? {Are you looking for his tail?}
[2009/09/22 8:24] Xaxat Sabretooth pats Mickael gently on the ass.
[2009/09/22 8:24] Mickael Pevensey begin to feel his skin burning
[2009/09/22 8:25] Mickael Pevensey growl on the sky and transform
[2009/09/22 8:25] Franziskus Ninetails with his now oversensitive ears hears his boy's blood running through his veins
[2009/09/22 8:25] Franziskus Ninetails whispers "let it happen, my boy. you feel it. It's in your blood!"
[2009/09/22 8:26] Xaxat Sabretooth: Shi.. G veni re xi zar.. Me az orah az. Kar ze za parn azgala. Parn zar amanare.. {Yes.. I feel it in him.. to be like us. but he is very scared. Hold him brother.}
[2009/09/22 8:26] Xaxat Sabretooth holds his little brother tiightly, tears in his eyes.
[2009/09/22 8:26] Chaz Toxx is bouncing up and down on his toes to see the new brother with a lovely bushy tail who talks real talk, probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to chaz
[2009/09/22 8:26] Xaxat Sabretooth: Gul rikk laz gul tor zekul zennshinagas za { you know how bad the first transformatoin is}
[2009/09/22 8:26] Mickael Pevensey slowlyrecover after the change, and lock his skin have change
[2009/09/22 8:28] Xaxat Sabretooth approches Wolf, pointing to himself, then touching Wolf's stripes. "Brother."
[2009/09/22 8:28] Mickael Pevensey look his Master with complety confuse eyes
[2009/09/22 8:28] Franziskus Ninetails feels his boy's confusion and talks to him in the ancient language
[2009/09/22 8:28] Chaz Toxx: brother brother brother nice nice
[2009/09/22 8:29] Mickael Pevensey jump to his Master lead by his confuse feeling to catch the one he trust after this change in his body
[2009/09/22 8:29] Franziskus Ninetails: Rikk parn il zila, il daz {come into my arms, my boy}
[2009/09/22 8:29] Xaxat Sabretooth weeps for joy
[2009/09/22 8:29] Franziskus Ninetails purrs soothing into his boy's fluffy ears
[2009/09/22 8:30] Mickael Pevensey: my Master why i am like so..... why ?
[2009/09/22 8:30] Franziskus Ninetails: it's nothing bad, my boy
[2009/09/22 8:30] Mickael Pevensey puRrrrrrrrssssss
[2009/09/22 8:30] Franziskus Ninetails rubs his hands up and down his boy's back
[2009/09/22 8:31] Xaxat Sabretooth takes chaz by the hand... leaving them to privacy
[2009/09/22 8:31] Franziskus Ninetails: you know, that all Goreans come from Earth, brought to Gor centuries... milleniums ago by the priest kings...
[2009/09/22 8:32] Franziskus Ninetails: it seems, some possibilities... some powers we have on earth... were sleeping in your genes for a long, long time
[2009/09/22 8:32] Xaxat Sabretooth: Re za rakir, tor zekul zennshinagas.. Zar az modas zar, orah rikk tor tor ze tiros. {It is rough, the first transormatoin.. let us leave him,chaz with the one he loves.}
[2009/09/22 8:33] Mickael Pevensey: is because of that my Master but i never see a gorean change like this my Master, why us ?
[2009/09/22 8:33] Franziskus Ninetails: I think it is the island here.
[2009/09/22 8:33] Mickael Pevensey: the island my Master......
[2009/09/22 8:34] Franziskus Ninetails: maybe the PKs don't surpress these genes on this island. Maybe they have forgotten this island? I don't know
[2009/09/22 8:34] Mickael Pevensey in one second realise he feeling strange on the first day he come to ilsand
[2009/09/22 8:35] Franziskus Ninetails: I was searching a long time for a place on Gor where I can awake my powers. You can't imagine my surprise as I recognized, that here, on this island, it's possible
[2009/09/22 8:36] Mickael Pevensey: your power my Master ,
[2009/09/22 8:36] Franziskus Ninetails: on Earth I do have demon-blood in my veins. I can transform into this form and some others. It was not possible on Gor.... till we landed here
[2009/09/22 8:37] Franziskus Ninetails: but my surprise was even bigger as I sensed it in you and Kenshi also
[2009/09/22 8:37] Mickael Pevensey: you sense it my Master ?
[2009/09/22 8:37] Franziskus Ninetails: just my poor twin... your chain-brother Teso. - He's missing that gene. Some genetic defect...
[2009/09/22 8:38] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, from the day we landed here I sensed, that you and Kenshi are different too. I sensed it in your blood
[2009/09/22 8:38] Mickael Pevensey: but he can speak with animal
[2009/09/22 8:38] Xaxat Sabretooth: Belankar? Laz gul gul? {Brothers? How are you?}
[2009/09/22 8:38] Mickael Pevensey: i mean my brother teso
[2009/09/22 8:38] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, he can. but he can't transform
[2009/09/22 8:39] Franziskus Ninetails: that's why he willingly went to Gor. He lost his memory on that and on his earth-life. So, you better keep it secret
[2009/09/22 8:39] Mickael Pevensey: but i not able to control this change my Master
[2009/09/22 8:40] Mickael Pevensey: how to do it and keep secret if i tranform like this all the time
[2009/09/22 8:40] Franziskus Ninetails: Alar za mordanas, revos za zennshinagas {Wolf is confused, which is understandable}
[2009/09/22 8:40] Franziskus Ninetails: you will learn to control it, my lil devil
[2009/09/22 8:41] Mickael Pevensey feel warming by his Master
[2009/09/22 8:41] Xaxat Sabretooth: Ze za archim lek ze raka rikk me benthadoom. { he is strong and he will come to understand.}
[2009/09/22 8:41] Franziskus Ninetails: do you understand their language now, my boy?
[2009/09/22 8:41] Mickael Pevensey solwly calm down after the shock he have and this big change his is live
[2009/09/22 8:41] Mickael Pevensey: yes some word begin more clear my Master
[2009/09/22 8:42] Xaxat Sabretooth: Amanare alar... Ze maez gul. { Brother Wolf... we love you.}
[2009/09/22 8:42] Franziskus Ninetails: I suddenly remembered the language or our anchestors... I wonder, if I will remember it, when I turned back into human also
[2009/09/22 8:43] Mickael Pevensey: you can control your transformation my Master ?
[2009/09/22 8:43] Franziskus Ninetails holds his boy tight, carressing the root of His tail
[2009/09/22 8:43] Franziskus Ninetails: yes, I can control it
[2009/09/22 8:43] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "don't you like your tail?"
[2009/09/22 8:44] Mickael Pevensey: i feel different my Master
[2009/09/22 8:44] Franziskus Ninetails: that's natural, my boy
[2009/09/22 8:44] Xaxat Sabretooth strokes Wolf's tail gently
[2009/09/22 8:44] Franziskus Ninetails: your senses are stronger
[2009/09/22 8:44] Mickael Pevensey smell the presence of another one near me
[2009/09/22 8:44] Franziskus Ninetails: your hearing will be much better
[2009/09/22 8:44] Franziskus Ninetails: you smell scents you never smelled before
[2009/09/22 8:45] Franziskus Ninetails: you will be able to see at night
[2009/09/22 8:45] Franziskus Ninetails: you will be stronger then ever
[2009/09/22 8:45] Franziskus Ninetails: not to speak of the claws
[2009/09/22 8:46] Mickael Pevensey feleing a strange sensation allong all my body and know his Master will guide him like before in this new change
[2009/09/22 8:46] Franziskus Ninetails bares his claws and slides them gently down his boy's spine
[2009/09/22 8:46] Franziskus Ninetails: they are sharper then daggers
[2009/09/22 8:47] Franziskus Ninetails cuts his boy a bit to demonstrate the power of the claws
[2009/09/22 8:47] Mickael Pevensey feeling the touch of his Master like never before make his body tensed and shiver
[2009/09/22 8:48] Chaz Toxx: G te azgala nagas, belankar, g te belan me ur amir arakalada me daz {i am hungry Xaxat, brothers, i am going to go find something to eat}
[2009/09/22 8:48] Mickael Pevensey feel the claws cut his skin and growls at the surprise
[2009/09/22 8:49] Xaxat Sabretooth: Shi.. Re zar zila e maladath ril. Gulamir amanare orah
{yes.. it has been a draining day. Nourish youself chaz}
[2009/09/22 8:49] Xaxat Sabretooth: Maez gul, mannor amanare {Love you, littel brother}
[2009/09/22 8:50] Franziskus Ninetails: Shi, g te azgala zila {Yes, I am hungry also}
[2009/09/22 8:50] Franziskus Ninetails licks the blood from his boy's shoulder where he cut him
[2009/09/22 8:51] Mickael Pevensey purss like a cats on the lick of his Master

{after that it was time to kennel as the transformation was very exhausting}

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