Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second capture

After their first contact with the savages, Franzi and Wolf took a nap.  Franzi woke up after a  while, his boy still sleeping. As he left the safety of the Kennel, he had to recognize, that their captive Xaxat could escape.

But soon he saw another savage boy and captured him with his companion Kenshi. After binding him to a post and interrogating him about the tribe, and after a short... uhm... demonstration of their power... they relieved him to go back to his tribe, telling them, that the Goreans who occupied their cave, don't mean any harm and want to be friend to the tribe and live together in peace. Also to protect them from Gorean slavers visiting the island from time to time - as they got to know that now - and help them to learn how to protect themselves.

Kenshi and Franzi watching the boy running away into the jungle, not sure, if the shy tribe will accept their offer. Finally they return into the safety of the kennel to get ready for the night...


[2009/09/17 12:06] Franziskus Ninetails wakes up from his nap, his boy sleeping beside him on the fur. As it was an exhausting day for his lil devil, he decides to let him sleep. He stands up, stretches and flexes his muscles, scratches his balls. He graps a kilt, wraps it around his waist, puts on some weapons - just in case - and walks towards the door of the safe kennel. He opens the bar, giving a last look to his sleeping boy, before he leaves the safety of the kennel
[2009/09/17 12:12] Franziskus Ninetails pokes the fire to turn it on again, then his eyes wander to the wooden cage. He swears as he finds the door broken and the captive escaped
[2009/09/17 12:15] Franziskus Ninetails gets out the cave, climbing on the rock, he squats down, searching the environment for any sign of the tribe
[2009/09/17 12:16] Franziskus Ninetails's tummy rumbles, reminding him that he has not eaten the whole day; too busy giving a savage beast language lessons. He draws his bow to hunt some dinner
[2009/09/17 12:20] Franziskus Ninetails sees a sleen nearby. He pulls an arrow, aiming at the beast and... shoots. After an excellent hit, the beast falls dead to the ground. The proud hunter takes his dagger, cuts out a piece of the fresh meat as he suddenly hestitates... Was there a motion over at the ruins?... He forgets the dead animal and carefully sneaks over to the temple-ruins
[2009/09/17 12:23] Franziskus Ninetails recognizes the footsteps of small naked feet on the ground.. his heart beats faster... full attention he looks around.... then slowly nears the cave to get his builder's glasses he forgotten there
[2009/09/17 12:24] Franziskus Ninetails suddenly sees a head behind the rocks, he aims with his bow and cries "YOU! FREEZE!"
[2009/09/17 12:24] Lexas Landar sits hiding close the the rocks not wanting to move
[2009/09/17 12:24] Franziskus Ninetails slowly comes closer to the savage.... as he suddenly runs
[2009/09/17 12:25] Gorean Meter 2.7.7: Spike hit you with Bloodspikes 01 ZD (15%) - strike type: sword
[2009/09/17 12:25] Franziskus Ninetails: damnit!
[2009/09/17 12:25] Gorean Meter 2.7.7: Spike hit you with Bloodspikes 01 ZD (15%) - strike type: sword
[2009/09/17 12:26] Franziskus Ninetails: where is he?!?
[2009/09/17 12:27] }CW{-ShortArrow: You've hit Lexas Landar
[2009/09/17 12:29] Franziskus Ninetails sees his companion in quite a distance, he waves and shouts "I seen one! he's over at the lake!"
[2009/09/17 12:29] Kenshiro Pevensey shouts: yes i pursuit
[2009/09/17 12:34] Gorean Meter 2.7.7 shouts: Franziskus Ninetails Has Captured Lexas
[2009/09/17 12:35] Franziskus Ninetails cleans his {poisoned} fingernails and grins
[2009/09/17 12:35] Kenshiro Pevensey: wow he run fast that one
[2009/09/17 12:36] Franziskus Ninetails whipes his forehead
[2009/09/17 12:36] Franziskus Ninetails: whew!
[2009/09/17 12:36] Franziskus Ninetails: and hello, my love
[2009/09/17 12:36] Franziskus Ninetails: either he runs so fast or we are lousy fighters
[2009/09/17 12:36] Kenshiro Pevensey: hello my love, from where they come ?
[2009/09/17 12:37] Lexas Landar lays on the ground panting
[2009/09/17 12:37] Franziskus Ninetails: let me first bind this one! I told him to freeze, but he started to ran. So I had no other option
[2009/09/17 12:37] Franziskus Ninetails kneels on the back of the savage
[2009/09/17 12:37] Kenshiro Pevensey: i see
[2009/09/17 12:38] Franziskus Ninetails reaches for his ropes, recognizes that he has left them in the kennel also. He sighs and takes off his kilt
[2009/09/17 12:39] Franziskus Ninetails takes the ropes which hold his kilt together and around his waist, drops them on the ground, takes one of it and graps for the wild boy's wrists
[2009/09/17 12:40] Franziskus Ninetails holds the wrists together in a firm grip with one hand, with his other hand wraps the rope around the wrists several times
[2009/09/17 12:40] Lexas Landar begins to come to conciousness
[2009/09/17 12:40] Franziskus Ninetails looks up to his companion "Why don't you take care of his feet, my love?"
[2009/09/17 12:41] Franziskus Ninetails ties the ropes in a strong Gorean knot
[2009/09/17 12:43] Kenshiro Pevensey take a rope from him belt, kneeling near the wild boy's, make several turn arround the wrist and close with a gorean knot
[2009/09/17 12:43] Lexas Landar wiggles trying to get free
[2009/09/17 12:44] Franziskus Ninetails slaps the savage' butt, as he starts to awake and struggle
[2009/09/17 12:44] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Franziskus Ninetails spanks Lexas Landar hard!
[2009/09/17 12:44] Lexas Landar trys to kick the man
[2009/09/17 12:45] Franziskus Ninetails ties arms and chest with a longer rope, his knee pushed hard and painful into the beast's back. He slaps the firm butt again, as he tries to kick his companion
[2009/09/17 12:45] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Franziskus Ninetails spanks Lexas Landar hard!
[2009/09/17 12:46] Lexas Landar keeps his face in the grass
[2009/09/17 12:46] Kenshiro Pevensey see the boy try to kick, the slaps the butt after his companion
[2009/09/17 12:46] GMBindings2.3-male(pelvis): Kenshiro Pevensey spanks Lexas Landar hard!
[2009/09/17 12:47] Franziskus Ninetails takes the last belt from the left-overs of his kilt, forms a leash with it and slides it around the savage neck
[2009/09/17 12:47] Kenshiro Pevensey: better still quiet boy !!!
[2009/09/17 12:47] Franziskus Ninetails looks at his companion and sighs "I hope this one speaks our language, my love.... I'll explain you on the way to the cave
[2009/09/17 12:48] Franziskus Ninetails stands up from the captive's back and pulls harshly at the leash, dragging the almost naked body over the ground
[2009/09/17 12:48] Kenshiro Pevensey look his companion a bit surprise
[2009/09/17 12:50] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmm a cage my beloved ?
[2009/09/17 12:50] Franziskus Ninetails drags the captive to the post
[2009/09/17 12:51] Franziskus Ninetails lets the leash fall "Will you tie him to the post, my love. I have to catch breath"
[2009/09/17 12:51] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes my love
[2009/09/17 12:52] Kenshiro Pevensey grab the boy by his neck force him to stand
[2009/09/17 12:52] Franziskus Ninetails sits on the ground and watches his love tie the captive up to the post
[2009/09/17 12:52] Franziskus Ninetails: so, we already captured one today....
[2009/09/17 12:52] Franziskus Ninetails: but it seems they don't speak our language
[2009/09/17 12:52] Kenshiro Pevensey take another rope from his belt, place the rope on the attach point of the post
[2009/09/17 12:53] Kenshiro Pevensey kneel side the boy attache the other part of the rope on the boy wrist
[2009/09/17 12:54] Kenshiro Pevensey yanks the boy on the post with the rope
[2009/09/17 12:57] Franziskus Ninetails: well, we had kept the other one here in the cage the lil devil quickly had built, but while Mick and me took a nap he seems to have escaped
[2009/09/17 12:57] Kenshiro Pevensey look the rope on the boy wrist is strong enough and cut the boy's feet rope
[2009/09/17 12:57] Kenshiro Pevensey: i see so is many people here my love ?
[2009/09/17 12:58] Franziskus Ninetails: I told you - I think it's a whole tribe. But they are shy and hiding from us
[2009/09/17 12:59] Franziskus Ninetails: well, first of all - let me kiss you!
[2009/09/17 12:59] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes my beloved
[2009/09/17 12:59] Franziskus Ninetails: how was your travels?
[2009/09/17 12:59] Lexas Landar tugs at his ropes trying to get free
[2009/09/17 12:59] Kenshiro Pevensey: exausting my beloved
[2009/09/17 12:59] Franziskus Ninetails: I'm sorry to hear that
[2009/09/17 13:00] Lexas Landar studies the two figures
[2009/09/17 13:00] Kenshiro Pevensey: love you and i missed you, my beloved
[2009/09/17 13:00] Franziskus Ninetails pulls his companion closer for a passionate kiss. As his bare dick rubbing at his love's pants he finally realizes, that he forgot his kilts outside
[2009/09/17 13:01] Franziskus Ninetails: missed you and love you too, my heart
[2009/09/17 13:01] Kenshiro Pevensey rub his pant on his companion naked body
[2009/09/17 13:02] Franziskus Ninetails slowly turns away from his love and back to their captive
[2009/09/17 13:02] Kenshiro Pevensey look closer on the boy
[2009/09/17 13:03] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmmm well the boy here is not uggly my love !
[2009/09/17 13:03] Franziskus Ninetails pulls at the other side of the chains to get their captive on his feet
[2009/09/17 13:03] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm, the other one wasn't either
[2009/09/17 13:04] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmm a paradise of boy's my love ?
[2009/09/17 13:04] Franziskus Ninetails: if they only would speak with us!
[2009/09/17 13:04] Kenshiro Pevensey: well we can try to see if he speak !
[2009/09/17 13:05] Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the beasts chin, lifts his face to look into his eyes, articulating loud and clearly "You. Speak. Our. Language?"
[2009/09/17 13:05] Franziskus Ninetails: You. understand?
[2009/09/17 13:05] Franziskus Ninetails sighs
[2009/09/17 13:06] Franziskus Ninetails: I don't think, he understands
[2009/09/17 13:06] Lexas Landar nods but trys to speak."
[2009/09/17 13:06] Franziskus Ninetails beams "Oh, he understands! Finally"
[2009/09/17 13:06] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmmm this one look like he understand us
[2009/09/17 13:07] Kenshiro Pevensey smiles "that will be more easy for communicate my love"
[2009/09/17 13:07] Franziskus Ninetails gently carresses the boy's chest to emphasize the meaning of his following words "We. Nice!" - strokes the nipples gently "No. Harm! you understand?"
[2009/09/17 13:08] Lexas Landar not wanting to speak..being shy "what...u"
[2009/09/17 13:09] Kenshiro Pevensey: my .... name.. is, what.... is.. yours ?
[2009/09/17 13:10] Lexas Landar: El..iya
[2009/09/17 13:10] Franziskus Ninetails points at himself "Me - Franzi."
[2009/09/17 13:10] Franziskus Ninetails strokes over the boy's cheek "Greetings, El'Iya!"
[2009/09/17 13:11] Kenshiro Pevensey: Greetings El'lya
[2009/09/17 13:11] Lexas Landar: ellya
[2009/09/17 13:12] Franziskus Ninetails exhales relieved "At least ONE who seems to speak our language, though he's not at all a chatty Uma or Levy...
[2009/09/17 13:12] Kenshiro Pevensey nods to him "Eliya"
[2009/09/17 13:12] Lexas Landar tugs at his bindings, whimpering
[2009/09/17 13:13] Franziskus Ninetails: so... Eliya... where are your brothers? you understand? bro-thers?" - Reaches for the savage package, cups his dick and balls to demonstrate the phrase 'brother'
[2009/09/17 13:14] Lexas Landar: ya
[2009/09/17 13:15] Franziskus Ninetails speaks lowder then necessary "WHY. NOT. ALLOWED? WHO SAYS SO?"
[2009/09/17 13:16] Franziskus Ninetails takes a close look at the beast's ornament, wondering about the bones wrapped around his body
[2009/09/17 13:16] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 13:16] Franziskus Ninetails ... while he waits for an answer
[2009/09/17 13:17] Franziskus Ninetails frowns "bigger man?"
[2009/09/17 13:17] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 13:17] Franziskus Ninetails: which. bigger. man? hunters? hmmmmmm.....
[2009/09/17 13:18] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 13:18] Franziskus Ninetails frowns more and looks at his companion "It seems the island is more crowded then we thought, my love"
[2009/09/17 13:18] Franziskus Ninetails: bigger man - where?
[2009/09/17 13:18] Kenshiro Pevensey: this island have maybe gorean visitor, my love
[2009/09/17 13:18] Lexas Landar: me... no....say
[2009/09/17 13:19] Kenshiro Pevensey: we need to know more about that "bigger man"
[2009/09/17 13:19] Franziskus Ninetails nods to his companion "Yes, maybe. but... how do they know we are here?"
[2009/09/17 13:19] Kenshiro Pevensey: maybe they not allow speak on stranger before we came here
[2009/09/17 13:20] Franziskus Ninetails: hm... maybe he means slavers? maybe slavers are coming here to hunt them?
[2009/09/17 13:20] Franziskus Ninetails turns back to the boy "slaver? you understand 'slaver'?
[2009/09/17 13:20] Kenshiro Pevensey nods to his companion
[2009/09/17 13:21] Franziskus Ninetails: hunter hunting boys? brothers?
[2009/09/17 13:21] Lexas Landar blinks " me..."
[2009/09/17 13:22] Franziskus Ninetails steps closer again to the savage "We much, much biiiiiiigger then hunter. you understand? Biiiiiiiigger!" Draws a big circle in the air with his hands "Bigger!"
[2009/09/17 13:23] Kenshiro Pevensey: seems they are contact with gorean world in some ways, my love
[2009/09/17 13:23] Lexas Landar: "no!" *he shakes his head* "me....want...go"
[2009/09/17 13:24] Franziskus Ninetails: we nice! but big and dangerous! Daaaaaaaannnnnngerours. You understand 'danger',boy?
[2009/09/17 13:24] Franziskus Ninetails: we more danger then hunter
[2009/09/17 13:24] Lexas Landar nods "me...want...go"
[2009/09/17 13:24] Kenshiro Pevensey: you will go boy when we decide you can go, and not before we knows more about you and yours brother, do you understand ?
[2009/09/17 13:25] Lexas Landar grunts and pulls at the chains
[2009/09/17 13:25] Franziskus Ninetails supportng his companions words "you not going anywhere. we need answers!"
[2009/09/17 13:26] Kenshiro Pevensey look closer the bones the boy have on wrists and ankles, my love look on that !
[2009/09/17 13:26] Lexas Landar trys pulling away from them..not liking shouting
[2009/09/17 13:27] Kenshiro Pevensey: is a metal ring in those bones, somekind of cuffs ??
[2009/09/17 13:27] Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, I've seen it. You think they are maneater? cannibals? But the other one didn't wear bones"... *giggles* "... only a boner"
[2009/09/17 13:27] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmm strange people on this island my love
[2009/09/17 13:27] Lexas Landar: no canibals....animal..bone...
[2009/09/17 13:28] Kenshiro Pevensey nods to the boy
[2009/09/17 13:28] Kenshiro Pevensey: Eilya did you born here, if you understand the word born ! ?
[2009/09/17 13:29] Lexas Landar nods
[2009/09/17 13:29] Kenshiro Pevensey: you born and grow on this island ?
[2009/09/17 13:30] Lexas Landar nods
[2009/09/17 13:31] Kenshiro Pevensey: the bigger man is your chief ? or Master ? or slaver ?
[2009/09/17 13:31] Lexas Landar: no...he.....wiser....then...tribe
[2009/09/17 13:32] Kenshiro Pevensey: wiser, mmmm do he have a name in your tribe ?
[2009/09/17 13:32] Lexas Landar shakes his head
[2009/09/17 13:32] Kenshiro Pevensey: what is his name ?
[2009/09/17 13:33] Lexas Landar: me...cant...say
[2009/09/17 13:33] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmmm
[2009/09/17 13:33] Franziskus Ninetails: you can not or you want not?
[2009/09/17 13:33] Lexas Landar: me....can..not...forbidden
[2009/09/17 13:33] Kenshiro Pevensey look his companion "this one seams to know many but not really want speak very!
[2009/09/17 13:34] Kenshiro Pevensey: where is your place on the island boy, where do you live ?
[2009/09/17 13:34] Franziskus Ninetails turns his head to his companion "Hmm, he seems to be afraid of that 'bigger man'. Maybe we have to demonstrate him, that he has to be afraid of us much more? As much as I hate violence..." *sighs*
[2009/09/17 13:35] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes maybe is a way to show him
[2009/09/17 13:36] Lexas Landar watches the two men
[2009/09/17 13:36] Franziskus Ninetails graps for the animal-bones at the beast's hips and rips them off his body to take a closer look
[2009/09/17 13:37] Franziskus Ninetails turns the bones in his hands, looks at the metal-ring, mumbles "Hmmmmm... this could be from a stranded boat or something also, my love"
[2009/09/17 13:38] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 13:38] Franziskus Ninetails tosses the bones into a corner, then looks surprised at the savage' dick "Look at this, my love!" - grabs the boy's dick
[2009/09/17 13:38] Franziskus Ninetails grabs Lexas's cock roughly.
[2009/09/17 13:39] Franziskus Ninetails: it has a ring through it's glans!
[2009/09/17 13:39] Kenshiro Pevensey nods to his companion "definitive not a wild tribe work that ring my love'
[2009/09/17 13:39] Kenshiro Pevensey look his love grab the boy's dick, and the reaction of the boy's body
[2009/09/17 13:40] Franziskus Ninetails holds the cock in his hand, stroking it a bit to get a better look at the ring "Hmmmm, not sure, my love. Maybe a kind of tribal man-ritual?"
[2009/09/17 13:40] Lexas Landar moans slightly feeling the men mess with him
[2009/09/17 13:40] Kenshiro Pevensey: mmm maybe, but that look like cuffs i wonder why
[2009/09/17 13:41] Kenshiro Pevensey: are you slave boy ? do the "bigger man" touch you like my companion touch you ?
[2009/09/17 13:42] Lexas Landar: bigger
[2009/09/17 13:43] Franziskus Ninetails: you know what 'slave' means?
[2009/09/17 13:43] Lexas Landar blinks
[2009/09/17 13:43] Kenshiro Pevensey: do we look if he have a virgin ass, my Love ?
[2009/09/17 13:43] Franziskus Ninetails looks at his companion "I thought, they don't know slavery, but it seems I was wrong"
[2009/09/17 13:44] Lexas Landar: food
[2009/09/17 13:44] Franziskus Ninetails: the bigger men grow food for you?
[2009/09/17 13:45] Lexas Landar: me grow food...
[2009/09/17 13:45] Franziskus Ninetails: you grow food for bigger men?
[2009/09/17 13:45] Lexas Landar: and tribe...
[2009/09/17 13:45] Kenshiro Pevensey: is that your work in your tribe, boy ?
[2009/09/17 13:46] Lexas Landar nods
[2009/09/17 13:47] Lexas Landar trys to hide his cock behind his legs
[2009/09/17 13:49] Franziskus Ninetails frowns as the beast tries to hide his cock, mumbles to his companion "Hm, this one is shyer then the other one!". He slides his foot between the boy's legs and kicks them apart exposing the savage' pierced cock
[2009/09/17 13:49] Lexas Landar whimpers ""
[2009/09/17 13:51] Franziskus Ninetails slaps the boy's exposed dick painfully "Didn't you listen? We free you, when we want to. Not earlier!"
[2009/09/17 13:51] Kenshiro Pevensey: we free you when we satisfied by you boy !
[2009/09/17 13:52] Franziskus Ninetails slaps Lexas's cock.
[2009/09/17 13:52] Kenshiro Pevensey: and we have more to ask on you before that, understand BOY ! ?
[2009/09/17 13:52] Lexas Landar whimpes ""
[2009/09/17 13:53] Franziskus Ninetails: I didn't think that a tribe so close to nature could be so shy. As far as I understood the gibberish of the other one they DO have fun with each other
[2009/09/17 13:54] Kenshiro Pevensey: i see..... so boy why you so affraid from us ?
[2009/09/17 13:54] Franziskus Ninetails: I saw the other one talking to animals also. *smiles and winks to his companion, who knows that he has that gift also*
[2009/09/17 13:55] Lexas Landar: us in....cages
[2009/09/17 13:55] Kenshiro Pevensey nods to his love
[2009/09/17 13:56] Franziskus Ninetails: which boy? Xaxat?
[2009/09/17 13:57] Lexas Landar: bigger*shuts up knowing what he just said hoping he didnt hear*
[2009/09/17 13:59] Franziskus Ninetails frowns "from our lands? so you know Gor. you understand? Goooooooor? Mainland? Homestone? Tabor? White Water? Schendi? You recognize any of that names?"
[2009/09/17 13:59] Kenshiro Pevensey look surprise by the boy last words
[2009/09/17 14:00] Kenshiro Pevensey: GOR you know GOR, BOY ! ?
[2009/09/17 14:01] Lexas Landar: taught..tribe...bout....bad men...that might...come...take...boy
[2009/09/17 14:01] Kenshiro Pevensey: no one will take when we are here boy do you understand !!! ?
[2009/09/17 14:02] Lexas Landar: now fears tliking the scream*... yea... please... yell... no
[2009/09/17 14:02] Franziskus Ninetails turns away to the fire to feed it
[2009/09/17 14:03] Kenshiro Pevensey: this island must be found by some slavers and some of them be capped, my love
[2009/09/17 14:03] Cosy Campfire: Franziskus Ninetails pokes the fire, making it burn hotter.
[2009/09/17 14:03] Cosy Campfire: Franziskus Ninetails adds a log to the fire.
[2009/09/17 14:03] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:03] Kenshiro Pevensey: nothing bad, until you cooperate boy !
[2009/09/17 14:04] Kenshiro Pevensey: you understand ?
[2009/09/17 14:04] Franziskus Ninetails returns, standing close to their captive. His hand reaching for his dick and balls...
[2009/09/17 14:04] Lexas Landar: boy...understand
[2009/09/17 14:05] Lexas Landar moans at the mans touch
[2009/09/17 14:05] Franziskus Ninetails: look boy...." closes his fist around the wild boy's balls "... we can be bad....." - squeezes the balls
[2009/09/17 14:05] Franziskus Ninetails squeezes Lexas's balls roughly.
[2009/09/17 14:05] Franziskus Ninetails: ".... or nice" - lets of the balls and starts to stroke the cock gently
[2009/09/17 14:05] Lexas Landar he whimpers and nods
[2009/09/17 14:06] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "You understand the difference?"
[2009/09/17 14:06] Lexas Landar: understand...
[2009/09/17 14:06] Franziskus Ninetails gets a bit aroused playing with the beasty boy's dick
[2009/09/17 14:07] Kenshiro Pevensey smiles to his companion see his love arrousal
[2009/09/17 14:08] Lexas Landar whimpers " come and teach.....he ...speek"
[2009/09/17 14:08] Franziskus Ninetails: hmmmm, my love... I'm not sure, if we should try to befriend that tribe? Maybe we should just...." interrupts as the boy finally speaks and mention the name 'Codey'
[2009/09/17 14:08] Franziskus Ninetails: did you hear the same as I, my love?!?
[2009/09/17 14:09] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes i ear a familiar name my beloved
[2009/09/17 14:09] Kenshiro Pevensey: Boy did you say Codey ?
[2009/09/17 14:09] Franziskus Ninetails: it can't be. can it?
[2009/09/17 14:10] Lexas Landar: boy...say...codey
[2009/09/17 14:10] Kenshiro Pevensey: with codey i be never surprise
[2009/09/17 14:10] Franziskus Ninetails: hmm, I already wondered, where he left to, after I gave him free
[2009/09/17 14:10] Kenshiro Pevensey: if the boy mean the same codey you and me know
[2009/09/17 14:11] Kenshiro Pevensey: boy what Codey teach you ?
[2009/09/17 14:11] Kenshiro Pevensey: i will be sure that is the "codey " we know my love
[2009/09/17 14:12] Lexas Landar: tell
[2009/09/17 14:12] Franziskus Ninetails can't help and slides his palm over the boy's skin, along his chest, over his belly... Turns to his companion "He has a very soft skin. He would make a good price on the slave-market"
[2009/09/17 14:12] Lexas Landar: to...hide...and
[2009/09/17 14:13] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:13] Lexas Landar yanks on chains again
[2009/09/17 14:15] Franziskus Ninetails nods "That fits... our Codey" - smiles
[2009/09/17 14:15] Lexas Landar: boy wants you lands...
[2009/09/17 14:15] Kenshiro Pevensey: not sure i will be a slaver on this island my love, i not like turn people on slavery as some slaver do
[2009/09/17 14:16] Franziskus Ninetails turns back to their captive "Eliya no slave? Eliya nice boy. Handsome. Good slave." nods emphasizing
[2009/09/17 14:16] Franziskus Ninetails grins to his his companion "shhht, I'm just teasing him, my love. But you have to admit, he's cute"
[2009/09/17 14:16] Lexas Landar: "not slave!!!" *manages to get a hand free after a while*
[2009/09/17 14:16] Kenshiro Pevensey: and yes that look like our codey
[2009/09/17 14:17] Lexas Landar poking at ken: " slave!!!"
[2009/09/17 14:17] Kenshiro Pevensey grab his bow and step back from the boy
[2009/09/17 14:17] Franziskus Ninetails grabs the boy's hand with a firm grip
[2009/09/17 14:17] Lexas Landar: whimpers*
[2009/09/17 14:17] Kenshiro Pevensey: be carrefull of wath you want to do BOY !
[2009/09/17 14:19] Lexas Landar: mean.....
[2009/09/17 14:19] Kenshiro Pevensey see his love handle the boy, sheat his bow
[2009/09/17 14:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: not sure bigger man have good intention for you Boy!
[2009/09/17 14:20] Franziskus Ninetails forces the boy's arm up again, pushing his thigh between his legs, hard and threatening against his balls, while his own dick rubs against the beast's thighs he attaches the chains carefully again at the boy's wrist, leaving a trace of precum on the tanned thighs as he steps back again
[2009/09/17 14:20] Kenshiro Pevensey: but we will see when he come here again !
[2009/09/17 14:20] Lexas Landar: harm...boy
[2009/09/17 14:21] Franziskus Ninetails: my love, you should teach him a lesson not to attack you, don't you think?
[2009/09/17 14:21] Franziskus Ninetails: we only harm boy, when boy is bad
[2009/09/17 14:21] Franziskus Ninetails: you are a bad boy?
[2009/09/17 14:22] Lexas Landar: u call boy slave...he no slave!!!!
[2009/09/17 14:23] Kenshiro Pevensey: well for now boy is PRISONER and if boy try again to escape i will be very mad, understand BOY !
[2009/09/17 14:23] Lexas Landar: "yes..." *growls*
[2009/09/17 14:23] Kenshiro Pevensey grab his whip from his belt, then show to the boy
[2009/09/17 14:24] Lexas Landar whimpers
[2009/09/17 14:24] Kenshiro Pevensey use his whip one time to the boy legs
[2009/09/17 14:24] Kenshiro Pevensey: try to touch me again boy i promisse you pain !
[2009/09/17 14:25] Franziskus Ninetails steps a bit back from his love, leaning relaxed at the cage his boy had built
[2009/09/17 14:25] Kenshiro Pevensey replace his whip on his belt
[2009/09/17 14:25] Lexas Landar screams out "you......"
[2009/09/17 14:25] Lexas Landar: bad...people
[2009/09/17 14:27] Kenshiro Pevensey: no boy, we told you to behave and not try silly move !!!!
[2009/09/17 14:28] Lexas Landar: u speak
[2009/09/17 14:28] Kenshiro Pevensey: do you understand we not ready to let us attack by wild boy like you !
[2009/09/17 14:28] Franziskus Ninetails: so, what are we going to do with him, my love? Maybe have some fun, then let him go? Or wait till his tribe-brothers come to rescue him?
[2009/09/17 14:28] Kenshiro Pevensey look to the boy and on his love
[2009/09/17 14:29] Franziskus Ninetails steps closer again, touching the boy again, sliding his hand carressing over his warm and soft skin "I really don't know, my love...."
[2009/09/17 14:29] Kenshiro Pevensey: well my love this one is interesting but do he can behave and gain his freedom ?
[2009/09/17 14:30] Franziskus Ninetails plays with the boy's nipples, pinches them between his fingers, not too hard
[2009/09/17 14:30] Franziskus Ninetails: if we capture and whip them the whole time, they will never trust us....
[2009/09/17 14:31] Kenshiro Pevensey grab the bones of the chest and remove them
[2009/09/17 14:31] Franziskus Ninetails's hand slides down over the firm abs of their captive "... but if we don't show strength and power, they might attack and kill us by night?"
[2009/09/17 14:31] Lexas Landar looks away from the two
[2009/09/17 14:32] Kenshiro Pevensey: that why we can't show we are weaks
[2009/09/17 14:32] Franziskus Ninetails's hand slides deeper, spreading his finger he slides his pointing finger along the beast's shaft
[2009/09/17 14:32] Kenshiro Pevensey touch the soft skin boy
[2009/09/17 14:33] Kenshiro Pevensey: that would be a crime to cut a beautiful skin like that with a whip
[2009/09/17 14:33] Franziskus Ninetails opens his hand and closes a fist gently around the boy's dick "however...."
[2009/09/17 14:33] Franziskus Ninetails grabs Lexas's cock roughly.
[2009/09/17 14:34] Franziskus Ninetails: ".... they seem...." starts to stroke the dick and feels it growing in his hand
[2009/09/17 14:34] Lexas Landar bites his bottom lip looking down at the lash mark
[2009/09/17 14:35] Franziskus Ninetails: to be sensible and used to a male's touch
[2009/09/17 14:35] Kenshiro Pevensey go to the rear of the cave
[2009/09/17 14:35] Lexas Landar mumbles "why u come to island...?"
[2009/09/17 14:36] Kenshiro Pevensey kneel near the boy's wound leg
[2009/09/17 14:37] Kenshiro Pevensey take a bit of the healing slave, softly apply the salve on the whiping mark
[2009/09/17 14:38] Franziskus Ninetails removes his hand from the dick and steps back to let his love treat the whipping mark
[2009/09/17 14:38] Kenshiro Pevensey close the bottle and place it on the ground near the post
[2009/09/17 14:38] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:38] Kenshiro Pevensey massage the boy leg with the healing salve, look the boy .....
[2009/09/17 14:39] Kenshiro Pevensey: this will make your leg get better after a while
[2009/09/17 14:39] Kenshiro Pevensey stand again
[2009/09/17 14:39] Lexas Landar relaxes at the larger mans touch
[2009/09/17 14:39] Franziskus Ninetails: because we needed a new home. And this island is beautiful
[2009/09/17 14:40] Kenshiro Pevensey try to show less agressive to the boy, then depose his weapons on the ground
[2009/09/17 14:41] Lexas Landar: why.....u want.....sell boy to market...
[2009/09/17 14:41] Kenshiro Pevensey keep his dagger on
[2009/09/17 14:41] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "We not sell boy"
[2009/09/17 14:42] Lexas Landar's tone relaxes at the mans respones and the othe rremoving the large weapons
[2009/09/17 14:42] Franziskus Ninetails: we friend. you understand?" reaching again for the cock and plays gently with it "F R I E N D"
[2009/09/17 14:42] Lexas Landar moans slightly
[2009/09/17 14:43] Lexas Landar studies the other males cock as it gets larger
[2009/09/17 14:44] Kenshiro Pevensey: we defend never attack, we capture you because you run away when you see us, and we need to speak to one of your tribe to know about this beautiful island
[2009/09/17 14:44] Franziskus Ninetails takes the boy's cock in one hand, and his own cock in the other. Explains "brothers. friends"
[2009/09/17 14:45] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:45] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:46] Kenshiro Pevensey: bigger mean not bad, boy !
[2009/09/17 14:46] Lexas Landar: boy...weak......scared...big men hurt him...
[2009/09/17 14:47] Kenshiro Pevensey softly touch the boy skin
[2009/09/17 14:47] Lexas Landar moans feeling both men touch him
[2009/09/17 14:47] Kenshiro Pevensey: is this hurt you boy ?
[2009/09/17 14:47] Lexas Landar: no...
[2009/09/17 14:48] Lexas Landar: boys...arm...tired...
[2009/09/17 14:48] Kenshiro Pevensey: we want be friend with you not attack you, do you understand that ?
[2009/09/17 14:48] Lexas Landar: understands
[2009/09/17 14:48] Kenshiro Pevensey grab the post chain and give the boy a relax
[2009/09/17 14:49] Kenshiro Pevensey extend the chain for the boy be able to sit on the ground
[2009/09/17 14:50] Lexas Landar: thank...*boy studied the two men and the cock dangling infront of him*
[2009/09/17 14:50] Kenshiro Pevensey place his boot on the boy dick, rub it softly with his boot
[2009/09/17 14:51] Lexas Landar moans and looks up at him "boy ...and you...mate?"
[2009/09/17 14:51] Kenshiro Pevensey: my love seems the comunication be a little better, what do you think
[2009/09/17 14:52] Franziskus Ninetails looks questioning to his love "mate? that's something to drink, no? Is he thursty?"
[2009/09/17 14:52] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes Franzi is my Mate, my companion, my love
[2009/09/17 14:52] Kenshiro Pevensey: i think he ask if you and i are married
[2009/09/17 14:53] Franziskus Ninetails - about to walk to the kennel to get his bota with paga - hestitates "Oh, he means mate like companion? friend? partner?"
[2009/09/17 14:53] Lexas Landar: no...boy
[2009/09/17 14:53] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes my love, i think that he ask
[2009/09/17 14:53] Kenshiro Pevensey: first of all we want.....
[2009/09/17 14:53] Kenshiro Pevensey: not need to run after you for talk
[2009/09/17 14:54] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:54] Kenshiro Pevensey: and also give you and you give us somes attention if that please you
[2009/09/17 14:55] Franziskus Ninetails: shall we let him go to tell his brothers, that they don't have to fear us?
[2009/09/17 14:55] Kenshiro Pevensey: and also know you better, you and your tribe, to offer our friendship
[2009/09/17 14:55] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 14:55] Kenshiro Pevensey: nods to his love
[2009/09/17 14:58] Franziskus Ninetails sighs, scratching his balls "My love... I have a problem....."
[2009/09/17 14:59] Kenshiro Pevensey: yes my love ?
[2009/09/17 14:59] Franziskus Ninetails: This boy... he's cute... and he makes me horny....
[2009/09/17 14:59] Kenshiro Pevensey look his love scratching and smiles
[2009/09/17 14:59] Franziskus Ninetails: my boy is sleeping. He had a hard day and I don't want to wake him up....
[2009/09/17 14:59] Franziskus Ninetails: and the other three are still... uhm... on mission
[2009/09/17 15:00] Kenshiro Pevensey: far as i have see he react on your touch maybe you can teach him somes of our ways ?
[2009/09/17 15:00] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 15:01] Franziskus Ninetails looks down at the savage, stroking his own dick "Hm, as far as I understood from the other boy's reaction, they are not unused to taking it up their butt"
[2009/09/17 15:01] Franziskus Ninetails: well..." - chuckles - "... the other one was. He screamed a lot, but at the end he seemed to enjoy it"
[2009/09/17 15:02] Kenshiro Pevensey: i wonder how this one will appreciate it ! ?
[2009/09/17 15:03] Franziskus Ninetails steps closer to the captive, his own dick growing a bit more under the proximity of the tied guy
[2009/09/17 15:03] Kenshiro Pevensey look his love cock grow, get exited by the view
[2009/09/17 15:03] Lexas Landar looks at the cock infront of me and gives it a like slowly
[2009/09/17 15:04] Kenshiro Pevensey look the fire and move near it before the fire be down
[2009/09/17 15:04] Kenshiro Pevensey: Take some log near the fire depose them in, and poke the fire
[2009/09/17 15:04] Franziskus Ninetails waves his dick before the boy's face but carefully out of reach of his teeth "mmmm, you ever had something like that up your ass, boy? you understand? fuck fuck? hmmm?"
[2009/09/17 15:05] Franziskus Ninetails: I promise you, if you satisfy us, we let you go back to your tribe
[2009/09/17 15:05] Lexas Landar: boy....never..ummm...fuck?
[2009/09/17 15:05] Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "well... you better learn it?"
[2009/09/17 15:06] Kenshiro Pevensey: well is a way to learn, boy !
[2009/09/17 15:06] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 15:07] Franziskus Ninetails: all you have to do, boy, is.... relax!
[2009/09/17 15:08] Lexas Landar: yes....*pauses*....what boy call u?
[2009/09/17 15:08] Franziskus Ninetails: call me?
[2009/09/17 15:08] Lexas Landar nods
[2009/09/17 15:10] Franziskus Ninetails pulls at the chains, forcing the captive onto his feet
[2009/09/17 15:11] Franziskus Ninetails spins him around and slams him against the post
[2009/09/17 15:11] Lexas Landar whimpers
[2009/09/17 15:12] Franziskus Ninetails grabs the wrists roughly, removing the chains that tied them to the top of the post, but closing them on the other side of the post, so the boy embraces the post, his boyparts rubbing against the rough wood
[2009/09/17 15:13] Franziskus Ninetails stands behind the boy, graps a leg roughly and lifts it to spread his buttocks
[2009/09/17 15:13] Lexas Landar whimpers and looks back "boy...relaxed"
[2009/09/17 15:14] Franziskus Ninetails: remember boy...." - spits between the buttocks and rubs it in with his free hand, lubing the boy's buttocks "... try to relax"
[2009/09/17 15:14] Lexas Landar: ok *he moans feeling the mans hand massage his ass*
[2009/09/17 15:15] Franziskus Ninetails holds the boy's leg up, takes position behind him, rubbing his dick between the buttocks
[2009/09/17 15:17] Franziskus Ninetails very close to the captive, his chest rubbing at the boy's back, his cock grinding into his buttcrack, the tip of his cock coming closer and closer to the boy's fuckhole with every grinding move
[2009/09/17 15:17] Lexas Landar: aggng…

{here follows a typical raping scene.... :P After half an hour:}

[2009/09/17 15:52] Franziskus Ninetails retracts from the boy
[2009/09/17 15:52] Lexas Landar pants, still cudded to the pole...
[2009/09/17 15:53] Franziskus Ninetails gently pets the savage's butt and smiles
[2009/09/17 15:53] Franziskus Ninetails draws his dagger, slides it between the ropes that tied the boy's wrists together and cuts them
[2009/09/17 15:54] Franziskus Ninetails: as I promised you, boy - you can leave and return to your tribe after that
[2009/09/17 15:55] Franziskus Ninetails: tell your brothers, we want to talk to them
[2009/09/17 15:55] Franziskus Ninetails: we mean no harm to you!
[2009/09/17 15:55] Lexas Landar nods
[2009/09/17 15:55] Lexas Landar: me will tell them
[2009/09/17 15:55] Franziskus Ninetails: if you want your cave back, then come and talk to us!
[2009/09/17 15:56] Lexas Landar:
[2009/09/17 15:56] Franziskus Ninetails smiles "We want to stay also."
[2009/09/17 15:57] Franziskus Ninetails watches the naked boy running out of the cave and disappearing in the bush

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