Friday, September 25, 2009

Meeting Juz and Chaz

Another (successful!) try to make friends with the savage boys. - After the head-slaver of Red Rocks had left, Mick and his Master went on search for the savage boy Xaxat... and found him. And they also found his brothers Juz and Chaz.
Juz surprisingly looked exotic... And here it became slowly un-Gorean, but much fun.

Poor Juz has been captured and abused by pirates, but he could escape. At the end they all became friends in the language the tribe seems to understand without words....

[2009/09/22 5:06] Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's wild hair and makes it even messier "I'm very proud of you, my boy. You did a good serve"
[2009/09/22 5:27] Franziskus Ninetails looks at his boy and smiles "Oh, you changed your loincloth! hmmmm.... nice!"
[2009/09/22 5:27] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 5:28] Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hands for the bones and his boy's boner under it
[2009/09/22 5:28] Mickael Pevensey smiles on his Master stroke, moamsssss
[2009/09/22 5:29] Franziskus Ninetails gently strokes the cock under the loincloth "Mmmm, I like it. Very nice, my boy!"
[2009/09/22 5:29] Mickael Pevensey feel his body shiver, when his Master teasing his cock
[2009/09/22 5:29] Franziskus Ninetails: so... where did that savage boy hide?
[2009/09/22 5:30] Franziskus Ninetails looks around
[2009/09/22 5:30] Mickael Pevensey: i think he run on the swamp direction of the gazebo my Master
[2009/09/22 5:30] Franziskus Ninetails: where is our "wild plant"?
[2009/09/22 5:30] Franziskus Ninetails: lets look for him
[2009/09/22 5:30] Mickael Pevensey: wild plant she is on the way for the swamp my Master
[2009/09/22 5:30] Franziskus Ninetails: and I think he still has your rocks
[2009/09/22 5:32] Franziskus Ninetails: I don't see him here, my boy
[2009/09/22 5:32] Xaxat Sabretooth holds his arms around his body and shivers.
[2009/09/22 5:32] Mickael Pevensey: he must hide near her my Master
[2009/09/22 5:32] Mickael Pevensey: permission to shout him to come my Master ?
[2009/09/22 5:32] Franziskus Ninetails: maybe he's frightened?
[2009/09/22 5:32] Franziskus Ninetails: do you think, he comes when you call for him?
[2009/09/22 5:32] Franziskus Ninetails: well, try it
[2009/09/22 5:33] Xaxat Sabretooth listens carefully, not sure who is friend and foe.
[2009/09/22 5:33] Mickael Pevensey: i was easy to capture him if i want my Master, but i show him some trust, maybe he will come
[2009/09/22 5:33] Franziskus Ninetails picks an apple from the tree and tosses it on the ground to feed the parrot
[2009/09/22 5:33] Mickael Pevensey shout " Xaxat come we will see you
[2009/09/22 5:34] Xaxat Sabretooth hears the voice of the genltle manbeast, and stands to loo more carefully.
[2009/09/22 5:34] Franziskus Ninetails uses his gift of talking to animals to lure the parrot
[2009/09/22 5:34] Mickael Pevensey shout again, come we come friendly !!!
[2009/09/22 5:35] Mickael Pevensey: hope he will come my Master
[2009/09/22 5:35] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps closer
[2009/09/22 5:35] Mickael Pevensey look around and heard so footstep aproach
[2009/09/22 5:36] Franziskus Ninetails watches the bird grabbing the apple and smiles, then turns around slowly, as he hears quiet sounds behind him
[2009/09/22 5:37] Xaxat Sabretooth grasps his bone weapon tightly, remembering last time.
[2009/09/22 5:37] Mickael Pevensey depose his bow on the ground
[2009/09/22 5:37] Franziskus Ninetails recognizes a movement in the farn and with a soft voice "Come out there, lil one" - holds his empty hands up "we are not armed. See?"
[2009/09/22 5:37] Mickael Pevensey: better we not show apparent weapons this time my Master
[2009/09/22 5:38] Franziskus Ninetails takes candy from his belt-pouch, lays it on the ground and steps a few paces back
[2009/09/22 5:38] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps closer.
[2009/09/22 5:38] Mickael Pevensey slowly go near his Master
[2009/09/22 5:38] Franziskus Ninetails smiles friendly, as he sees the savage beast appear
[2009/09/22 5:39] Xaxat Sabretooth looks warily, grasping his femur.
[2009/09/22 5:39] Mickael Pevensey look at Xaxat with the bone in he hand
[2009/09/22 5:39] Xaxat Sabretooth looks around for hte 3rd, with the evil smell.
[2009/09/22 5:39] Mickael Pevensey slowly move to his second rock pouch..... and undtied it from his legs
[2009/09/22 5:39] Franziskus Ninetails suddenly frowns, as the boy holds the bone in a threatening way, slowly shakes his head "no pain. Franzi nice. Wolf nice. Xaxat nice?"
[2009/09/22 5:40] Xaxat Sabretooth looks at the manbeasts, confusiong on his face.
[2009/09/22 5:41] Mickael Pevensey push his rock pouch from the ground and shoot the rock pouch away near Xaxat foots, show him he can lower his bones
[2009/09/22 5:41] Franziskus Ninetails's hands slowly glide to his belt, open it and let his kilt fall to the ground to show the boy he's not hiding weapons under it
[2009/09/22 5:41] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps closer.... looking at the rocks.
[2009/09/22 5:42] Mickael Pevensey: lower his voice, you take my first rock Xaxat this is my second i have no more now
[2009/09/22 5:42] Xaxat Sabretooth looks at the strong manbeast unsheathing his mighty weapon, remembering the time he felt that.
[2009/09/22 5:42] Mickael Pevensey smiles to xaxat and kneel on the ground to show less threat on him
[2009/09/22 5:43] Xaxat Sabretooth panics, grabs the rocks, and swings his bone wildly
[2009/09/22 5:44] Mickael Pevensey cover his Master with his body to protect his Master
[2009/09/22 5:44] Xaxat Sabretooth runs off screaming in confusion
[2009/09/22 5:44] Franziskus Ninetails: "ouch!" - rubs his shoulder where the bone hit him, then sighs
[2009/09/22 5:44] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm... he still seems to be afraid of us, my lil devil
[2009/09/22 5:45] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 5:45] Mickael Pevensey first thought is on his Master health
[2009/09/22 5:45] Mickael Pevensey: are you hurt my Master ?
[2009/09/22 5:45] Xaxat Sabretooth drops his bone and runs to a safe distance....watching.
[2009/09/22 5:46] Franziskus Ninetails: not much, my boy. and you?
[2009/09/22 5:46] Mickael Pevensey: i am fine , my Master
[2009/09/22 5:46] Mickael Pevensey: arrows from outlaw hit more
[2009/09/22 5:47] Mickael Pevensey: may i look for Xaxat i think he is more affraid and not dangerous my Master
[2009/09/22 5:48] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps back desire and fear battling for his spirit.
[2009/09/22 5:49] Franziskus Ninetails nods while he grabs his kilt "yes, my boy." Kicks away the candy "Seems he doesn't like candy"
[2009/09/22 5:49] Xaxat Sabretooth watches the sweet thing with his eyes, where it rolls
[2009/09/22 5:49] Mickael Pevensey slowly look for the strange Xaxat boy
[2009/09/22 5:50] Franziskus Ninetails: I'm going to get the tarn ready in the meantime....
[2009/09/22 5:50] Xaxat Sabretooth smells the same sweetness from the pebble Fox gave him.
[2009/09/22 5:50] Xaxat Sabretooth scooths in and grabs the candy.
[2009/09/22 5:51] Mickael Pevensey with soft voice " there you are!"
[2009/09/22 5:51] Franziskus Ninetails takes his dragon-necklace and blows in it, making a specific whistle noise
[2009/09/22 5:51] Mickael Pevensey approach slowly near the wild boy
[2009/09/22 5:52] Black and Silver Tarn with baskets: shreeks
[2009/09/22 5:53] Franziskus Ninetails shouts: I will fly around the island, if I see other savages, my boy!
[2009/09/22 5:55] Mickael Pevensey: but i would like have one back Xaxat, and i pomisse to not use it on you
[2009/09/22 5:55] Mickael Pevensey: do you understand that ?
[2009/09/22 5:55] Xaxat Sabretooth goes to the hiding place and gets out both sacks of rocks he stole.
[2009/09/22 5:55] Mickael Pevensey: take the fruit and slowly eat it
[2009/09/22 5:55] Franziskus Ninetails squats down to not scare the savage boy
[2009/09/22 5:56] Xaxat Sabretooth lays them down before Wolf.
[2009/09/22 5:56] Xaxat Sabretooth: Nice Wolf. Nice Xaxat
[2009/09/22 5:56] Mickael Pevensey grab slowly his rock and replace the pouch on his place
[2009/09/22 5:56] Xaxat Sabretooth: xaxat was bad.
[2009/09/22 5:57] Xaxat Sabretooth: xaxat is sorry.
[2009/09/22 5:57] Mickael Pevensey smiles to xaxat
[2009/09/22 5:57] Franziskus Ninetails nods as he sees his boy is getting along with the savage beast well. "My boy, I think I have seen another one. I try to get him. We have to care for them and somehow teach them, that they have to be careful. I worry a bit that the slaver is coming back, but how to explain it to them?"
[2009/09/22 5:58] Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand out and takes the bow from his boy's shoulders
[2009/09/22 5:58] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master i want protect them from the slaver
[2009/09/22 5:58] Xaxat Sabretooth hears the strange words out of the rough manbeast mouth.
[2009/09/22 5:59] Franziskus Ninetails steps backwards to not scare the savage
[2009/09/22 6:00] Xaxat Sabretooth forgets what he though he saw.

{flying around with the tarn, seeing another savage}

[2009/09/22 6:02] Franziskus Ninetails shouts: you! Freeze!
[2009/09/22 6:03] Franziskus Ninetails yells at the other savage... which doesn't look as much as a savage
[2009/09/22 6:04] Justyn Maurer looks warily at the stranger then ducks behind the stone wall
[2009/09/22 6:04] Franziskus Ninetails jumps from the tarn, his bow in a firm grip, slowly approaching the other boy
[2009/09/22 6:05] Justyn Maurer peers out from behind his hiding spot hoping to get a better look at teh stranger
[2009/09/22 6:05] Franziskus Ninetails: sssshhhhhtttt..... everything's fine, boy.... Franzi nice!
[2009/09/22 6:05] Franziskus Ninetails sheaths his bow
[2009/09/22 6:05] Justyn Maurer hears a soothing voice
[2009/09/22 6:05] Justyn Maurer puts his bow away
[2009/09/22 6:06] Franziskus Ninetails slowly steps closer
[2009/09/22 6:06] Franziskus Ninetails ... step by step...
[2009/09/22 6:06] Justyn Maurer peeks out again his heart beating fast
[2009/09/22 6:06] Franziskus Ninetails ... smiling...
[2009/09/22 6:07] Chaz Toxx peeks around the corner, see brother Juz
[2009/09/22 6:07] Franziskus Ninetails stands still in some distance, holding his empty hands up "Greetings" he says with a soft voice
[2009/09/22 6:07] Justyn Maurer thinks to himself "so this must be the strangers his brothers told him about"
[2009/09/22 6:07] Franziskus Ninetails points to himself "Me Franzi"
[2009/09/22 6:07] Justyn Maurer looks at the stranger and bows his head a little in greeting
[2009/09/22 6:08] Chaz Toxx hears strangers voice and hides close to the rock face
[2009/09/22 6:08] Franziskus Ninetails points at the savae "you...?"
[2009/09/22 6:08] Justyn Maurer makes a catlike gesture then points to his bound mouth {...which is gagged}
[2009/09/22 6:09] Justyn Maurer gestures with his hands hoping the stranger might understand him
[2009/09/22 6:10] Franziskus Ninetails frowns as he recognizes the boy's mouth gagged
[2009/09/22 6:10] Franziskus Ninetails mumbles "Oh, poor boy... who did that to you?"
[2009/09/22 6:10] Justyn Maurer points out to sea
[2009/09/22 6:10] Franziskus Ninetails bends his head to look if there's a padlock at the gag
[2009/09/22 6:12] Justyn Maurer turns his head and relaxes a little as he realises the stranger means him no harm
[2009/09/22 6:12] Franziskus Ninetails steps a pace closer, his hand slowly moving to the keys at his belt. Taking a skeleton key from it he holds it up and shows it to the boy, then points to his face "Franzi can take it off. You want Franzi to take it off?"
[2009/09/22 6:13] Xaxat Sabretooth: brother!
[2009/09/22 6:13] Mickael Pevensey jump near his Master
[2009/09/22 6:13] Justyn Maurer nods his head
[2009/09/22 6:13] Xaxat Sabretooth sees chaz and smilles happily
[2009/09/22 6:14] Chaz Toxx: Juz have mouth covered
[2009/09/22 6:14] Xaxat Sabretooth whispers... what is happening, brother?
[2009/09/22 6:14] Mickael Pevensey: greetings Master
[2009/09/22 6:14] Justyn Maurer is startled by the arrival of another boy
[2009/09/22 6:14] Xaxat Sabretooth creeps close to see
[2009/09/22 6:15] Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boy "Here's another one, mine"
[2009/09/22 6:15] Justyn Maurer relaxes a little and lets out a soft purr
[2009/09/22 6:16] Mickael Pevensey show whit his hand to the wild boy to stay on cover
[2009/09/22 6:16] Xaxat Sabretooth whispers, that is brothe Juz, chaz....
[2009/09/22 6:16] Xaxat Sabretooth counts 3 tribe brothers and 2 manbeasts
[2009/09/22 6:17] Justyn Maurer notices his two other brothers and scampers to them
[2009/09/22 6:17] Mickael Pevensey look the stranger
[2009/09/22 6:17] Xaxat Sabretooth: brother.... what is on your face?
[2009/09/22 6:17] Mickael Pevensey place his body on protection for his Master
[2009/09/22 6:17] Mickael Pevensey look the one look like a Master
[2009/09/22 6:18] Mickael Pevensey then look to xaxat
[2009/09/22 6:18] Justyn Maurer claws at the bindings around his mouth
[2009/09/22 6:18] Mickael Pevensey: xaxat do you know them ?
[2009/09/22 6:18] Chaz Toxx: Juz, why no speaking?
[2009/09/22 6:18] Xaxat Sabretooth knows chaz, his special brother
[2009/09/22 6:19] Xaxat Sabretooth: and know juz, desptie his strange clothing
[2009/09/22 6:20] Franziskus Ninetails whispers to his boy "Hm, don't know who done that to the poor kid. Did you recognize the tail and his ears? I..." - hesitates - "... have to tell you a secret later, my boy"
[2009/09/22 6:20] Mickael Pevensey: i never see someone like that before my Master
[2009/09/22 6:20] Xaxat Sabretooth stands and fumbles with the ropes around Juz's mouth
[2009/09/22 6:20] Mickael Pevensey: is this a curse from the PK "he ask with shiver voice to his Master"
[2009/09/22 6:21] Justyn Maurer looks to the stranger holding up a small sticklike object and continues to claw at the bindings around his mouth
[2009/09/22 6:21] Mickael Pevensey turn to his Master be surprise by his Master words.... "Secret my Master ?"
[2009/09/22 6:22] Franziskus Ninetails whispers: yes... later, my boy. be cautious - this one seems to be a hunter. different to the others
[2009/09/22 6:22] Xaxat Sabretooth reaches around his brother, pressing his body against his brother, but cannot untie this knot.
[2009/09/22 6:22] Mickael Pevensey look the strange young wild boy reconize a gag on the mouth of the boy
[2009/09/22 6:23] Mickael Pevensey: my Master may i try to free him from that gag?
[2009/09/22 6:23] Franziskus Ninetails hands the skeleton key to his boy "Aye, if he lets you"
[2009/09/22 6:23] Justyn Maurer looks at the young boy with pleading eyes
[2009/09/22 6:24] Mickael Pevensey take the key for his Master and slowly with open hand move near the boy
[2009/09/22 6:24] Xaxat Sabretooth: the soft manbeast is Wolf.. he is nice
[2009/09/22 6:24] Xaxat Sabretooth: The hard manbeast is Franzi.. he is nice too, but in a rough way.
[2009/09/22 6:24] Justyn Maurer bows down to allow Wolf to get closer to his gag
[2009/09/22 6:24] Mickael Pevensey look at xaxat and then to the poor boy, with a slow move reach the gag
[2009/09/22 6:25] Chaz Toxx: heart beating fast and poised to run, chaz watches the stranger approach his brother with the small twig in his hand
[2009/09/22 6:25] Mickael Pevensey insert the key in the lock and turn the key enough turn to ear the open click
[2009/09/22 6:26] Justyn Maurer hastily pulls the evil contraption away from his face
[2009/09/22 6:26] Xaxat Sabretooth smiles at seeing his brother's sweet lips again.
[2009/09/22 6:26] Justyn Maurer takes a big gulp of fresh air
[2009/09/22 6:26] Justyn Maurer smiles and purrs quietly.
[2009/09/22 6:27] Mickael Pevensey take the gag from the ground and make path near his Master for give him the gag in his Master hand
[2009/09/22 6:27] Justyn Maurer: ahh thankies Wolf for freeing me
[2009/09/22 6:27] Justyn Maurer bows to the strangers
[2009/09/22 6:27] Mickael Pevensey nods and smile to the wilds boys
[2009/09/22 6:28] Xaxat Sabretooth scritches behind Juz's ear
[2009/09/22 6:28] Justyn Maurer: =^_^= Puuurrrrrrrrrrrsss =^_^=
[2009/09/22 6:28] Mickael Pevensey heard the purss he saw many time come from his Master
[2009/09/22 6:29] Justyn Maurer: that will teach me to be curious about those large floating things that comes from the sea
[2009/09/22 6:30] Mickael Pevensey be surprise by that purss then purss also
[2009/09/22 6:30] Chaz Toxx: what happened to you brother, you been gone a while
[2009/09/22 6:30] Xaxat Sabretooth: these manbeasts come from the sea.... they are wondeful and scary
[2009/09/22 6:31] Justyn Maurer: i saw a large boatlike thing come from the sea and i gots curious
[2009/09/22 6:31] Justyn Maurer: so i had to swim to get a closer look
[2009/09/22 6:31] Xaxat Sabretooth listens to Juz's tale
[2009/09/22 6:31] Justyn Maurer: next thing i knew there was a net around me
[2009/09/22 6:31] Chaz Toxx gasps
[2009/09/22 6:31] Xaxat Sabretooth: on no!
[2009/09/22 6:31] Sora Bluebird is Online
[2009/09/22 6:32] Xaxat Sabretooth: the beasts from the sea capture first and talk later.
[2009/09/22 6:32] Justyn Maurer: and that evil thing around my mouth
[2009/09/22 6:32] Xaxat Sabretooth looks suspiciousyly at the strong and powerful Franzi.
[2009/09/22 6:33] Mickael Pevensey look on xaxat glance over his Master and move on his Master side
[2009/09/22 6:33] Justyn Maurer: i snuck away at night when those beasts were drunk from their merrrymaking
[2009/09/22 6:33] Justyn Maurer: staling some of their clothes too
[2009/09/22 6:33] Xaxat Sabretooth pulls his little brother Chaz close and wraps an arm around him protectively.
[2009/09/22 6:33] Xaxat Sabretooth: ah.. this is why you are dressed so oddly.
[2009/09/22 6:34] Justyn Maurer nods
[2009/09/22 6:34] Xaxat Sabretooth: and have covered your beautufl body
[2009/09/22 6:34] Chaz Toxx: you look like other stranger!
[2009/09/22 6:35] Xaxat Sabretooth massages chaz's chest
[2009/09/22 6:35] Justyn Maurer: these strange clothing is scratchy
[2009/09/22 6:35] Xaxat Sabretooth: let's get them off him, chaz
[2009/09/22 6:35] Justyn Maurer reaches a hand under his kilt and scratches his balls
[2009/09/22 6:35] Mickael Pevensey look on each wilds boys, and look to his Master, wonder what he do need in such situation
[2009/09/22 6:36] Xaxat Sabretooth unbuckles the leather belt
[2009/09/22 6:36] Mickael Pevensey: what to do my Master ?
[2009/09/22 6:36] Chaz Toxx strokes brother's tail
[2009/09/22 6:37] Justyn Maurer steps out of the kilt as it drops to the stone floor
[2009/09/22 6:37] Xaxat Sabretooth: everyone loves brother's tail.
[2009/09/22 6:37] Justyn Maurer: Mmmmmmmm
[2009/09/22 6:37] Chaz Toxx: it so bushy and nice
[2009/09/22 6:37] Franziskus Ninetails silently listens to the savages glibberish
[2009/09/22 6:38] Xaxat Sabretooth watches juz's tail flick across chaz's crotch and knows where this will lead
[2009/09/22 6:45] Mickael Pevensey look his Master with some question in his glance
[2009/09/22 6:46] Mickael Pevensey: i never see a man with a tail my Master is that a curse from the PK?
[2009/09/22 6:47] Chaz Toxx : Lok tor raka arakal amir rikk gul? { Did the boat beasts play with you?}
[2009/09/22 6:48] Xaxat Sabretooth : Shi orah belankar. {mmm Sexy brothers}
[2009/09/22 6:48] Franziskus Ninetails whispers back to his boy "Hmmm, more the opposite, my boy.... I have to tell you some secrets about your Master... some things from Earth.... I never thought, it would be possible here on Gor!"
[2009/09/22 6:48] Justyn Maurer: Ashj, amir kiel me il adare soranaman { yeah, they used me as their plaything}
[2009/09/22 6:49] Justyn Maurer rubs his ass
[2009/09/22 6:49] Franziskus Ninetails whispers: hmmm, I wonder, what they are talking about, my boy
[2009/09/22 6:49] Xaxat Sabretooth: is this what.. you say this mornng when you chased me, Wofl? I.. change in the night hours
[2009/09/22 6:49] Justyn Maurer: Adare orah {still sore}
[2009/09/22 6:49] Franziskus Ninetails: it seems, the one was abducted or something.... he was wearing Gorean clothes... and I wonder who gagged him
[2009/09/22 6:49] Chaz Toxx: Orah nagas maez me? {Like Xaxat uses me?}
[2009/09/22 6:49] Mickael Pevensey look astonish on his Master.... " a a secret my Master ?
[2009/09/22 6:50] Mickael Pevensey handle the gag on his Master
[2009/09/22 6:50] Xaxat Sabretooth: Asj ashj gul gul aman me golad tor soranaman ril, amanare. {I'm glad you are back to being our plaything now, brother.}
[2009/09/22 6:50] Xaxat Sabretooth pats Juz's ass gently.
[2009/09/22 6:50] Justyn Maurer smiles and purrs quietly.
[2009/09/22 6:50] Mickael Pevensey: Maybe if my Master look the gag he will found some clue about the origine of the gag
[2009/09/22 6:51] Justyn Maurer: Lek amir alar rakir zar, ruk e za maez {and they were rough too, all 5 of them}
[2009/09/22 6:51] Franziskus Ninetails takes the gag out of his boy's hands and exams it, mumbling "Hmmm.... not a usual slave-gag.... maybe one of the pirates? I heard, they are active a lot these days..."
[2009/09/22 6:51] Xaxat Sabretooth: Te il amanare! Aman za zar ashj! { oh my brother! That is too many!}
[2009/09/22 6:51] Mickael Pevensey: pirates my Master, we need to take care on us and maybe also for the wild boys here, my Master
[2009/09/22 6:52] Justyn Maurer absently licks his paw and brushes his ears
[2009/09/22 6:52] Franziskus Ninetails attaches the gag at his belt "However... they seem to be happy to have their brother back"
[2009/09/22 6:52] Mickael Pevensey look the wild boys and feel they are nervous in their talks
[2009/09/22 6:52] Franziskus Ninetails: well, how should we explain it to them, my boy? I can talk to animals, but I don't understand their glipperish
[2009/09/22 6:53] Mickael Pevensey: if only we can show them we are not enemy, my Master
[2009/09/22 6:53] Franziskus Ninetails: and I'm still concerned about the head-slaver from Red Rocks, who was here this morning, looking for fresh slave-meat
[2009/09/22 6:54] Mickael Pevensey: my Master if that slaver try to capture us we will defend
[2009/09/22 6:54] Xaxat Sabretooth: Franzi. Wolf.
[2009/09/22 6:54] Justyn Maurer licks his brother's faces while keeping an eye on the manbeasts wondering what they are talking about
[2009/09/22 6:54] Xaxat Sabretooth steps for ward nervously
[2009/09/22 6:54] Franziskus Ninetails recognizes his name between all the glibberish and smiles
[2009/09/22 6:54] Mickael Pevensey stop to talk with his Master when xaxat speak
[2009/09/22 6:55] Franziskus Ninetails points at himself "aye. Franzi,. me"
[2009/09/22 6:55] Xaxat Sabretooth searches for words in the manbeast's language
[2009/09/22 6:57] Xaxat Sabretooth: I hear strange word from your lips today... "Master" and "Slave" Are these nice things? Good?
[2009/09/22 6:57] Justyn Maurer looks to his brother Xaxat as he approaches the manbeasts to speak to them
[2009/09/22 6:59] Justyn Maurer: Aman za rikk amanare, ze raka orah e benthadoom rikk rakir nagasraka { that is good brother, we will need a translator with these manbeasts}
[2009/09/22 7:00] Chaz Toxx: g-g-good" chaz tries out one of the new words
[2009/09/22 7:02] Xaxat Sabretooth: Alar, tor zenn tor.. Nagas arakal azrathud lek rikk tor rikk rukadare veni amanare... Refir zar zila zenn za arakal. Rakir gul kanrethad tichar. {Wolf, the soft one .. calls Franzi "Master" and with the evil stranger this morning... there has been talk of slaves. These are troubling things.}
[2009/09/22 7:03] Justyn Maurer shakes his head
[2009/09/22 7:03] Chaz Toxx: "s-s-slave?"
[2009/09/22 7:03] Justyn Maurer: Gul tichar gul mishun me tor arakalada karkun {bad things are coming to our beautiful island}
[2009/09/22 7:05] Xaxat Sabretooth: Shi... Kar arakalada tichar il maez... G te faralos raka zilthuras. {yes... but beautiful things as well... I am feeling much confusion.}
[2009/09/22 7:05] Franziskus Ninetails turns to his boy "hm, the one with the fluffy ears might be their leader?"
[2009/09/22 7:05] Chaz Toxx: Modas zila tor arakalada az archim thorje {worse than the crocodile or biting snakes}
[2009/09/22 7:06] Mickael Pevensey: seam so my Master
[2009/09/22 7:06] Justyn Maurer gets distracted by a butterfly floating past and follows its path through the air with his eyes
[2009/09/22 7:07] Xaxat Sabretooth: Wolf.. who is "Master"? What is "Master"?
[2009/09/22 7:07] Mickael Pevensey: Master mmmmm
[2009/09/22 7:07] Franziskus Ninetails carefully steps closer to the catish boy, he reaches out an open hand, touching gently the boy's chest and forms the word "fraaaaaaand"
[2009/09/22 7:07] Mickael Pevensey look xaxat
[2009/09/22 7:07] Mickael Pevensey: master is like chief
[2009/09/22 7:08] Xaxat Sabretooth: like juz our leader? Franzi is your leader?
[2009/09/22 7:08] Franziskus Ninetails looks in anticipation at the one with the tail, then looks over his shoulder to his boy "Seems he does not understand, my boy"
[2009/09/22 7:08] Justyn Maurer looks at the handsome manbeast touching him and wonders what he is saying
[2009/09/22 7:09] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 7:09] Franziskus Ninetails lets his hand slide down to the beast's dick, gently strokes it and repeats "FRIEEEEEENDDDDDDD"
[2009/09/22 7:09] Xaxat Sabretooth: Ze veni za za parn kazile, lok { he says is is your Friend, Juz}
[2009/09/22 7:10] Chaz Toxx: Ashj ze alar me amir rikk gul, lok? { Does he want to play with you,Juz?}
[2009/09/22 7:10] Franziskus Ninetails takes his hand away, points at himself "Me Franzi. You....?"
[2009/09/22 7:10] Justyn Maurer: Zar *nods*
[2009/09/22 7:10] Justyn Maurer purrrs in pleasure as the manbeast touches his manparts
[2009/09/22 7:11] Franziskus Ninetails smiles and purrs back, as this is a language he talks
[2009/09/22 7:11] Xaxat Sabretooth licks his lips seeing Juz's manstick again
[2009/09/22 7:11] Xaxat Sabretooth: Kar maladath daz az nagas me rakir mordanas. Il asj za adare orah {but "friend" can be harsh to these manbeast. My Ass is still Sore}
[2009/09/22 7:11] Justyn Maurer repeats the manbeast's words "Ffffranzieee"
[2009/09/22 7:12] Justyn Maurer finally understands and points to himself "Juz"
[2009/09/22 7:12] Mickael Pevensey look on his Master and get more and more surprise the way he talk with the wild boy
[2009/09/22 7:12] Xaxat Sabretooth repeats what Frazi does to Juz, to Wolf
[2009/09/22 7:12] Franziskus Ninetails beams and nods "Franzi. Yes! Franzi nice. you....? Juz?"
[2009/09/22 7:12] Xaxat Sabretooth reaches for WOlf manstick and strokes it
[2009/09/22 7:13] Mickael Pevensey look to my Master confused
[2009/09/22 7:13] Franziskus Ninetails: Franzi nice. Juz nice?
[2009/09/22 7:13] Justyn Maurer reaches for Franzi's balls and cups it
[2009/09/22 7:13] Franziskus Ninetails looks over his shoulder, sees the boy touching his boy "It's fine, my boy. let him"
[2009/09/22 7:13] Mickael Pevensey: yes my Master
[2009/09/22 7:14] Mickael Pevensey smile to xaxat after his Master say all is ok
[2009/09/22 7:14] Franziskus Ninetails holds still as the savage cups his balls, nods and repeats "Franzi and Juz - friends"
[2009/09/22 7:14] Xaxat Sabretooth pushes aside the bone and cups Wolf's balls, as Franzi has done
[2009/09/22 7:14] Xaxat Sabretooth: Orah, rikk lek zenn rikk alar xi veni laz lok { chaz, come and talk with Wolf in this new way}
[2009/09/22 7:14] Xaxat Sabretooth wraps a hand under Mickael and cups his balls.
[2009/09/22 7:14] Chaz Toxx smiles and strokes Juz's tail, fingers rippling through the long hairs
[2009/09/22 7:14] Justyn Maurer repeats again "Franzieeee....friend"
[2009/09/22 7:15] Chaz Toxx: Veni me amir rikk nagasraka? {time to play with manbeasts?}
[2009/09/22 7:15] Franziskus Ninetails nods again and smiles, then looks around the bigger savage to the small one who hides behind Him "And you...? what's your name, lil beast?"
[2009/09/22 7:16] Mickael Pevensey: yes xaxat we are friend
[2009/09/22 7:16] Xaxat Sabretooth: Chaz come. Be Wolf Friend
[2009/09/22 7:16] Chaz Toxx: n-n-name chaz
[2009/09/22 7:17] Justyn Maurer licks Franzi's cheek as a gesture of friendship
[2009/09/22 7:17] Xaxat Sabretooth strokes Wolf's manstick... remembering how it opened him only days ago
[2009/09/22 7:17] Franziskus Ninetails smiles at Chaz "Chaz. Chaz nice. Juz nice. Franzi nice. Xaxat nice. Wolf nice"
[2009/09/22 7:17] Franziskus Ninetails: Friends!
[2009/09/22 7:17] Chaz Toxx: nice, nice
[2009/09/22 7:17] Mickael Pevensey look on xaxat then smile, thinking he be not to rudes with the boy
[2009/09/22 7:17] Franziskus Ninetails nods heavy "aye. nice, nice!"

{after a lot of friendship-making.....}

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