Saturday, September 26, 2009


Without chat-logs just a summary of other news:

- Kenshi and Franziskus sailed to the mainland in search of a bosk-cow. The closest haven is Port of Schendi, the gate to the jungle of Gor. They met Misha, an old friend and now first boy of Schendi, who showed them his Master's bosk-cow and to look at the bosk's branding in order to find out the merchant, which is Sa'ng Fori. So Kenshi went on the long journey to Sa'ng Fori to buy one. For some extra coins they delivered the bosk in the next days. Now they will have to see, if the boys are able to milk that cow. Misha said, if they can milk their Master, they will also be able to milk the bosk. Wolf being  told this, he answered he would prefer to milk his Master. And Franziskus is not sure, if the boy deserves a punishment for this answer or not...

- Wolf was brought by his Master to the healer to have his old branding removed. But the healer refused more or less, saying it would have never been heard of removing a slave-branding. Well, if your cattle wears the branding of another owner, wouldn't you want it to wear your own? But as they were just guests in Schendi, Franzi didn't want to bother the green any further. Shots were not necessary, the physician said after a quick exam of the boy's blood. The lil devil was examed after that and his Master is very happy, that the boy is strong and healthy.

- Well, at least he was healthy that day. But it rained a lot on the Isle of Tidra these days and the island is submerged. A lot of animals died in the floods and deseases are spreading from the cadavers all over. Kenshi and Wolf are already ill, and Franzi sent the other boys to the mainland for their own safety,  while he stays on the island to care for his beloved ones.

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